The Senate asserts itself to take on sports gambling


The Canadian Press and the Globe report that the sports betting bill is headed for defeat in the Senate.

“There’s certainly a real effort to defeat the bill,” said Conservative Senator Bob Runciman, who is sponsoring the legislation in the Senate but describes himself as an “unenthusiastic” supporter. “A number of senators in the Conservative caucus are adamantly opposed to the bill.”

The former Ontario cabinet minister said there are several reasons why senators oppose the bill – including personal feelings about gambling and concern about the lack of debate the bill received in the House. But Mr. Runciman suggested there are other factors motivating the resistance. “Some people see this as an opportunity to send a message that we’re alive and well,” he said. “It’s going to be an interesting period of time dealing with this bill.”


The Senate asserts itself to take on sports gambling

  1. Maybe the opposition parties should take a page out of the Conservative playbook: These senators are advocating for organized crime. (I don’t believe that…I think they are just ignorant to the fact that single-game betting exists and is largely run by large betting houses outside our borders and/or by organized criminals inside our borders. But what’s good for the goose is good for the Wallin, I always say.)

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