The Russians are mocking -

The Russians are mocking


Russia’s Arctic ambassador questions the Harper government’s fears of invasion.

“It could come from lack of knowledge of reality,” Vasiliev told The Canadian Press during a major conference on Canada-Norway-Russia Arctic co-operation at Ottawa’s Carleton University. “I think that time and reality proves that this is all wrong.”


The Russians are mocking

  1. Of course, if they were planning to invade, they would lie about it, wouldn’t they?

  2. Reality is not Harper’s strong suit….nostalgia is.

    • OE1 ….. The speaker of the Duma talking to Georgian TV  …. reality is not your strong suit but hatred is, isn’t it? 

      Listen to what this Russian parliamentarian says and then worry a little bit.

      • LOL I’ll bet you believed that guy that predicted the Rapture, too.

        • Yep … I shore did, yuk yuk yuk …. Madam, your use of ad hominem attack tactics grows tiresome for you are truly just an unpleasant human being.  

          The Russians are mocking us because they understand that they can destroy us within an hour or two should they ever want to.  They had no problem killing some 37 million of their own people and the nationalists (lZhirinovsky is the leader of the ultra nationalists)  in Russia have gained strength in every election since 1990.   

          Because Vladimir Zhirinovsky has as many screws loose as you do (gratuitous ad hominem attack) does not mean that he does not know what is happening there (while he was born in Kazakhstan and his father was a Polish Jew his mother was Russian and he was a Colonel in the Russian army, has a earned and used a law degree and he earned a Ph.D in philosopy – all that is important as to his character – i.e. – his suffering from a reformed prostitute type syndrome).  

          Two things the Russians never stopped spending money on during their breakup depression were weather modification and space weaponization and you can guess where Zhirinovsky spent his military career. 

          According to retired US Army Lt. Colonel Tomas Bearden, the Russians have been “dickering” with US weather patterns since 1976 (Bearden did a stint with HARP – the US weather modification idiots – China has it’s own ‘research group’ screwing up the earth’s magnetic fields).
          I for one, knowing the history of Russia all too well, would be prepared to ring our portion of the Arctic circle with tactical nukes as a deterrent to Russia including several space capable EMP missiles to knock out their space to ground control systems.Now, you want to have an intelligent and rational conversation or just stick with your silly little personal attacks?  

          • Look if you want to be stupid, do it on your own time.

            Russian ICBMs could be here faster than we could scramble jets….assuming we weren’t already friends and trading partners.

            The ‘Russians’ aren’t mocking us….some are pointing out we aren’t living in reality…and you certainly aren’t if you believe this crap.

          • So you now support what Harper said?

   cable drafted by U.S. diplomats in Ottawa portrays Mr. Harper as dismissing the need for a military response to Russia over the Arctic. It includes an account from a Canadian official of a January, 2010, meeting between Mr. Harper and NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen in which the PM said NATO has no role in the Arctic.“According to PM Harper, Canada has a good working relationship with Russia with respect to the Arctic, and a NATO presence could backfire by exacerbating tensions,” the cable states. “He commented that there is no likelihood of Arctic states going to war, but that some non-Arctic members favoured a NATO role in the Arctic because it would afford them influence in an area where ‘they don’t belong.’ ”

          • As you well know I agree with the Russians….Harper has no concept of reality.

          • No Madam, you lack rationality.  I set you up and you went for it …. hook, line and stinker. Hahahaha

            By the way,I don’t care for the Prime Minister either and I trust the Russians only a little less than him.

            You are an inflexible bigot and I return to my original assessment of your lack of any useful cerebral qualities (my, my, Martha – he uses nicer words then “stupid” to say the same thing).

            However, I have had enough fun with you so ….   Bye Bye Bigot, you really are not worth the time.

          • Actually no one has any idea what you’re talking about…including you.

            I suggest you up your dosage.

  3. Vasiliev is saying that as if he expects reality would make any sort of difference to this PM.

    • Especially since Harper’s view is strategically political…as they are for just about every contentious opinion that he holds.[ at least i hope that’s true. Bad as it is the alternative is really really scary.]  Reality is often an inconvenient impediment to a man who knows the political value of demagoguery…does anyone need any more real proof of the contempt our PM holds for the smarts of the average voter?

  4. Yeah, I mean it’s not like the Russians have invaded anyone, or commenced military action against anyone, in the last few years over territorial issues or anything like that . . .

    Oops, scratch that comment.

    • So has the US.

      So have we.

    • Who has ever invaded who passing through the North Pole?

        • What is inconceivable is that one would send an invasion force via the North Pole. Getting aggressive is one thing, but an invasion is totally inconceivable.  

          • And why, therefore, are the Russians planning a serious expansion of their arctic military and naval capacity?

          • For the same reasons we are planning a serious expansion of our arctic military and naval capacity in the Arctic.  And those reasons do not include the invasion of Russia.

          • No, of course no one has ever used the term “invasion” in regard to the need for a military and naval presence in the arctic. We no more expect an invasion by Russian than they expect one from us. But responsible nations will need to take steps to enforce their sovereignty in newly-accessible arctic territories. We are planning a relatively modest increase in our capacities. The Russians have stated they are planning a major increase in theirs – and other arctic nations are taking similar steps.  So, to the extent the Russians are “mocking” our concerns – if they are, in fact doing so – that would appear to be a position inconsistent with their own actions and with those of every other arctic nation (and a few non-arctic ones like China).

          • Exactly.  And in this context, I’m more inclined to believe the private, candid disclosures of the Russians in WikiLeaks cables than the public bs spewed by some Russian official.  Call me cynical.