The sketch: Stephen Harper stumbles and Mike Duffy gives us more

‘Wait, there is even more’


Sean Kilpatrick/CP

Around 3:20pm, the robed clerk on the left side of the long table that sits in the Senate’s middle aisle stood to signal to the Speaker that the honourable senator presently on his feet in the far left corner of the room had run out of time. And so even though the senator had not yet finished with his speech, the Speaker was compelled to interject.

“I regret to inform you that your fifteen minutes has expired,” the Speaker told Mike Duffy, the independent senator for Prince Edward Island.

Andy Warhol did not foresee Mike Duffy. Nor, presumably, did Mr. Warhol offer his theory on the nature of fame with any understanding of the Senate’s rules for debate.

“Are you prepared to ask the chamber for more time?” the Speaker asked. “Is more time granted, honourable senators?”

There was sufficient agreement in the chamber and so Mr. Duffy, in his way, with words italicized and exclamations added for emphasis, spinning a yarn for all those listeners out there, was allowed to continue making a mess of everything. He had come here, he said, directly from the local heart institute. He doctors had warned him that these proceedings were toxic for his heart. But here he was. Teasing out his story.

“We have more to come,” he said when he was afforded another five minutes. “We have more to come.”

By then he had already attacked the investigation of his expenses. He had named two of the lawyers he alleges to have been involved in the agreement with Nigel Wright. He had claimed that Mr. Wright had arranged with the Conservative party’s lawyer to have that lawyer, Arthur Hamilton, pay Mr. Duffy’s legal fees.

“One cheque from Nigel Wright? No, ladies and gentlemen: there were two cheques, at least two cheques,” Mr. Duffy reported. “The PMO, listen to this, had the Conservative Party’s lawyer, Arthur Hamilton, pay my legal fees. He paid for my lawyer—Arthur Hamilton, a cheque, $13,560. That is right, senators: not one payment—not one payment, but two.”

There had been gasps in the room at this.

He had said he suspected that the money to cover the cheque had come from the Conservative party—”the base’s money … to make this all go away.” He had said that Mr. Wright had objected to some action of Marjory LeBreton, government leader in the Senate at the time.

“But there is more,” he said.

He said his discussion with the Prime Minister and Mr. Wright on February 13 was not a casual encounter, but an arranged meeting. He repeated that Mr. Harper had told him the Senate’s rules were “inexplicable to our base.”

“Wait,” Mr. Duffy said. “There is even more.”

He recalled how he had said he took out a loan from the Royal Bank of Canada to cover the repayment of his expenses.

“That line about RBC was part of a script written for me and emailed to me by the PMO,” he declared.

Apparently he’d only ever used a line of credit from the RBC to renovate his cottage in Cavendish.

“The millions of Canadians who voted for Prime Minister Harper and the thousands of Tories gathering in Calgary this week would be shocked to see how some of these people, some of these Tories, operate,” Mr. Duffy ventured. “They have no moral compass. Oh, they talk a great game about integrity, but, in my experience, they demonstrate every day that they do not understand the meaning of the phrase ‘the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.’ ”

At 3:25pm, the robed clerk stood again. Mr. Duffy was nearing his conclusion, having invoked King John’s Magna Carta, John Diefenbaker’s Bill of Rights, the rule of law, due process and the premise of fundamental justice.

“This is a case for the history books,” Mr. Duffy ventured. “What will history say of you, honourable senators, after this vote?”

With that he thanked his colleagues and asked permission to table an assortment of documents—an email from Mr. Wright suggesting Mr. Duffy had not violated the rules around expenses, a copy of a cheque for $13,560 from Mr. Hamilton, an exchange of emails over something Ms. LeBreton had done and a two-page memo on the nature of senatorial residence.


If Mr. Duffy is the proverbial bull in the proverbial china shop, Mr. Harper was today a man who clumsily stumbled into his own display of cups and saucers.

In this case it was the word he used to describe how Mr. Wright had come to be separated from the Prime Minister’s Office that sent everything crashing to the floor. “He was dismissed,” Mr. Harper told a Halifax radio host. Except, Mr. Wright was previously said to have resigned. (And that, of course, had happened some four days after Mr. Wright’s payment to Mr. Duffy had been revealed and after Mr. Harper’s office had conveyed Mr. Harper’s confidence in Mr. Wright.)

