The quintessential Justin Trudeau moment -

The quintessential Justin Trudeau moment

The Liberal frontrunner makes a statement


Justin Trudeau’s closing statement at today’s Liberal leadership debate was a fairly remarkable minute and a half. It probably represents both everything his detractors detest and everything his supporters adore: from the drama of the opening line (“You can feel it”) and the feel-this-word pronunciation to the pretty much perfect final 20 seconds. He baits the audience with a humble brag—and that somebody claps makes it all the better—then pivots to turn into a rallying cry for everyone in the room and all his supporters watching. The crowd, so complimented, loves it and Mr. Trudeau gets to finish over the resulting applause.

Note also how he goes from talking about how well the party is doing to how he is being attacked: it’s a bit of an awkward transition, but it also makes it sound like he’s already the leader.


The quintessential Justin Trudeau moment

  1. We all knew Obama was going to win, and we all know Justin is going to win.

  2. The real test of fire will come when Harper rolls out another sleazy personal attack campaign. What the Liberals need to realize is that politics are the same whether on the playground, or at the office or on the national stage. Someone who wants to be a leader has to stand up to bullies regardless of how puerile or petty the attack. They have to turn the tables on them and get the people on their side. That proves they are a leader. What Harper will find out the hard way when Justin passionately defends himself against his despicable attacks is that the political playing field is rigged: it is unfairly tilted towards likable people. That’s when Harper will feel the ire of Canadians.

    • Sir this is the best analysis I have heard of this particular issue in the past few weeks. You should turn pro.

    • I still believe, if the polls are showing JT as the favorite for the next election, Harper will step down as leader of the Conservative Party. His ego will not allow him to lose to a Trudeau.

      Also, depending on what the polls say, Harper will either call an early election or not honor the law and hold out as long as he can before calling an election.

      • Why not just pro-rogue forever? (That’s ALMOST sarcastic).

      • Harper will burn the Riechstag. After all, he’s a Nazi.

        • Tiresome and infantile…

        • Drink!

          • Original!

          • Yes, yes, I’M the one being repetitive here. Certainly not OrsonBean.

          • Yes, I’ve made literally dozens of posts about the Reichstag fire. Possibly even hundreds.

          • And of course you’ve never before posted sarcastically saying Conservatives=bad, progressives=good. Never. It’s certainly the first time I’ve read it.

        • Didn’t you know it was a Dutch Communist who set the Reichstag ablaze? After all, he was tried and convicted, and had his darn head chopped off for it, so it must have been he who did the deed.

      • You have an amazing ability to read minds!

      • Oh I would love to take a bet on that?! Harper will not step down.

        • We should be so lucky!

      • Good point. Both Brian Mulroney and Mike Harris were rats who abandoned sinking ships of their own making. These types would rather slither away than face the wrath of voters. It wouldn’t be surprising if Harper joined their ranks. After 9 years of him, Canadians will be begging for change.

      • Well then it’s Justin’s to lose…and he will. (yap, yap, yap, yap, yap…just can’t shut . . up

    • That’s exactly what Harper has accomplished over the years: he has stood up to the bullies and he has been able to turn the tables on them and has managed to get the people to his side (hence going from opposition to minority to majority).

      Trudeau is afraid of talking beyond generalities and therefore he is the most vulnerable politicians around.

      But of course, when Justin’s weakness is to be used by the opposing parties, it will be the fault of the opposing parties coming out to tell the truth, just as it was the opposition’s fault to assume that Ignatieff would return to university if defeated. Which he did do out of his own free will. So who was to blame for that but Ignatieff himself!

      The very same defense will be set up for Justin. His defenders will claim that the man will loose because of attack adds while Justin himself is the one providing all the fodder for the attack adds to exist in the first place.

      Better for Liberals to keep listening to the nonsense as spouted by the Ron Wallers of this world because reality is too much for Liberals to take in at any given time. Keep dreaming Justin: the mob will dream walk alongside you.

      • What ridiculous nonsense. Clearly Harper is the bully with his slanderous personal attacks. He can’t debate the issues, he has to resort to inciting hatred against his opponents, appealing to mob mentality.

