The race to the political bottom -

The race to the political bottom

Conservatives are in full Trumpian seizures about M-103. But the party doesn’t have a monopoly on toxic rhetoric.

Chandra Arya and Kellie Leitch. (CPAC; Justin Tang/CP)

Chandra Arya and Kellie Leitch. (CPAC; Justin Tang/CP)

It should not have been a surprise. In the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean, the Mariana Trench, scientists recently discovered “extraordinary” levels of toxins inside sea life. According to a study by Dr. Alan Jamieson, PCB levels in life forms were “fifty times more contaminated than crabs from paddy fields fed by the Liaohe River, one of the most polluted rivers in China.” The belief that the far-flung depths of the ocean, 10 km below the surface, are somehow still wild and untouched has been shattered. The deeper down you go, the more poisonous things get.

As it turns out, Dr. Jamieson’s work may as well have applied to the current political climate. It’s hard to think of a time when the political discourse has been more toxic, when the race to the bottom more apparent. Those who blame Donald Trump for contaminating the partisan waters make a compelling case: his enthusiasm for crass personal attacks is rivalled only by his bizarre fidelity to falsehoods. Does he really believe there were three million fraudulent votes? Could he seriously suggest that the so-called “fake news” media colluded—in a secret room—to suppress what would be the biggest election fraud story in American history? Winners don’t usually demand a recount, but we may see that yet. Still, to blame Trump alone for the coarsening of the political environment is like blaming Darryl Sittler for the Leafs’ long losing streak: it’s been a group effort. Democrats have their own basket of deplorable episodes to sift through.

The Canadian contribution to the toxic political climate change has been notable, especially during the debate in Parliament over the issue of Islamophobia. What began as a well-meaning bit of political posturing has turned into a risible display of willful distortions, fear mongering and stereotyping. But let’s start at the top.

Back in December, a Liberal MP named Iqra Khalid moved a motion, M-103, to “condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism.” It pitched for some research on reducing racism and collecting data on hate crimes. On the surface, harmless enough. After all, a motion is not a bill. It’s not binding in any way, merely an initiative from a private member to raise awareness and take some action on a pertinent issue. In parliamentary terms, it is the equivalent of putting an idea in the work suggestion box that might be read out at a human resources meeting and maybe get a volunteer program started. Fair enough.

The trouble started, however, with the weird sense of déjà vu. Back in November of 2016, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair introduced a similar motion that also condemned all forms of Islamophobia. Though there had been concerns from some Conservatives that the motion might try to limit free speech or fair criticism of radical Islam, the motion eventually passed with unanimous support. Unanimous support. So, why the need to bring another motion forward? It is reasonable to suggest that this has as much to do with raw politics as it does with good intentions. The Liberals have been watching the Conservative leadership race convulse over Kellie Leitch’s Canadian values test campaign, her immigration ideas ripped quite openly from the pages of the Donald Trump playbook. Leitch was accused by candidates like Michael Chong of playing “dog whistle politics,” inciting anti-Muslim sentiments and fears. It has been one of the dominant issues of the Conservative race and Motion 103 has trapped Conservatives into a deeper, more divisive debate about inclusion and tolerance.

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Instead of simply condemning Islamophobia and moving on, the debate became a litmus test for caving into politically correct thinking. The details of the motion got lost as fears about restrictive blasphemy laws and the acceptance of sharia law spread. Still, it was not a burning issue until the night of January 29, 2017, when 27-year-old Alexandre Bissonnette walked into the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City and massacred six people, wounding 19 others.  Suddenly, the motion on Islamophobia moved from the back benches to the front pages.

Let’s just pause here to remind ourselves that the only massacre that has ever taken place in a mosque in North America happened in Canada. This is very much our problem and it has infused the M-103 debate, and the issues of hatred and racism in Canada, with a new and frightening relevance. Condemnation of hatred is not a zero-sum game. We must denounce the unique and specific terror at the Quebec mosque even as we condemn the imam who preaches horrific anti-Semitic sermons at a mosque in Toronto. It is not about choosing one nemesis, but acting against both.