Thus was poor Paul Calandra, the Prime Minister’s unlucky parliamentary secretary, compelled to stand in Question Period this afternoon and attempt to sidestep questions about which version of Mr. Wright’s exit was most accurate.

“Mr. Speaker, what is clear is that Nigel Wright has accepted sole and full responsibility for his actions. He knows that what he did was wrong and it was inappropriate,” Mr. Calandra dutifully reported. “He also knows that it would have been smart to let the Prime Minister know this and it was wrong that he did not. Had the Prime Minister known of this he would have, of course, never accepted it. Nigel Wright no longer works in the office of the Prime Minister.”

At least that last sentence seems definitively true. Everything else is rather wobbly—Was Mr. Duffy threatened with expulsion? On what basis did Mr. Harper once assure the House that no one in his office was aware of what Mr. Wright had done? Some of it perhaps always was wobbly—Mr. Duffy’s assignment to represent Prince Edward Island, the claim that Mr. Wright had only made a deal with Mr. Duffy so that the taxpayer would be reimbursed, the notion that the Senate needed to act now to suspend Mr. Duffy, Patrick Brazeau and Pamela Wallin.

On Thursday, it was a Conservative backbencher and a former president of the Conservative party who suggested the motions were an abuse of power. On Friday, it was the government leader in the Senate who wobbled, telling Mr. Brazeau that he might help himself by apologizing. On Sunday, Claude Carignan speculated that both Mr. Brazeau and Ms. Wallin could receive lighter sentences. And then today, another Conservative backbencher and another senator suggested the motions were unduly harsh. And now it is unclear how the Conservatives in the Senate will move forward.

Standing in for the Prime Minister this day, Mr. Calandra suggested several times that the three senators might apologize—seemingly a new addition to the government’s demands. And he bravely accused the Liberal senators of “blocking accountability.”

On Thursday afternoon, Mr. Harper and Mr. Calandra combined to utter variations on the word “clear” some 17 times. Friday morning, over the course of that day’s Question Period, Mr. Calandra managed to commit the word to the official record no less than 32 times (the NDP’s Alexandre Boulerice woefully under-reported the rally today as a mere 29). This afternoon, Mr. Calandra spoke the word another eight times.

It is perhaps the Prime Minister’s favourite adjective. He has spoken it in the House some 517 times in the House of Commons since he became prime minister, 89 of those utterances in the 2013 so far.

It is a good word. A reassuring word. But it is not applicable to much of anything here. Though perhaps if the government insists on saying it enough, it can wish it into reality.


When Mr. Harper next turns up in the House, he will now have something else to explain.

When the Senate resumed at 8pm after its customary break for dinner, Mr. Duffy was not in his seat and the upper chamber was quickly adjourned for the day. We can thus only wait to see when he might appear again and what he might have to say then. We can probably only assume that there will be more.


The sketch: Stephen Harper stumbles and Mike Duffy gives us more

  1. The great thing about appointing a media star to the Senate is they make good fundraisers because they know how to milk a narrative.

    The bad thing about appointing a media star to the Senate is they make convincing arguments because they know how to milk a narrative.

    • And the media star really is more entertaining than stone faced Harper and his herd of talking point parroting seals. It must really bother the smoke and mirrors photo op crew that they are being out “entertained”.

  2. Mr. Harper is a liar. Snow melts, the sun is hot and rocks are hard. Is any of this news?

  3. Let me be clear, fellow Canadians. Harper is obviously a liar, a cheat and a sore bugger.

    • You keep using that word [clear]; I do not think it means what you think it means.

      • Who keeps using that word, me or Harper? If it’s me, no, I don’t. If it’s Harper, yes, he does, and in his mouth it means what it doesn’t mean and vice-versa. Obviously.

        • Actually, it was a rather clever quote from a movie – The Princess Bride

          • Oh. Never saw the movie, that’s why I didn’t click. Now the comment makes sense, or should I say, is clear.