        Harper has hardly gotten the people on his side. He is a crass manipulator Canadians neither like or trust. A super-majority was vehemently against to him getting absolute corrupt power, yet he got it in any case. Clearly it’s time Canada joined the rest of the developed world in adopting a democratic voting system that ensures a majority of voters is represented in government.

        Harper has a hard time getting even conservatives to vote for him. (What’s his current level of support in the polls? 32%?) In 2004, leading a united Conservative party, he got 30% of the vote, which is the lowest combined conservative vote since Confederation. It took him 4 tries to weasel a fake 40% majority. Yet he was going nowhere in the polls during the 2011 election campaign. Right-leaning voters didn’t unite behind him, they united to stop the “socialists” from forming the government. (Apparently their idea of Armageddon.)

        Compare Harper’s abysmal record to Mulroney’s, who won 50% and 43% majorities when he led a united conservative party (after the demise of the Social Credit.) Compare that to Chretien who won 3 majorities in a row when the right-wing vote was split. Harper has done little with the center-left vote split 3 ways. Clearly your Harper devotion is misguided.

      • Ignatieff also kinda lost his seat. Was he supposed to bum around for four years?

    • Well Said! :) Tilted towards likable people, indeed! 2015 Can’t come soon enough!

  3. gotta admit he is a juicy target. unfortunately, just like martin, dion and iggy before him…harper will wipe the floor with folks just have no idea how much anger and bitterness the trudeau name brings to the surface west of the great lakes.

    • You are still talking about roughly 10% of the country…most of whom vote conservative reflexively anyway.

      • I love the irony of an apparent Justin Trudeau supporter talking about “reflexive” voting. For a man with no track record, policy or real ideas, voting “reflexively” for a name is about all you have. Even voting “against” Harper immediately creates a disconnect between Trudeau’s campaign (words anyway) and the actions of the voters supporting him.

    • I think the anger and bitterness comes from those who wouldn’t be voting Liberal regardless. One would have to 50 years old to have had the chance to vote for Pierre Trudeau. None of this is to say Trudeau will win the west, just that any success or failure he has west of the Lakehead will be on him, and present-day factors, and not on his father.

    • Comments like “wipe the floor with him” are just the kind of responses that could yield unintended consequences.

    • Speak for yourself. Some of us know that the west was manipulated by Republican Americans (see also Tom Flanagan and Calgary School) in the oil patch, greedy for money.

    • Well SOMEONE’s a tad nervous.

      I doubt I’d vote for Trudeau fils but it sure is fun watching the governing party underestimate the competition. Reminds me of a certain (once) unstoppable force that underestimated the former leader of the NCC.

    • Yeah. Right. “Wipe the floor”. Kinda like the Harper appointed senator Brazeau?


      “juicy target”? That seems a little…I don’t know…homoerotic…not that there’s anything wrong with it…

    • Dude, those people don’t vote Liberal anyway. It’s just like with Mulcair talking about Dutch disease and everyone’s all “Ooh, how can he utter such sacrilege! Political poison!” and I’m thinking “What does he care? What, he’s gonna lose all those NDP seats in Alberta?! If Ontario thinks he’s on their side that’s worth ten times as much as he’d lose.”
      Incidentally, British Columbians don’t really care about the trudeau name. I wish prairie people would just talk about the prairies instead of lumping us in with them when we’re totally different and incidentally don’t want Alberta’s pipelines.

  4. Justin Trudeau as leader of the Liberals? I can’t wait for this pandering poser to get up in the House and rage against the status quo. It will be an endless source of entertainment if nothing else.

    • As Brian Mulroney said recently (along with several other experienced political types) ; “I wouldn’t underestimate Justin Trudeau.”

      • Who cares about Mulroney? He’s been out of politics for far too long to even consider being noteworthy.

  5. The cons will need all their weapons to fight Justin…robocalls,attack ads,professional comments writers….to fight their first real opponent …might be a mulroney type of collapse.

    • I sincerely hope they’re cut off at the knees, also go down in flames – something like the way their Mentor Tom Flanagan has done recently. Hopefully that’s just a trailer for the real show to come.