Still, in the weeks after Canadians of all political parties came together to condemn the massacre, M-103 became a point of division. Khalid received countless threats and insults, many of which she read out in Parliament. It was distressing to say the least. Nonetheless, that did not lead to unanimous support for her motion. Conservatives asked her to remove the word Islamophobia and make it more inclusive, but she refused. The politics got ugly. Of the Conservative leadership candidates, only Michael Chong has said he would support the motion. The rest have refused, yanking the Conservative party further to the right during a leadership race that is trying to redefine the party as open to more Canadians. In the wake of a mass killing of Canadian Muslims practicing their freedom of religion, is it really that hard to condemn Islamophobia?

Not for Patrick Brown, the leader of the PC Party of Ontario. When the provincial Liberals introduced a similar motion at Queen’s Park, perhaps hoping to trap PC leader in the same quagmire, he had none of it. Immediately he announced he would support the motion. I asked him why. “Hate is hate,” he said simply. That ended the discussion and the motion passed unanimously. Why Brown’s former federal colleagues did not follow that simple road is anyone’s guess. But now, as they gather for the Manning Conference in Ottawa to hash out their future, they are in full Trumpian seizures about the issue, and it is dragging them down to the political depths. But there is someone who went even lower.

It turns out, the surprise winner in the race to the political bottom is a Liberal MP named Chandra Arya. In the midst of the debate about motion 103, the Nepean MP chose to go down to the Marianas trench of political poison. “The recent killings of Muslims praying in the mosque in Quebec City is not an accident,” Arya intoned, as if solemnity might somehow lend gravitas to the reckless vapidity of his forthcoming statement. “This is the direct result of dog-whistle politics—the politics of fear and division.” The “direct result,” he said, of  “the elements who championed charter values, niqab ban, barbaric cultural practices tip-line — all targeted at Canadian Muslims.” Only later, when asked, did he name the PQ and the Conservative party by name.

It was a breathtaking statement. Before police have concluded what really motived Bissonnette—charged with six counts of first degree murder and five counts of attempted murder—Arya put the “direct” blame on Conservatives and the PQ. As if they somehow condoned and directly motivated the killer. Scoring political points on the murder of six Canadians is about as toxic as it gets. If there was ever a moment for an MP to apologize, this is it.

Leadership matters and leaders have a responsibility not to normalize hate, or bigotry, or cheap scapegoating. Leaders ought to be calm during hysterical times, to force details into discussions and not turn everything into a cheap slogan. Leadership means keeping a sense of proportionality. We don’t see a lot of that right now. This week, at the giant CPAC conference for Conservatives in the U.S., Donald Trump’s chief advisor Steve Bannon said we are entering a “new political order.” What that will look like is still anyone’s guess, but all signs so far point to descent into divisiveness. In the midst of this, Canada is being held up in the international media as an example of sobriety and reason. But look more closely. That too is proving to be a convenient delusion, as the debate about Islamophobia revealed. You can’t keep throwing poison into the political ocean and expect it to remain pure.


The race to the political bottom

  1. This is a very fulsome discussion of M-103 and the issues around it. However, I think there is a typo in your last paragraph. Do you mean “divisiveness” instead of “divineness”?

  2. Very timely Evan. We seem to be living under the collective delusion that Canada is immune to the rise of authoritarianism and xenophobia so clearly at play in the Brexit and Trump results. The Canadian mind is closing and our smug complacency is a serious problem. In my most recent polling on the topic I asked a follow up question on whether there are too many immigrants coming to the country . Some argue that feeling there are too many immigrants may be just legitimate fears of job competition or other factors.
    We asked Given the current levels of immigration do you think that too many (too few, about right) of those are members of visible minorities. If respondents objections are not about levels but race that is a clear measure of racism . It may not be a particularly insidious expression of racism, but it racism , Canadians should be deeply concerned that over 40% said too much of immigration is not white. Amongst Conservative and Bloc supporters the clear majority agreed with the proposition. While lower, there is no cause for backslapping amongst ‘progressive’ voters who show significant agreement with the proposition. Canada as a whole has very significant levels of racism and it appears to be on the rise.

  3. The Bloq were the party that developed the ‘Blueprint’ for these cultural values, Harper and the Conservative just fine tuned it, in order to reach certain segments of society in the rest of our country, while Quebec, didn’t need to hear the whistle. A true Progressive Conservative doesn’t get hung up on culture wars and race, they are supposed to be more pragmatic. Micheal Chong just seems to be the only true PC in the room. Pragmatism is also what defines a good leader.