      • “Contrariwise,’ continued Tweedledee, ‘if it was so, it might be;
        and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn’t, it ain’t. That’s

  4. The CONServative mantra is REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT over & over & over again. ‘clear’s’ name in their hands has become mud.

  5. LOL I wasn’t expecting the free steak knife offer….but there is apparently ‘more to come’!

    I’m sending out for more popcorn….and Wherry?….you’re a terrific journo!

    • Duffy said there was 2 cheques, at least???? Does that mean there are more to come….You might need a large popcorn at this rate…He also said ‘ he never saw Nigels cheque for the $90,000 or he would have a photo copy of it??? So how do we know a cheque was even issued? How do we know the books were not just fiddled and the 90,000 was just somehow wrote off..There is more to come for sure. I wonder who will play all the roles when they make the movie

      • Yeah, that ‘at least’ implies there are more than the two we now know about.

        And Nigel was supposed to be such a respectable religious type!

        They are announcing the EU trade deal details tomorrow and hoping that changes the channel on the scandals…..but I’m sure we can all handle 2 topics.

        Maybe I should start buying popcorn by the case? Heh

        • Respectable? I am starting to wonder if I fell onto another planet. I cant see anything respectable about this whole mess.. I cant see any body even thinking about the eu deal. All I am hearing is complaints about when they are coming around for fund raising. I know a lot of people who wont be able to find their cheque books. No cheque book means no donations. Now we all want to know where the 3.2 Billion is that they cant find and how Flaherty has managed to find a 7billion extra in the budget deficit. Can anybody in Ottawa count.. Maybe we should all volunteer to help them find our money. Now that would be interesting

          I think you should order a few cases of popcorn. Could be a long winter..Hell to winter in florida, This looks more interesting. They keep saying the public are not interested and are confused..I think the public are any thing but confused. I bet Duffy will haul out more receipts and email Thursday.

          Maybe they Could they prorogue the convention.

          I wonder what else Wallin has up her sleeve.

          • Yeah, ‘respectable’ isn’t what it used to be.

            The media will have to report the eu deal, but the sectors involved and the provinces already know what’s in it….so unless the general public is keen, which seems unlikely…………

            Con finance is an amazing thing….money disappears and reappears and disappears and….. but no one seems to think this odd! Flaherty probably has a massive debt hidden up his shirt sleeve like he did for Ontario. It’ll take us years to pay that off.

            If they all owned property in their areas….and they all did, and if their expense accounts were all okayed, and they seem to have been….although I’m losing track here….then the PM doesn’t have a case….but these bombs everyday are very enlightening.

            This convention should be something….! Probably armed guards to prevent the media from hearing anything!

          • Just spoke to sister in law in Edmonton and boy is she hostile. I think she is ready to organize the pensioners out there into a revolt. She assures me they are all now dealing with memory loss and cant find the cheque books..Harper looked stressed today. Wright not only got pushed under the bus today, he got dragged out from under and thrown in front of a freight train..I wonder when he will open up his mouth..Duffy could be mild if Wright talks..I think they are all hoping we get confused. Not a hope…Armed guards to keep the old conservatives from throwing rotten eggs. It just stinks.

          • LOL The PMO seems to feel if they suspend the 3 of them, that everyone will forgive and forget the rest of the mess. Of course we don’t know how many other senators are doing the same thing but haven’t been named yet!

            Yes, I hope Wright talks…if he has been applauded as an upright Christian….then he should come clean about all of it.

          • LOL Lets see how upright he is or UPTight he is. Somehow I dont think too many of us old cons are going to forget this..Somebody said in parliament today that Stewart Olson has got 60 odd thousand in wrongful payments.. I am sure one of many..Brazeau might come out looking like a saint.

          • Well I was PC for 30 years….this is not remotely the same party, and I hope they’re sent to the wall over the mess they’ve made out of things.

            ‘Wrongful payments’…..seems to be a lot of that going around.

            Yeah, may turn out Brazeau is the good guy in all this. Wouldn’t THAT be a kick in the pants?