  6. The true quintessential moment .n Halifax was not the debate but HALIFAX MARKET. People capturing history in the crowd with cell phones—-the ultimate prize a cell. phone picture with JUSTIN. Welcome to the new world old men Steve and Tom do not drop any footballs the mob and the media are watching.

  7. Justin Trudeau a gift to the Conservatives. Welcome Justin. i can hardly wait to see him explode like a spoiled child in the House of Commons.

    • Careful what you wish for.
      They said the same thing about Harper; “he’s a hothead”. But it never materialized the way they’d hoped.

      • Let em rant. If Trudeau does ok, exceeds expectations, thenJust watch them switch from, JT will inevitably fall on his face when he gets to the big table, to the liberal media wont ask him any tough questions; or the liberal media are all paid up liberal shills and hacks; or the liberal media own him anyway. Same thing after the bout with the senator. It went from watch the cry baby call for his mommy to: well Brazeau wasn’t really in the best of shape you know. Trudeau just got lucky.

        • If a Liberal beats a Conservative in a charity boxing match, it’s definitive proof that Liberals are good and Conservatives are evil.

          • Wow that’s not even funny, let alone smart. No one has seriously claimed any such thing.

          • Drink!

    • When Trudeau called anti-environment minister Peter Kent a POS, the vast majority of Canadians agreed with him. You will be waiting a very long time for your cartoon impression of reality to come into being…

  8. There’s a lot of deep thinking going on in the Conservative war room trying to devise an attack strategy against Trudeau. Dion and Iggy were easy compared to this. One mistake and they look crude and hateful, utterly cynical which they are; but trampling on the optimism and hope Justin can represent could swing a lot of sympathy his way.

    I suppose most people in their heads have a Harper side and a Justin side, which are always at war.

    • The attacks on Trudeau will be even easier than they were with Dion and Iggy. All they’ll need to do is point to his complete lack of substance or policy positions, constantly repeat his claim that Quebecers are the only people fit to run Canada, and remind people that Junior thinks Alberta shouldn’t be a part of Canada.

      And that’s just the easy stuff. I’m sure the CPC war room has video footage of the many speeches Junior was delivering for $20k/pop, and I’m sure there will be some ugly gaffes contained within.

      The real test for Junior will be in how he handles losing the next election. The LPC hasn’t given a leader more than one shot at winning in a decade… will Junior be the first one to get the chance, or will he be thrown under the bus like so many of his predecessors?

      • The CPC has mined the stupid vote pretty well, but can they make the bar that low?

        • You want to talk about setting the “stupid” bar low? How about electing an elitist millionaire drama teacher who’s only qualification for the job is the last name he inherited from his father? Who’s cultivating the “stupid” again?

          Maybe you have to be a complete genius to see the wisdom in electing a leader who has no policies or any idea what direction he wants to lead the country in. Maybe you need an IQ of 170+ to fully understand why having a leader with great hair is the most important quality for someone who would be PM. Maybe the blue collar, union types aren’t enlightened enough to see the merit’s of a guy who’d fix the Senate by doing things exactly the same, but “better”.

          Anyway, I’ll very much be looking forward to Trudeau’s campaign slogan: “If you don’t vote for me, you’re stupid”…. should be a real vote winner.

          • No, Rick, the subtext will be: “Vote for me because if you tell your lady you did you’ll get more lovin’.” And I’ll bet it is a vote-winner.

          • My husband wouldn’t–he’d be on the couch.

      • Why focus on the CPC strategy? It’s the NDP that has the most motivation to tear down JT and the Liberal party. I expect some of the most vicious attacks to come from French citizen Mulcair and his crew.

        • You’re probably right about that, which explains the CPC silence on JT. They want those two to tear each other apart. But a year from now even those two could call a truce when they see that neither can win. At which point they could double team Harper – who knows? Certainly not chess master Harper either, least of all the over confident CPC partisans here.

          • If JT becomes leader, there ain’t gonna be any truce. Look how he’s polling.

