The race for Toronto-Danforth


Voters will elect a new MP in Toronto-Danforth on March 12 March 19 and the Conservatives would like you to expect a Liberal win.

“Governments do not win by-elections, and as this is a traditional Liberal seat this is theirs to lose,” Delorey said Sunday.

The riding has been contested 12 times since 1976, the New Democrats winning it eight times, the Liberals winning it four times. As for the idea that governing parties tend to not win by-elections, I debunked that notion two years ago here and here.


The race for Toronto-Danforth

  1. Conseratives lie, it’s what they do
    They lie to me they lie to you
    They lie about prospects in the Danforth race
    The amazing thing is they keep a straight face! 

    • I guess the party spokesperson should have amended his comments to state that government parties don’t typically win by-elections in ridings where their party (or any of its ancestor parties) has not won in at least 35 years.  I presume that would not be a lie?

      • It very well may not be.  But the issue is the LPC’s chances in toronto danforth. 

      •  Sadly it would take more than that to correct all the dishonesty in that single sentence.  There are both the claims that the riding is “theirs(the Liberals’) to lose” and that “governments don’t win by-elections”.

        But you knew that.

  2. God save our gracious Queen,
    Long live our noble Queen,
    God Save our Queen

    Send her victorious
    Happy and glorious,
    Long to reign over us,
    God Save our Queen!

    • I wasn’t aware Elton John needed saving

  3. Quite interesting that they’re characterizing it as a traditional Liberal seat considering that the NDP have won it twice as often in the last decade or so.

    Just goes to show that for all of the CPC peanut gallery crowing about the death of the Liberals, the CPC war-room still thinks they’re a bigger threat than the NDP.

  4. Huh.  I wonder why the Conservative Party is even putting up a candidate?  It is a by-election so it isn’t like not fielding a candidate means they aren’t contesting all 308 ridings, which would be bad from an optics point of view.  Just sounds like a waste of money to me.

    • They should run an F-35 fighter jet. 

  5. There will an “All Candidates Debate” for the Toronto Danforth By-Election  (at least they all will be invited) on Thursday Evening March 15, 2012 – Info here:


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