The Saganash doctrine


Romeo Saganash explains how to beat the Conservatives.

We will start by returning to our roots in rural Canada. Rural communities are hollowing out and people are angry about it … When we were the CCF, rural Canadians knew we were on their side. We need to reach out to them again with respect, to listen to their concerns and to act on their behalf. When we do, they will come back to us and we will grow together.

And we must understand suburban Canada. Whether we are talking about new Canadians who moved from the cities or the proverbial soccer moms and hockey dads who grew up in those same towns, fundamentally, people want the same things. They want the freedom to live their lives as they see fit and they want security for their children and the future. The NDP can offer that. We can refrain from paternalism, respecting people’s ability to make their own decisions.


The Saganash doctrine

  1. Naive children….. Harper is PM for LIFE. Only way we get rid of these neocons is through a coup or foreign invasion. These criminals will not ALLOW themselves to be “voted” out of power by the likes of the PUBLIC….. sheesh.

    • If you had to choose an ideal nation to invade and overthrow our democracy, which would it be?

  2. Well….if I was a Dipper, and if I had a list….Saganash would be off it for sure, just for this one comment alone.

  3. Since by election results, the NDP apparently no longer represents the interests of most rural voters, wouldn’t changing policies be more likely to attract support than condescendingly “reaching out to them with respect?”

  4. “Rural communities are hollowing out and people are angry about it.”

    No kidding – talk to the people in Williams Lake who are desperate for the Prosperity Mine to start.

    • Come on, silly, you know that the best way to stop the hollowing out of rural Canada is to prevent every proposed mining, pipeline and oil and gas project from proceeding.  Get with the progressive program.

  5. Right, a Quebec MP telling western farmers the CWB was good for them, and Harper is bad.
    That explains why Dippers and Libs have no western rural seats.

    Why not shut up about the gun registry and the CWB if you want to win rural seats,
    they are gone and not coming back.  Why flog a dead horse?


    • Why swab the same Q-tip on all of the NDP. Each is developing their own platforms. Clean your ears, and maybe you can hear better.

      Now ride on your high donkey and move along little doggy..move along.


      Romeo Saganash for NDP Leadership on Facebook.com

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