The scrums: Métis lands, balanced budgets -

The scrums: Métis lands, balanced budgets

Check out what MPs said in the House foyer after Question Period


Three highlights from this afternoon’s post-Question Period scrums:

1. NDP MP Paul Dewar on the Supreme Court’s ruling on Métis lands: You know, instead of the government constantly going to the Court to delay, what has to happen is that they sit down with the Métis and hammer out some form of agreement. The government’s just continuing to drag their feet on it. This isn’t just with the Métis question, of course. This is also treaties, the relationship with First Nations, with Aboriginal and Inuit to some degree, as well.

2. Conservative MP Greg Rickford on the Métis ruling: We feel very confident that we’re going to continue to work hard to improve the lives of Métis people across Canada. We have a strong presence in our caucus of Métis members and so I think what today’s decision signals is that, in the absence of a specified remedy in the decision, to ensure that the legislature continues to work on improving the lives of and policy related to Métis populations across Canada. 

3. Rankin on the importance of a balanced budget by 2016: It’s not prudent if there are people who are suffering as a consequence of their decisions. In general, everybody is in support of prudent measures to be taken, and a balanced budget is certainly something we all should strive for. But at what cost?

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The scrums: Métis lands, balanced budgets

  1. I watched the Conservative Thinkers… last night and All that I saw was Jason Kenney seeking to enlist Canadian immigrants and religious individuals on their side but when the first Canadian Immigrant lady addressed them and asked about the Conservative party’s record having spent the most ever… THEY were NOT IMPRESSED with her question. Do they think woman immigrants are stupid? As far as Jason Kenny- he must love to belittle people and definately has a hate for the media. Their values are worth but words of deceit; their respect , well, it is self served, Then Bernier states “Canadians want to keep their money in their pockets, well, we know that it is the Conservatives who continually manipulate the programs in order to manipulate the system in order to TAKE MONEY. EVER since Harris, they have been TAKING FOM CANADIANS. Harris with the welfare – taking out of children and low income families mouths, and with the Family Responsibility taking from these so-called dead beat parents, even when they are not- and then keeping so much of this money and then giving only a specific amount to the parent. They then took from our Income Tax and give payments only… Now, with their prize INCOME SPLIT- they do, as claimed last night “take from some to give to others.” My partner is losing $188.13 a month and my former husband is losing $157.17 a month so that I receive $264.23 a month. I applied LAST SEPTEMBER, I received a letter dating February 4th telling me I was to recieve $333.15 and retroactive pay of $1328.78 while my partner received a letter telling him his Guaranteed income has been reduced from $521.28 to 333.15 and that he now has to pay back $879.22. It was on February 21 that they sent me the second letter lowering my entitlement from $ 333.15 to $264.23 and retroactive pay of $ 264.23. Do the math and see how much theiving these CONSERVATIVE are actually doing! THEY ARE NOT PAYING ME MY PENSION- THEY ARE TAKING FROM MY PARTER AND EX_HUSBAND …I have yet to receive a penny. As for Ron Paul. I did not notice that he got standing ovation but what I do know is that if it were up to him, he would outlaw abortion. The United States can keep him.
    I beleive that our new Canadian Immigrants are smarter than to fall for their words of deceit
    What angered me the most is BERNIER saying that our poor are 2 times as rich as in those other countries. Deceitful person, how can we compare our poor to those in third world countries
    NEVER would I vote for a party as despicable and underhanded as the Conservatives. They do know how to fill their pockets and Harper sure has been building his in-house power, yet they speak of making our government smaller. Do I need to say more. I beleive that Canadians and new Canadians immigrants are smarter than these deceitful individuals,..

  2. How can giving any one sector of society preferential treatment over another sector create “unity”? Justin Trudeau’s father rightly said that the Indians had no right to land claims because the lost the war.

    • There was no war. If by some alternate universe theory can you please name the war so I can set my records straight