The race for Toronto-Danforth -

The race for Toronto-Danforth


The Agenda hosts the NDP, Liberal and Green candidates in Toronto-Danforth (the Conservative candidate declined to attend). The by-election will be decided on Monday.


The race for Toronto-Danforth

  1. Can this parade of anti-charisma be over yet?  Dodging eager, but bland candidates and campaign volunteers at subway stations is not my idea of a fun morning.  This is the fourth election involving Toronto-Danforth residents in the past seventeen months (the Oct. 2010 municipal election, the May 2011 federal election, the Oct. 2011 provincial election, and now the March 2012 federal byelection), and I must admit some surprise at the prevalence of signs around the riding.  I imagine turnout won’t be particularly high, but perhaps it will top 30%?  I would normally guess less than 25%, given the degree of campaign burnout I expected.

    Outcome guess: 55% chance of an NDP win, 44% chance of a Liberal win (this used to be Dennis Mills’ riding, and the Liberal candidate made a reasonably good run for a political newcomer during the provincial election), 1% chance of a surprise Green win, every other party’s chances are trivial.  I’m somewhat surprised that the Conservative candidate didn’t bother turning up to the TV debate; despite his miniscule amount of visible support, I would think the party would at least like a whack at testing some pro-government, anti-opposition propaganda lines while scandal brews.John Turmel’s on the ballot, though! There could be a shocker!

    • Conservative candidates often avoid such forums. They’re not fans of democracy.