The quiet cuts


The government is eliminating 42 jobs with the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.

The Department of Fisheries will have its budget cut by $56.8 million.

And Veterans Affairs will be cutting somewhere between 500 and 800 jobs.


The quiet cuts

  1. Anyone know what an ‘ecosystems approach to science’ means? 

  2. 42 government jobs!!!!! NO!!! Of course, we hope Wherry is joking after the gov’t just committed 30 billion dollars to shipbuilding in the Atlantic.

    Hey, Wherry The Blockbuster Video down the street from my house just closed laying off, perhaps, 15 workers?? Can you please include this outrage in your next post on the “silent cuts”. And, oh yeah, there was a sh**ty little takeout place that closed too – +2 on the “silent cuts” – go to town

    • You are kidding right, Mr. Wherry? or are you living in a tent in a park in Van or TO?

      • It’s just that now the election is over, they don’t need to pay attention to veterans for a few years. But on the upside, those cuts just about pay for the extra cost of running the new Census.

        • Transfer the resources directly to the Veterans – minimize the cost of the bureaucracy

    • I guess you missed the other cuts noted above and only read the first one?

      Anyway, these cuts are from the 2010 series, and unless the economy totally collapses, they will be followed in the budget by very severe cuts that will be strategically targeted at programs and services Canadians love, but that right wing bloggers hate, and Prime Ministers who love right wing bloggers hate.

      The decisions around the cuts are now taking place “quietly” as Wherry indicates, sionce most of the media are asleep. Who knew that all you’d need to do to prevent media from covering cuts is to tell them they won’t be announced until the budget? The gallery then responded by putting that whole cut thing on their look-ahead list for February, meanwhile all the decisions are happening now.

      When the budget comes, I guess the cuts will then be “old news” by then, and not worth covering. The media will instead wander off onto something else. Maybe by then Harper will have found another shooting war in some obscure place that needs a boost from a trigger-happy 3rd tier self-acclaimed military “power”.

      • Have you ever heard of efficiency Ottawa guy?  

        • Efficiency?  With Tony Gazebo at Treasury –  now that is funny. More like revenge of the nerds.

          • Answer the question – Should government bureaucracies be efficient? Should they be measured and corrected when they are not? 

            Can Ottawa Guy or you name the programs that “Canadians love’ that are about to be decimated?

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