The road to Ottawa goes through Southwestern Ontario -

The road to Ottawa goes through Southwestern Ontario


Ahead of the fall sitting, the NDP leader goes to Windsor.

“It was important to come here because this area feels the effects of the policies of the Harper government,” said Mulcair. “The manufacturing sector has been hit particularly hard here … Yet the government puts all its eggs in the resources basket while manufacturing loses hundreds of thousands of jobs.”

And London.

“We’re losing the balanced economy that Canada had built up since the Second World War. It’s been destabilized by the choices of the Conservatives.” Long-term, good-paying manufacturing jobs with pensions are being replaced by part-time jobs in the service sector that don’t come with a pension, Mulcair said.

Canada has put “all its economic eggs in the resource basket,” he said, and must include the environmental costs of developments such as the oilsands if it wants to compete internationally. “That’s had an effect of artificially raising the value of the Canadian dollar, which has made it increasingly difficult for manufacturing companies in this area to export. That’s one of the leading causes of the hollowing out of the manufacturing sector,” Mulcair told reporters. “We’re not against the development of the oilsands, that would be foolish. We are saying that we’re against the development that’s going on now because it’s not sustainable.”

And Brantford.

“The manufacturing sector has been particularly hard hit for the past five years” in Ontario, Mulcair said while touring Pro-Fab Plastics Ltd. on Bruce Street.

And Kitchener.

Mulcair tells 570 News it was quite impressive, “it’s very promising and a great way to create jobs for the future, and they’re the best kind of jobs, high tech jobs” “I think that its a model to be followed across Canada and the region needs to be congratulated for being such a leader in this area.” Mulcair says jobs in Canada tend to be created by small and medium size businesses, and that they are the key to helping the Canadian economy rebound not giving tax breaks to big corporations, like banks and gas companies.


The road to Ottawa goes through Southwestern Ontario

  1. Yes, it does, and it’s a toughie.

    Harper is trying to make Ontario pre-industrial, like Alberta….a primary resource economy. For us that would be going backwards. It’s also suicidal in the face of where the rest of the world is going.

    We need to move beyond industrial….to the post-industrial or knowledge age

    Because manufacturing…everywhere….is on it’s last legs.

    Going backwards while the rest of the world is moving forwards is not a solution.

  2. He’s going to have a tough time in the next election when 90% of the economists out there disagree with him. Most parents and young people probably aren’t dreaming of jobs in the old widget factory either, yet it seems that he wants a nation of Epsilon’s working on assembly lines.

    Talk about taking the country backwards!