The Scrums: Mali, climate change, Senate transparency -

The Scrums: Mali, climate change, Senate transparency

Check out what MPs said in the House foyer after Question Period


Five highlights from this afternoon’s post-Question Period scrums:

1. Minister of Defence Peter MacKay on the Canadian contribution in Mali: I can confirm that we will be extending our support for the Mali mission for an additional 30 days. So what that consists of is the heavy transport, strategic lift C-17 aircraft will be made available to the French for that specific use on an as-needed basis for an additional 30 days. So that will take us out to March 15th.

2. Minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver on climate change policyWe all know that climate change is a global issue and, as we’ve said repeatedly, particularly when we said that the Kyoto Accord doesn’t work, it’s because it only related to 30 percent of the emissions globally. We agree that this is a global issue, and of course we are working on it, working on it in conjunction with the U.S. We’ve got the same overarching target—17 percent reduction from 2005 by 2010 on transportation and so on. And we’ve got a lot of other initiatives. So we’re definitely moving in the same direction as the United States.

3. NDP MP Charlie Angus on a lack of transparency in the Senate: I think what’s really clear is that the Senate is making this up as they go along. They’ve been caught out of the spotlight, they’re not used to having one of their own examined, so why were they going to keep this audit secret? How long has this audit been going on? Did it just happen? Has this been an ongoing investigation? Did they think they could get away with it being, with it being secret? And that leads to another question: Have there been other secret audits of Senate expenses that we’re not aware about?

4. NDP MP Olivia chow on cuts at Canada Post: Disabled senior and people who live in isolated areas have very, very little alternatives but to rely on the Post Office. By cutting the Post Office, the Conservatives will be allowing the service, an essential service to be cut and also hurting our economy. And that’s a very, very serious problem.

5. NDP MP Randall Garrison on RCMP complaints: We’ve been calling for action for over a year now on the sexual harassment file, and I think that the report put forward by the RCMP today is a good first step, providing it has some resources.  But obviously, both these reports ignore the obvious, that 200 women have brought a class-action lawsuit against the RCMP for sexual harassment, so obviously there’s a systemic problem to deal with.

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The Scrums: Mali, climate change, Senate transparency

  1. If climate change isn’t real it aughta be?
    Deep down we all want a climate crisis to be real because it confirms the neocons as being truly evil and confirms the world of “science” as being “the good” and something we can trust and believe in. What could be more satisfying than celebrating the unity of science in their total agreement that climate change is real and happening and could cause a climate crisis of unstoppable warming? Yes “could” cause a crisis and we are so determined to believe in climate change that we vehemently choose to repel the very idea that the IPCC has never said a crisis will happen, only might happen and could happen and…… . We are liberals who doubt question and challenge authority but we bow like goose stepping greenzies grunting; “We must be doing something to our planet?” as a good enough reason to issue CO2 death threats to our very own children. Finally we rationalize the crisis to be a crisis of just more bad weather, yes a little climate crisis. And we have the nerve to point fingers at neocon deniers and bible thumpers who are not the ones condemning billions of helpless children to the greenhouse gas ovens of a Liberal based and exaggerated climate crisis. Who’s the neocon again here?
    Climate change has done to science what naughty priests did for religion and this Reefer Madness has served be Liberalism’s Iraq War of climate WMD’s and fear mongering.
    Climate change was real alright. Really not a crisis and real planet lovers and former climate change believers are happy a crisis was thankfully a tragic exaggeration. The rest of you just wanted this misery to be real and it wasn’t the planet you loved, it was humanity you hated.
    27 years of needless CO2 panic will be judged in history as a war crime.