The quotable Bev Oda

A look back at the minister’s adventures in explaining complicated matters of maternal health, abortion and expensive orange juice


On the occasion of her departure from politics, a look back at Bev Oda’s adventures in explaining complicated matters of maternal health, abortion, foreign aid, Planned Parenthood, ministerial responsibility and expensive orange juice.

April 26, 2010. “We’re not debating abortion, we’re clarifying family planning.”

September 8, 2010. “In addition, the suggestion that the federal government is on the verge of funding or re-funding any specific organization is inaccurate.”

December 9, 2010. “I did not say I was the one who wrote the ‘not.’ “

February 14, 2011. “The ‘not’ was inserted at my direction.”

March 18, 2011. “My original answers were truthful, accurate and precise, but they were not clear.”

April 21, 2011. “If Planned Parenthood submits an application that falls within the government’s parameters for the G8 Muskoka Initiative, there will be funding.”

March 29, 2012. “This is about getting more kids in school, more mothers to health clinics, more nutritious, uh, infants being born, more text books, more qualified teachers.”

April 24, 2012. “Mr. Speaker, the expenses are unacceptable, should never have been charged to taxpayers. I have repaid the costs associated with the changing of hotels, and I unreservedly apologize.”

July 3, 2012“For over eight years, it has been an honor and privilege to have served the constituents in Clarington, Scugog and Uxbridge. As the Minister for International Cooperation, I have had the opportunity to witness the hardships of the worlds most vulnerable peoples and have witnessed the great compassion of Canadians for those in need,“ said Bev Oda. “I am grateful for the support of my staff and colleagues in the House of Commons and Senate. I wish to express my appreciation to the Prime Minister and his Cabinet for their outstanding leadership.“


The quotable Bev Oda

  1. Good chuckle for the day. Wonderful chronology of quotes. Thank you.

  2. I miss her already. Not.

  3. Don’t let the trapdoor slam shut on your golden parachute on the way out.

  4. Oda should be thrown in jail for embezzlement and repeatedly smoking in her office. The fact that she gets an early retirement and a ridiculously fat pension is just adding insult to injury.

  5. Conservative Cabinet minister Bev Oda is retiring with serious questions unanswered that must be fully investigated.

    When politicians in the UK, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador filed false expense claims, they were investigated by the Auditor General and police, and prosecuted and penalized after public court cases.

    But Ms. Oda gets to return the money she took from taxpayers in secret without a full accounting, let alone an investigation by the RCMP and Crown prosecutors, and retires with a gold-plated pension.

    And the federal Auditor General’s office is still refusing to fully audit all federal politicians’ and political staff expense claims.

    There’s lots of smoke in this situation — why are the good government watchdogs not doing their jobs properly and looking for the fires that likely exist, and ensuring they are stamped out?

    Hope this helps,
    Duff Conacher, Founding Director of

  6. I say this with all seriousness: How in hell did she get elected as an MP?