The seductive status quo -

The seductive status quo


Keith Martin takes his health care campaign to the other national newspaper.

Health care has been used for too long as a political stick to club those who would like to modernize our system. Some have found it too seductive to wrap themselves up in the status quo, suggesting that this is the route to prevent Canada from adopting an American-style system, which has poorer health outcomes at a higher cost.

These same people make a profoundly flawed statement that our health care system defines ourselves as Canadians. They have trotted out the pervasive myth that Canada has “the best health care system in the world.” This, however, has been a big lie, often rooted in political expediency at the expense of patient care.

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The seductive status quo

  1. Strawmen Begone!

  2. Stunt? Talking policy to a reporter is a stunt?

    Well, no fear of a Harper backbencher escaping the muzzle and saying anything to anybody.

    Also – what positive publicity, exactly? It’s a fairly dry policy discussion. Everything I’ve seen has been a continuation of that policy discussion. This is what pols are *supposed* to do and what reporters are supposed to do.

    Talk about a grievance industry, what a bunch of whining from Lib Fail.

  3. Well said Lib!