          • But can he sustain that? Obviously i hope he can. But the party has a lot of ground to make up, stuff to fix at the riding level. Call me a pessimist but i wouldn’t be surprised to see cooperation, even a coalition in a year or so from now. Of course i’m hopeful a Trudeau led party will trounce Mulcair. But you could be right anyway. The fight between the two parties might get so ugly there will be no middle ground to save. I would think Harper is pulling for that to happen. It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

    • Yes, Harper Bad, Justin Good.

      • Drink!..

    • Liked your last line a lot; far more interesting than most of the partisan venting that epitomizes far too many of the opinions of far too many of us political junkies, on all sides, in every party…Harper… evil genius…JT…vacuous, airhead. It is a narrative that has helped both run under the radar.

      You put your finger on the nub of the problem of knocking down JT. He’s no Dion or Ignatieff. Like him or loath him, he and his family name have deep roots in this country.
      Look what has happened to MHF when she has attempted to play hard low ball: pretty much blew up her hopes, slim as they were for leading the LPC.
      I’m not saying the cons can’t find a way to bring JT down. But it wont be as easy or clean as tory partisans[and increasingly dippers too] may think.

      I’m impressed by the way the Trudeau team has run its campaign so far – even if i’m also frustrated by the lack of concrete policy ideas. They will have to come at some point. But he’s aleady shown that he’s a more crafty, cagey performer [ it is always a performance of course] than many expected of him. The media love this kind of narrative – unless he does something to displease them…then watch out!

      I don’t know what the tories will come up with. But if it’s just the stuff Martha threw at him they have a big problem on their hands. I guess both camps have 2 years to figure it out.

      • Concerning MHF and her attempt to play hard low ball and how the LPC overreacted to her comments.

        But why, I must ask, did MFH not have enough balls to play her comments out till the end? Why did she feel she had to apologize or tone down her comments when in fact she could have bolstered her status in the party by doing some more evaluation of Justin’s character out in the open. Such further examination of Justin character may, in the end, have given MHF a lead in the leadership race.

        The fact that she wasn’t/isn’t ready to sick to her convictions is a sign that the LPC leadership race is a weak one.

        She should have stuck to her guns!

        • i dunno, maybe she thought it was hurting her chances…funny how that works…even in politics.

          • Hurting her chances for a future cabinet post or patronage position, to be exact. Courtesy PM Trudeau.

          • Maybe? But why would she continue to go after him in the way she did if it wasn’t working? At some point she had to know she was just hurting the party. Did you expect her to continue until she had burned all her bridges in the LPC?

    • Oh brother, I need a drink!

  9. I wonder, did Wherry feel a thrill go up his leg while Junior was delivering the speech?

    • I still remember how awed he was by Ignatieff’s “Rise Up” speech, which ultimately went over like a lead balloon.

      • That’s right, I’d completely forgotten about that. Wherry did think that was a very magical moment. There seems to be constant amazement amongst Liberals when Liberals will applaud fellow Liberals. It’s as if because Liberals love a fellow Liberal, then ipso facto Canadians will love this Liberal. It’s completely delusional.

  10. So, what does this young man of privilege have to offer the beleaguered middle class of Canada, those unsung individuals and families for whom government represents the single biggest financial burden they face? What does he bring to the table, knowing nothing about the challenges of businesses big and small, having nothing beyond a schoolboys’ grasp of the roles and responsibilities of government, and the very necessary limits that are so desperately needed on the ever growing and rapacious reach of government?
    Tell me what Justin Trudeau has to offer me?

    • Just watch him.

    • Take out the last sentence, and this could have been said of Stephen Harper any time before elected prime minister.

      • What does a Harper govt. offer me? Easy. By being at least nominally conservative, the Harper govt. offers me a respite from the steady erosion of my civil liberties that comes with the ugly tide of socialism.
        Freedoms of speech, religion, association, the right to own property, the right to engage in any number of forms of lawful commerce, and myriad other freedoms are perniciously scraped away and undermined by so-called “progressive” governments.
        The best thing any political leader can offer me is larger doses of less government. History consistently shows that nothing- NOTHING- comes close to being as harmful to a society as a government that is too big, and I will guaran-ass-tee you there’ll be a clear picture of a mating pair of Sasquatch on the front page of Macleans before you’ll hear Justin Trudeau preaching the gospel of limited government.
        And here’s my challenge to you: is the federal government currently too small, too big, or just right? If it’s already too big, or even just right, when should we star halting its growth? Last Tuesday, next Tuesday, or tomorrow?

