The return of David McGuinty


After resigning as the Liberal corner’s natural resources critic (as a result of his ill-received career advice to Conservative MPs from Alberta), David McGuinty has now been named the critic for Science and Technology, Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario and Federal Economic Development Initiative in Northern Ontario. (Note: Every Liberal MP, with the exception of Marc Garneau, who stepped down as House leader to run for the party leadership, has an official role of some kind.)

Ted Hsu becomes the natural resources critic (Marc Garneau had held the title on an interim basis).

Conservative MP Joan Crockatt thanked Mr. McGuinty yesterday for his assistance in getting her elected in Calgary Centre.

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The return of David McGuinty

  1. dont let that seat get too warm the joan !

  2. David was right, all the same.

  3. Note to Joan Crockett: if I just won the election by 4% in a riding where the previous conservative vote consistently won by a margin of 30-40% and higher, the one thing I would be above all else is humble and gracious. Rub it in the face of the party who lost to you by 4% and put out a general air of conceit, and I’m pretty sure they’ll work their darndest to find that last 1158 voters needed to win next time.

    • That’s what I don’t get. Crockett is basically saying she wasn’t talented enough to do it on her own, she needed those distractions to win.

  4. I guess he could shorten his title to “Critic for SATFEDASOFEDINO”. So much easier than the original.

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