  4. Mayby our polititians should remember words from our founding fathers…

    Wilfrid Laurier-1907

    “We must insist the the immigrant that comes here is willing to assimilate our ways..
    He should be treated on equal grounds and it would be shamefull to discriminate against such a person for reasons of thier belifes or the place of birth of origin.
    But it is the responsibility of that person to become a Canadian in ALL aspects of life,nothing else but a Canadian.
    There can be no divided allegiance here.
    Any man who says that he is a Canadian but tries to impose his customs and habits upon,is not a Canadian!!!
    We have room for only one flag..the Canadian flag!!!
    There is room for only two languages here..English and French!
    And we have room for loyalty,but only one,loyalty to the Canadian people!
    We wont accept anyone,lm saying anyone,who will try to impose his religion or his customs on us!

    Wilfrid Laurier 1907

    • Perhaps we should remember any political statement is a performance. In old Wilf’s day, public buildings could still be posted ‘No Indians, no Negroes, no Irish’. While tolerance seems to be an admirable Canadian tendency, we must recall that ongoing discrimination against aboriginals continues to this day with Laurier as much a perp as any. But perhaps we can cut Laurier some slack as he was generally a proponent of national unity and he was on the job when Canada experienced historically high levels of immigration including the 4 all-time highest years – curiously, he never suggested that each and every immigrant be subjected to an extensive interview process (I’m even wondering how much my 10 year old great grandmother could have expounded on ‘Canadian values’). As one of Laurier’s economic programs was to make Canada a grain super-power, many immigrants under the ever popular needed skills meme came from eastern Europe with experience in farming prairie land. But Laurier also had to calm BC residents who, as ever, were worked up over Asian immigration (and the only thing they disliked more than blue collar Asians was wealthy Asians). As well, he had to deal with a large number of economic immigrants and oppressed minorities coming from the United States bringing with them the threat of republicanism. On top of that, he had to placate an influx of Brits who assumed they owned the place (even today, the white anglo saxon Brit is the model Canadian for some).
      Of course, as then, our modern conservative politicians would denounce Laurier’s statement as typical weak-kneed liberal politics.

      • Hey COMOX, I don’t recall ever hearing Laurie saying ‘No Indians, no Negroes, no Irish’. If we just go by some things just someone wrote or said we’re in a lot more trouble with what’s being professed today by ‘some people’.

    • Really? Let’s quote a racist sentiment that led to a Chinese head tax, Internment of Japanese and residential schools for First Nations Children. As a person whose ancestors were Irish immigrants, I know how badly they were treated upon arrival to Canada so kindly can your superior white privilege and get some tolerance. If Canada did not invite immigration, you would not be here. The land would be empty except for some indigenous people. Perhaps the real Canadian way is to have sweet grass ceromonies and we should all be assimilating to the way of the first Canadians by living in tipi’s.

      • Can’t really get too excited about anything fact checks. David Mikkelson who runs the site has apparently been caught taking money to come up with a certain slant on topics and an alternate set of ‘facts’ in the past. Not to mention his embezzlement of $98 000.00 from company coffers when he and his ex wife Barbara Mikkelson was partener – She claims he spent most of it on hookers – Wow. In addion most of the ‘fact checkers’ they currently employ, like former porn star Elyssa Young and sex fettish blogger Kim LaCapria, have no history or research traing. So yeah, the Gospel truth from Snoops is probably a myth in itself.

        • so you think that’s not a quote from teddy roosevelt then?

    • These are very wise and timely words. I couldn’t agree more.
      The new Canadians should be willing to assimilate and love our country as we do. They have to leave their old ways behind or they are doomed to create the same thing here.
      The immigrants Wilf was talking about came on their own dollar and had no social handouts so they worked hard to build a life and in so doing a great country for all.
      They did not come lay around on welfare and complain about the quality of free housing dental care food etc and expect more.
      Most came with less than these so called refugees because they wanted to work at a new life not to bring their old struggles with them and demand we change to suit them.
      Our morals and all sense of reason has left us with the belief that because someone is better looking or has nicer hair can lead a country better then someone that had a great track record or because someone is famous from play acting and self grandising that they know better about the world, the environment and anything else they care to postulate on then, we are idiots. All Hail Justin Beiber

      • “They did not come lay around on welfare and complain about the quality of free housing dental care food etc and expect more.” Care to site some actual evidence that today’s immigrants/refugees are laying around on welfare & complaining?
        And if immigrants/refugees of today have more difficulty obtaining employment common sense should tell you that the jobs which were easily available to immigrants of 1917 are in short supply these days. How many manual labour, agriculture or factory jobs are out there these days?