        • Again, an easy challenge, but no attempt to back up the assertion that Trudeau has something to offer….

        • I urge you to do the research necessary to show how wrong you are. For the good of the country you call home.

          • Here’s my challenge to you. Name me a place where the expansion of governmental authority has not led directly to the loss of individual liberties. Then, name me a country where that has been a good thing. Worse, “human rights”, as envisaged by the political left as personified by young Trudeau, has consistently been a path towards the erosion of basic individual liberties such as economic, religious, and political freedom.

            As is usually the case, many of the commentators here embody the liberal ideal that all points of view must be heard. That is until they actually bump into someone who actually disagrees with them.

    • I don’t see him swaying me from the NDP, that’s for sure.

  11. So it all comes down to Harper-hate for Justin and his crowd of supporters. Quintessential Justin Trudeau: you betcha!

    • I’ve heard he’s thinking about using the slogan “Just like Harper, but BETTER!”

      I’ve got a suspicion that by the time the 2015 election rolls around, Mulcair and Harper will simply ignore Junior. He won’t be offering anything that isn’t being offered by the CPC or NDP, The only reason this guy’s giving for voting for voting for him is his last name. The whole idea of him being the champion of the middle class has already been laughably discredited.

      Come election time, even Trudeau’s defenders in the media won’t be able to save him from himself.

      • Laughablly discredited by who…morons like you? Did you even watch any of the debates? All MHF accomplished was to convince a lot of liberals that she’ll say anything to win. But keep on underestimating the guy. It’ll be worth it just to watch guys like you cry foul when he does ok. Even i am not prepared to say he will be ready for PM in two years. He’d make a decent opposition leader in a minority though.

  12. In the privacy of the ballot box when Joan Q. Citizen made her decision last time, Jack Layton’s smile and cane were foremost in her mind. In 2012 it’s going to be Justin Trudeau’s line: “They’re not afraid of me; they’re afraid of YOU!” and she’ll think about The Kiss, that marvelous photograph from the night of the fight. She’ll think about Justin and Sophie, and then about Stephen and the distant Lauren. How do you think she’ll vote?

    • Is that how people choose a government? God help us!

  13. Justin Trudeau is the hope for this country. . He is a strong, thoughtful, charismatic, gracious man of substance raised by two loving parents who represented the loftiest and most idealistic values of two generations of Canadians. He seems to have pragmatically adopted the wisest of both….which makes him also…a man of integrity and wisdom.

    • He is not the hope for this country. He is a fellow full of entitlements and no substance.

      • So are are many of the CPC appointed senators.

    • Ok Carol. Let me guess, your daughter is Justin’s half sister as well.

  14. I’d vote for anyone who would bring back a viable liberal party. I don’t usually vote liberal but I will as soon as possible because the Conservatives are swinging far to right for moderate conservatives.

    • Yeah, after all, they banned abortion and gay marriage and forced all our children to attend Christian fundamentalist schools, didn’t they? They’re extremely right-wing. Stop Harper!

      • Drink!.

        • Salud!

      • Pity about all those scientists they fired or muzzled…oh well i guess no one is perfect.

      • Anything short of Talibanesque is not worthy of concern or disapproval?

        If the NDP is too left for some, surely CPC is too right for others.

  15. Trudeau is simply lacking intelligence. That will be his undoing. Most of the time he’s not touting any policies, and when he does, they’re incoherent. Most people have no idea about this, all they know is his name. He will be a weaker leader than Dion, Ignatieff and Martin.

    • He’s not his dad in terms of intellectual firepower, but he’s no dummy either. Ronald Reagan was no intellectual giant, and he was a very successful Presidential candidate and two-term President. Most people who are inclined to vote for JT couldn’t care less that he’s not some high-powered intellectual. It’s early days, but so far he shows every sign of being a very effective and successful politician.

