The shouting continues


Bal Gosal was interrupted again this morning.

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The shouting continues

  1. He can always work for FREE………………..

  2. Good for the doctors; the cons are going to get white coat syndrome very quickly. They’ll want to know if there’s a doctor in the house before they start their speeches. I applaud the doctors for doing this, and I hope they keep the heat on all summer. He certainly succeeded in hijacking that event — I hope all summer long, all the news stories show these disruptions instead of the stupid photo opp announcements they are making.

  3. This comment was deleted.

    • Cons can’t debate or argue for toffee…..they just pretend to be me….and lie.

  4. It sure would be great to see a balanced news story by an educated journalist willing to fact check on exactly how many Canadians do not have value-added healthcare benefits…eye glass coverage, prescription coverage and dental coverage. This is exactly what the federal government is taking away from refugees. In my practice, I know there are many. They are not the people on welfare or permanent disability but rather those who are working poor or those who got ill and lost their jobs and their benefits. This is not just a refugee issue. The feds are right, they are offer a level of service equal to that being offered by all Canadians by their provincial counterparts.

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