          • This is now like the Tea Party and the Republicans and we can see the mess they have. Worst part is Harper has a majority and they all seem to be like bauble heads and the women are like a bunch of barbies. This is scary.

            I keep hoping that some of those senators Harper put in will grow a spine. Maybe they will figure out how they have been used and go rogue on him. Now that would be one for the books.

            Brazeau could be one of the cleaner ones. Just hope he dont loose it and punch some bodies lights out..LOL

          • Agreed….Cons took over the PCs like the Tea Party is taking over the Republicans….and they all seem to be wacko bobble heads and barbie dolls.

            I don’t think any of it have it in them to grow a spine though….they just parrot the party line.

            Yeah, Brazeau has other problems so you never know what he’s going to do….seems nice enough, but a loose cannon

          • I saw Brazeau on power and politics the other night..He handled himself not to bad. He never denied that he had other issues. He did say quiet casually that Lebreton does not like First Nations people. It was such a casual comment I nearly choked on my coffee. Evan Solomon did a double take and asked if he had heard him right. Yea he had heard right..Her highness immediatly sent an email to Solomon that she thought her comment about him being an experiment gone wrong was a mispeak. Funny how it took her months to correct that. The national is really going to town tonight about Harper really throwing Wright under the bus today (28 times)..Now they are all waiting for Wright to say something. Consensus appears to be that Harper is trying to discredit Wright before he speaks. I wonder if they think Wright might validate what Duffy has said.. Gee would that be a bombshell..Shock and Awe more like it

          • ‘An experiment gone wrong’…..yes that was quite awhile ago….I’d forgotten it. I doubt it was any mispeak though. Good thing she doesn’t need to be elected…!

            Oooh I’d love to have Wright announce another bombshell but I think he’s had too much Koolaid to speak up. Unless Harper goes too far….then maybe he’ll have had enough….

            I don’t understand this extreme loyalty to one man….what about concern for the country….and the truth?

          • I dont think I would take to kindly to somebody calling me an experiment gone wrong.

            If Wright dont talk up I am sure his family and friends will. I think Harper has went to far yesterday, wonder what he will do today.

            Harper seems to be blaming every body and any body EXcept himself.

            The country doesn’t appear to come into this equation. Neither do Canadians. Seems that we re all dumb and ignorant and dont even understand the problem..The only thing we are supposed to do is go to work and pay the bills and shut up..Nice to be thought of in this manner.

            I think this convention could be hilarious…I am getting all my chores done so that I can watch it on tv. I hope my sister in law and all her old cronies are not to noisy. If need be I will bail her out..LOL At 79 I dont think she will hold any thing back

          • Amazes me how humans can treat other people as sub-human somehow, and then expect they’ll be nice about it.

            Yes, I hope someone comes to Wright’s defence….if he won’t speak up for himself, someone should.

            The good of Canada….it never seems to be the focus….it’s always the good of the party or the good of the leader…..but no one thinks about the nation and it’s future. Canadians only get something if the govt needs their vote….not because it’s a good thing for Canadians.

            Bail money? Oh this should be good! LOL

        • “respectable religious type” – please define term.

          • Well I think he’s high Anglican….so is at least expected to adhere to the basics. Being nice to people, donating money, not lying….the guy who lives next door to Homer Simpson…that type.

  6. Neither Harper or the PMO (without his knowledge) are allowed to instruct the Cons in the Senate – Duffy had an email from Wright on this very topic.

    • I dont think they let the 50 odd senators Harper brought in know that they are supposed to think with their own minds..I think that is missed on instruction manual

  7. For some unknown reason I was attacked when I told the truth about Harper’s honesty before last election. I wrote over and over again that only good government would be very narrow minority for Harper to give time Liberals need to get new leader.

    • Cons do that. Along with red herrings, humbug urls, personal attacks and wild theories.

      Libs have a new leader now…onward and upward

      • So have the NDP – one with everything the Libs have (except the unruly hair) and a lot more experience and legal training — which seems a necessity considering the Cons.

        • Canadians haven’t wanted socialism for the last 60 years….I doubt they do now.

          • Canadians don’t want a government who will clean up government really after 146 years of yin and yang it’s time for change a real change.