      • How so?! Charisma doesn’t equate with substance.

        • Is that your principal rationalization for SH being a good PM? :)

          • You ought to go look up the difference between principal and principle. Just sayin’.

          • Sorry to see you’re taking the cheap and easy shots only these days OB. You know as well as I do typos and poor syntax happen to all of us from time to time.

        • It doesn’t have to. Who says it has to? Ronald Reagan wasn’t considered to have “gravitas” or “substance” either, and he was an enormously successful politician. I’m not saying these things are fair or right, but it’s reality. Certain charismatic people who simply have a knack for inspiring and connecting with people are tremendously successful politicians. And it drives their detractors nuts. Adlai Stevenson vs. Ike Eisenhower was another example. Kennedy vs. Nixon.

      • It may sound bizarre, but you could make the same case for W; no Aristotle he, but he was shrewd and in some ways pretty savvy. I don’t say JT will follow the exact same pattern[ i certainly hope not] but he knows how to use the charm and essential good nature that are his birthright…it isn’t PET redux…but it isn’t nothing either.

        • Along with physical condition, it’s been long known that one has to be in the 98th percentile intellectually in order to be able to fly a supersonic fighter interceptor aircraft. GW Bush had hundreds of hours of seat time in supersonic aircraft. On the other hand, Obozo was a middling affirmative action law school grad.

          • I thought there was some kind of cloud over Bush’s claim to have served in the national guard. Regardless, are you seriously claiming W is in the 98th percentile intellectually? That is simply laughable. One of the man’s principle failings was the fact he had the curiousity of a slug about the outside world. That alone is for me – narrow mindedness – not a sign of a truly top flight intellect.

          • Well, to me that sort of thing gets to be a mug’s game. My guess about W was that he had considerable raw intelligence in some areas, but not necessarily in others. I just don’t think you can be a complete drooling moron and pilot jet planes for the air national guard and get a MBA degree (which I understood W had), for example. And full disclosure: I viscerally disliked him. It think that’s why, e.g., the MMPI was considered a superior intelligence test than the Stanford-Binet IQ test, because there are so many different kinds of intelligence — think about how many engineers are very good at math and enginnering, but can’t write or spell to save their lives. And how many artsies can write extremely well but are disasters at math and science.

          • Good point. I’ve also met FNs guys who probably couldn’t do much more than x their names on a document. But get them in the bush and suddenly they’re a genius, and I’m the moron.

  16. Every time I see a picture of mini-trudeau his hair looks shorter.
    The Liberals had better hold their leadership convention soon or mini-trueau will be sporting a brush cut!!

  17. When the final chapter is written on the fat scumbag Harper and his criminal freaks (how sick that the vile bible-beating puke went after Martin, claiming he was a supporter of pedophiles when his closest adviser was the sick fu**ing freak), Canadians will be highlighted as some of the most ignorant and easily duped PsOS on the face of the earth.

    • You’re very progressive.

  18. Just as Trudeau kicked the living fu** out of that tattooed POS sh** (again, stunning lack of judgement shown by the fat turd Harper), so too he will metaphorically grind fatboy into the concrete. It will be sweet…

    • Yes, because Stephen Harper is somewhat overweight, that is further proof that he is evil and should be despised. The progressive thing to do is to remark on his fatness and to mock it at every opportunity.

      • Drink!

  19. Two guys from Ipsos Reid have come out with a book which states that the Liberals are toast. The NDP will be the base of a center-left national party(whose strength will be Quebec, the Atlantic provinces, and central Toronto). They will be countered by a Conservative Party that controls the western provinces,suburban and rural Ontario, and the rural areas of the Atlantic provinces.The two pollsters give the edge to this future Conservative party based on both the population growth rates in the west plus the increasing Conservative vote totals among the immigrant communities. Their book makes it appear that the most likely successor to Harper will be fellow Conservative Jason Kenney(a westerner who is a big hit in the immigrant communities) rather than Trudeau. How does Trudeau break into the increasingly powerful west that sees him as the Pierre clone? How does he counter Kenney’s successful inroads ?

