The quiet cuts (that were supposed to be someone else's fault) -

The quiet cuts (that were supposed to be someone else’s fault)


The Canadian Press obtains the paper trail behind cuts to water-quality sampling in the North.

Speaking in Haines Junction, Yukon, the prime minister quickly doused the controversy by saying the move was “not authorized” and that Environment Minister Peter Kent had ordered water sampling to resume once he found out about it…

But a 600-page internal file on the controversy, obtained by The Canadian Press under the Access to Information Act, shows the officials had in fact received a green light from senior levels at Environment Canada. They also indicate Kent was aware of the proposed cuts weeks before they were implemented.

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The quiet cuts (that were supposed to be someone else’s fault)

  1. More nightmares for Megan?

  2. “The mis-communication with partners and stakeholders was a lesson
    learned,” says one document. “A communication strategy will be developed
    to ensure all are properly informed”.

    It’s miscommunication…oh god!

    I suppose we should look on the bright side, at least they informed the stakeholders before they attempted their idiotic cuts to see if the monitoring was needed at all – did we dodge a Walkerton there?

    If Kent gets any dumber or Harper any more duplicitous i think it’s likely that six months of bending the disclosure rules will seem not all that bad down the road.

  3. The Cons lie and pass the buck effortlessly and reflexively. It’s their “go to” response. Worse than guilty children.