        • You would have to check out various videos and news reports from objective news sources (non mainstream)to see video of such behaviour or be in the right place at the right time, as I was as my job as an installer for the provincial phone co. and later for cable installer for a major co.
          I fail to see your point on how easy early immigrants had it as compared to today and to your point there is not enough work in manual labour then how are they making a living?
          I have seen entire buildings housing refugees.
          I should have clarified, my fault, that some of them not all, have gotten a free ride and reap a lot of tax dollars
          when SOME seniors, First Nations, Military and disadvantaged are being shortchanged by our illustrious leaders in a search for votes by bringing in refugees under the guise that they are all required as we don’t have enough skilled workers to build our fledgling tech industry. Apparently these countries are a hotspot for electrical engineers and techies. We can’t train existing Canadians to design and build various electronics.
          I agree the first Nations got a raw deal but it is proof that this mistake has been made before and unfortunately that was the history of the world and a lack of information, science and knowledge, but this time we should be more informed 2 mistakes do not make a right.
          Our mainstream media is definitely biased and is fighting for it’s life. This is not the first time they have missed the picture, they failed to report on the atrocities being carried out until Dr. King shamed them into reporting the facts and what was really happening.
          The atrocities happening in Europe are real and not being reported by the authorities and governments at all levels to reduce the fear of panic and showing their own failures.
          Please check out alternative news sources and the videos there are quite a few out there and see the other side of the story before condemning me and form your own opinions after seeing the whole story.
          I apologize for not having the time and ability to answer every vague question but my intent is to initiate awareness to the entire picture not just the myopic view of the leftist governments worldwide.

          • I asked for some actual evidence. Telling me to look for non-mainstream media & alternative news sources is not evidence. If you have actual facts lets see them.
            And that bogus claim that refugees get more money than seniors & veterans has been completely debunked. Perhaps you’d like to check out some “alternative” sources ie, mainstream media.

          • So called non mainstream media is subjective as hell.there is zero balance, zero accountability, they just confirmed for you some long held prejudice.

    • I agree with him.

      • I am sorry I do not write down the source in my daily diary of everything I read. So that is why I said look it up.
        Not sure if I can be clearer than that.
        Also talk about jumping to irrational conclusions. No where did I say anyone was getting MORE than our seniors military and FN
        so please reread my comments.
        I also asked you if there are no jobs then what does your COMMON SENSE tell you how they are making a living?
        I have read and heard and seen what early immigrants to this country had to do to get here and make a living I do not believe
        they had it easier as you claim. I can go on with actual facts but I don’t have time for this as I have to go to work so I can make a living and give the government more money to mismanage.
        I welcome immigrants with open arms that want to come here work, love our country, be proud of it and add to our colorful mosaic. It does my heart good to see Canadians of every cultural background at Leafs, Raptors, Canadians games at the Olympics waving our flag etc.
        BUT I don’t want to open the flood gates in this world climate to anyone that doesn’t with a devil may care attitude that you obviously have. Thinking a smile and a hug will fix everything.
        You are like the prison guard who says after the prisoners have escaped and harmed more innocents gee I thought they liked it here and I could trust them with my set of keys they said they just wanted cream for their coffee.
        Please take the time to read a history book and see the endless mistakes made by governments throughout history even your beloved liberals. While the mainstream media just bought the government line.
        Maybe even take the time to check out the Israel video network, the Al Jazzira network the Rebel network .
        I could send you emails from various European countries and immigration laws from Middle East countries but can’t on this venue.
        You may be surprised to find that the history of the world has had serious mistakes with very real consequences, peace and love does not work every time unfortunately. I wish it would I would be on board with you but I doubt you have read this far and have jumped to some other conclusion without having checked the facts so ciao baby you have heard the last from me until I come back and say I told you so….lol

    • PM Laurier never said that, the statement attributed to him is FAKE, repeating it is a disservice.