    • Dream on, the NDP was a one time wonder that only won because they sacrificed all ethics and promised Non Federalist Quebecers a bloc quebecois lite platform, while telling the Quebec minorities they could be the federalist option for the bloc. The NDP is being exposed for having such a platform.

      Calgary Centre is the Conservative heartland and it was nearly lost. Also the wildrose party lost in Alberta to red tory PCs. There will be Liberal wins in even Urban alberta in the next election.

  20. them libs are trully desperate JT the the drama queen . hes got all the experience to govern what?

  21. Aaron, I need some of what you are on. I watched the clip expecting something great after reading your article. I was left very disappointed. If you can’t see through this guy, then don’t call yourself a reporter. Instead, call yourself a cheerleader.

  22. Remember, it has been 6-7 years since the Liberals were removed from power. Other than legalizing marijuana, they have yet to put a single policy in front of the people for analysis. Your future leader, Trudeau, refuses to debate on anything related to policy. Yet Aaron, you are already starting to shill for him. Do you realize how rediculous you look in this article. The only reason Trudeau will have a chance is if guys like Aaron refuse to get serious with their careers and continue to protect this guy. He is basically an empty suit with no policy or direction. The media will refuse to report on this. As soon as Harper points this out to Canadians, he will be criticized for the negative ads. Yet if Harper doesn’t tell the truth about Trudeau to the Canadian people, who will?

    • Compared to what? The CONs whose only policy was to spend whatever it took to buy themselves an election. Who squandered a surplus and made it into a record deficit?

      The CONs are toast not because of Trudeau but despite him. The CONs are their own worst enemies and will give Justin Trudeau a majority. Justin Trudeau at this point can’t do any worst then harper. based on historical record every Liberal government has done better financial management then a Conservative one.

      • Remember how most of the surplus was used to pay down the debt. Any surplus is an over-tax. The budget that was passed that sent the Gov’t into deficit was actually a coalition budget. Remember how Flaherty presented a budget that was basically breaking even. The opposition got all upset and threatened to overthrow Harper and put themselves in power complete with separatists in power. They forced Harpers hand into providing stimulus cash to be thrown around. It was all the stimulus money that sent the Gov’t into deficit.

        • They went into defecit even before any stimulus spending started.

  23. Trudeau actually reminds me a little of Obama, who is in the process of ruining the once great U.S.of A. By 2015, the states will be a shell of its former self. All Harper needs to point out to Canadians is “Elect Trudeau and We’ll start on the same path Obama has taken the States.” By then, The States will be so messed, Canadians will flock to Harper for security.

    • Ya and George Bush jr in his 8 years did so much better. Largest expansion of government in US history.

      • You may be right. The Dems and republicans are both on the same team down there. Hence the Tea Party movement. The point is the U.S. of A. is going over a cliff. Canada might follow, but not as fast with Harper at the helm. Trudeau will accelerate Canada’s demise only because he is a big time socialist.

  24. I look forward to Justin winning the leadership of the LPOC….at which time we can drive the Harper cabal back under the rock from whence they came……For the record, I was a former member of the Conservative Party of Canada, and I rue the day I had anything to do with ANY members of the Reform Party, Mr. Harper is singlehandedly removing every bit of environmental legislation that would hinder development of the Alberta oil sands.Economic development, certainly….but not at the risk of degrading our environment irreparably, Mir. Harper…..I look forward to your early retirement, for Sir, that day is coming……

  25. 1) Pardon my prognostication – Mr Trudeau “Jr”, in a position of leadership, will turn out to be just as inept as was Paul Martin “Jr” – simply riding your dad’s coattails and delivering poignant (and no doubt high-priced) speech-writing just ain’t the same as BEING a leader.

    Mr Trudeau Sr had an agenda (or two) that he pretty-much implemented over those decades – as did Mr Martin Sr.

    The ‘boys’ were/are just camera-ready chimeras (in both official languages), with very powerful backers.

    Speaking of charlatans,

    2) President Obama has been intro’d to this thread and irrespective of HIS heritage (which attracted the extra 5% of popular votes he needed – both times ), examine HIS powerful backers (and Ms Jarretts’) to see who HE really is.