  5. Bottom line is I would like my children to grow up in a Canada with the same traditional values and British Common Law based laws I grew up with and my parents grew up with. If you come to Canada come because you like it the way it is! DO NOT COME HERE TO TRY AN TURN MY CONTRY INTO SOME FACSIMILE OF THE COUNTRY YOU ARE FROM – Otherwise just stay where you are!

    • Exactly who is trying to turn “your” country into a facsimile of their country of origin? And just where do First Nations fit into your view of Canada? I’m guessing the irony (& ignorance) of your last statement isn’t lost on anyone w/FN ancestry.

      • Let’s just say before 1867 there was no Canada. So that’s what I’m talking about – Canada, from 1867 on. That is the country I want to preserve. Native people, Europeans and Assians along with many other minoreties from all over the world are all part of what made my Canada. Despite many differences, we all agreed on one thing to follow, one thing: Laws – Our Laws born and founded out of Judaism and Christianity. Laws that espouse things like: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, freedom of press and presumption of innocence in the court of law.

        I care not what color your skin is if you want to come to my country or who you worship so long as you understand our laws first, our traditions, uniforms BEFORE you decide to come. You need to understand that these things are OURS and we will not change them for you and we will not tolerate you playing the religious special interest group card of oppression ie. to allow turbans as part of police or military uniform dress code to name just one example.

        We also won’t tolerate any attempts to build a parallel legal system like Sharia law as was attempted several years ago in Ontario. Nor will we tolerate distrubances such as ‘call to prayer’ over loudspeakers that contravenes the municipal noise ordinance for example. If your practices and beliefs conflict with our Judeo Christian based laws then its simple: don’t come!

        Know all these things BEFORE you apply for immigration to my Canada.

        I would do my research before moving to any other country and as such there are many countries I would never consider immigrating to because I simply could not in good conscience follow their laws and traditions.

        • No Canada before 1867 is like saying NO one lived here before 1867. You obviously do not know the history of Canada since 1534 or since 1763. To ask people to live under the White man’s rule does not work today. Canada is multiracial and cultural. So grow up.

      • So KAY53 you see my country at its core is Canada as it was born, not before because we can’t go back to ‘before’. But we can preserve what we currently have and perhaps undo a few mistakes made since 1867. We are at a crossroads and what we decide now is critical: it will determine if our grandchildren raise children in a Canada with values much like the one we grew in or one vastly differnt. So KAY53, maybe not so ignorant as your lack of thought before you decided to shoot that reply.

      • I agree the FN got screwed please see my reply above, but all you have to do is watch the non mainstream media and mainstream for that matter to realize various traditions and laws have been changed to assuage immigrants.
        I have worked at Government buildings and seen protests by immigrants wanting our government to change various laws and traditions. Namely the Harry Hayes Building and on the news numerous times. We are not allowed any religion in schools outside of one, so I believe that is definitely a change from when
        I went to school. This will probably be deleted because of that comment.
        I do not pretend to have all the answers but please have an open mind and check the entire story before condemning me and form a truly informed opinion. Thanks

        • You are correct in your reply and so is SKYNET INTEL. Canadian values are what Canada was based on. When religion is taken out of schools and yet one remains there is something definitely wrong with this country. Religion is to be practiced on your own time and not at school or work places. When this government can’t see, this then there are problems that need to be solved. Until this is solved there is going to be unrest among Canadians. The government has to practice what they preach, no religion in schools means no religion at all. Why can’t people understand this?

  6. It is sad to see politicians like Leitch, Trost and Trump play to people’s fears and prejudices. But when you hear from them “Radical Islamic Terrorist” it is maddening. By definition all terrorists are radicals. Why does the religion have to be added? Most terrorists from the middle east probably do not spend much time in a mosque and religion is not really their driving force. What about a white man who goes on a killing spree like in Moncton? Was he a “Radical Christian Terrorist”? Also what about the immigrants already here? When Chinese, Ukrainian, Somalian, Vietnamese came here long ago, did we demand they have “Canadian Values” before they got in? In many cases it took generations to assimilate into what we consider Canadians now. Many of these immigrants also carried old world prejudices against other groups and women and actually some still do. Islamophobia is a concern. But much of it is caused by press and politicians pushing the idea that terrorism comes from a specific religion. Through history people have been prosecuted for religion unfairly but today with modern communications hate is spread easier. Leitch, Trost and Trump are not helping. We can’t do much about Trump but the other two are not capable of being PM.

    • Agreed. Well said.

    • Gerry (and Kay) your comment is ridiculous. The Chinese, et al, assimilated and didn’t change anything, unlike the present Muslims.

  7. I’d say Kellie Leitch has hit the political bottom w/advertising in Breitbart. If there was any doubt as to her true beliefs, this ad buy removes all doubt.

    • I agree not everyone of the Syrian Somolian and other refugees are terrorists
      but what disturbs me is the lack of condemnation of these acts and when Imams can pray for all enemies to be killed in a Toronto Mosque and in Montreal without any outrage or even mention of it by our government and mainstream media or the members of that Mosque, that concerns me.
      The mainstream commoners and media did nothing to denounce Hitler until it was too late, it happened again in Iran no one thought Amajenibad
      (sorry about the spelling) would get into power and then he took it to basically a dictatorship. Check out what is happening in Sweden rapes and sexual assaults were over 6500 cases last year when normally it is less than 500, you won’t see that in the mainstream I don’t want mine or any ones children to experience that. You can see it on the internet for now but governments worldwide are trying to censor all content now not just China and Russia

      • Jump right in there and blame immigrants? I did some research. Sweden widened their definition of sexual assault and made it much easier for complaints to be handled. Also the conviction rate has not gone up and more importantly the assaults were across their whole population and not just immigrants. It is ignorance and jumping to conclusions that is making the immigrant system more difficult just what Trump and the alt-right want.

        • Maybe you are reading the government line on explaining
          the increase. The mainstream always believe the Government line like the forced relocation and re-education of first nations children, no one checked on the facts and just reported the government bs but they are now after all these years wagging the finger of shame from a righteous stand and how about the orphans in those days, I know 2 from the home in Prince Albert. Those lost souls were abused with no one ever checking on them either. The weak were regularly abused almost nightly. I just learned of that myself by accident it was never reported in the news so who knows the truth anymore but it doesn’t hurt to look it up and form an opinion so I commend you for making an effort. I hope the version you found is correct and I am wrong. Were the mass rapes on New Years in Germany because of a new law to make it easier to handle complaints? Has anyone heard from the victims? It could be Government stupidity I am not sure how they made it tough to handle sexual assaults
          before this new law, did it say what they called it before? I must admit I only saw a portion of the documentary from Sweden like a 60 minutes thing but they didn’t mention a new law or way of doing business for rape. I would love to see the website you saw.
          Check out the Rebel for more info, however they are not the only one. I believe we need to question the norm to get the truth out there, I just do not believe we are getting everything we need to hear and I am certainly not blaming all immigrants for all these crimes they were happening before like I said so please don’t take this out of context. It appears everyone is capable of jumping to conclusions. But I do applaud your efforts to learn the facts and I believe we all have a responsibility in that regard especially these days, for every ones future and safety. I will try and find your version too.

          • You lost all credibility by quoting the Rebel Media. Ezra and his bunch radicals have their own agenda and it is not for the good of anyone but the extreme right. Trump accuses the mainstream press of fake news but most fake news comes from Fox, Briebart and ESPECIALLY the Rebel.

        • CaringCanadian is a fan of “alternative” media. He/she isn’t interested in actual fact. Sad.

          • Hey Kay I read and listen to all sides.
            Maybe you should too.
            Does it surprise you to see that the middle eastern countries are not taking any of these refugees and the ones coming from the US what are they seeking asylum from?
            I have not seen or heard any news from either sources that the US is torturing or killing anyone so are they afraid of what?
            Please read my reply to your earlier post on the previous page.

          • Hey Gerry, there you go closing your mind to other opinions and dismissing others of their own agenda. Can you give me a couple of examples of where they were wrong in their reporting?
            Have you read Al Jazirra or the Israel Network or some of the Eastern European Cable News or just the Liberal propaganda CBC They also have their own leftists agenda. You can’t honestly believe they report objectively on all issues especially when they get $1.5 billion a year of our taxes by the Liberals. They lambasted Harper when he tried to wean them off the public teat even after the world almost went under but we came through with shining colors I doubt the Liberals or NDP could have done it.

          • Kay, your ignorant posts are becoming boring.

  8. Wow…Macleans really can’t stand Conservatives. Getting as bad as the Toronto Star !
    Meanwhile your Golden Boy Trudeau can do no wrong ??