            Where is flowing locks at today what photo op is occupying his time?

          • That kind of silliness is why people don’t take Dippers seriously.

      • We had Bad Liberals and now they are gone – Now we have bad Conservatives – Guess what I want to happen now? – I want them gone as well – No government no matter which party has the right to lie to voters – END of story

        • We’ve had bad Dippers too.

          There is no magic Andrew

          • But there ARE consequences, Bwahahaha!

  8. About now, Harper is no doubt asking himself, “What would Putin do?”

    • Shirtless hunting of large animals?

      • On please just don’t go there.

        • OK. How about a concert with Miley Cyrus at the NAC? He hasn’t played the music card for quite a while…

          • Everything he touches seems to end up in trouble with the law. Poor Biebs, he was such a nice kid.

          • Excuse me while I barf.

          • How’s that hockey book launch going?

          • OMG. You are good. How indeed can they launch that now? Harp would have to meet and talk to people — and rely on media for book promo. Oh, the best laid plans of mice and men … this all was meant to have been a carefully orchestrated victory among victories, and all ‘just in time’ for the Calgary convention.

          • As long as he isn’t the hammer – or whatever it was.[shudder]

    • Don’t go there please. One thing I know i don’t want to see is to see a stripped off Harper cavorting around making a display of his manliness…or showing us how big his er, fish is.

    • And he’ll act on, What Would Palin Do?

      • Shirtless hunting of large animals.

    • So what! What it doesn’t say is that same 73% believe Harper is telling the truth.
      Not even a halfway good try at deflection Wilson.

    • Keep telling yourself everything is just fine. I am sure all this will be out of the way by Friday.

    • Of course, just like partisan-trash, you are selective about what you claim as “truth”:

      Two-thirds of Canadians, or 65 per cent, “disagree” that they believe the prime minister. Albertans are most likely to believe the prime minister (52 per cent), while Atlantic Canadians are the least likely to believe the prime minister (28 per cent).

      An overwhelming majority of respondents, 81 per cent, said they “agree” that the “government should have a public inquiry” into the Nigel Wright-Mike Duffy deal, while just 19 per cent “disagree.”

      The poll also found that 33 per cent of Canadians “approve” of how Harper “has performed in managing the Senate issue,” a figure that is actually up 3 points since last July. About 67 per cent of Canadians “disapprove” of the prime minister’s handling of the scandal.

      Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/vast-majority-want-senators-suspended-immediately-without-pay-poll-1.1517839#ixzz2j5EsXW71

    • Yup. Harper is appealing to base (pardon the pun) vigilante justice. The man is bereft of ethics.

    • You must think all Canadians are as simple minded as Harper thinks his base is and that the rest of us are incapable of understanding that issues can be a little more complex than one dimensional. Sure Canadians may be pissed at the Senators for PARTICIPATING in the LARGER CONSERVATIVE SCAM of trying to defraud the taxpayer by passing off their election expenses, but that in no means takes away from the fact that these allegations are serious and what is alleged against Stephen Harper and his PMO is far more egregious.

    • From the same article, it seems that a large majority of Canadians think the Prime Minister is lying:
      “Two-thirds of Canadians, or 65 per cent, “disagree” that they believe
      the prime minister. Albertans are most likely to believe the prime
      minister (52 per cent), while Atlantic Canadians are the least likely to
      believe the prime minister (28 per cent).”

  9. A year ago Duffy was touted as “powerful weapon” in the CRAP arsenal. A proven communicator, a loyal party stalwart and firm believer in all that is good of Harper and all that is evil of the opposition. Popular with the base and truly beholden to the PM and the party elite. Yet he was thrown under the bus for what seem more and more like spurious reasons. There must be others in the CRAP hierarchy nervously looking over their shoulders, they now see that political expediency rules, loyalty and history mean nothing.
    Evidently, hell hath no fury like a partisan hack scorned. Pass the popcorn.

    • I wouldn’t call them spurious reasons…the guy was effectively expensing his cottage on the taxpayer’s dime, in addition to whatever inflated salary Senators pull down these days. Most people in the real world don’t get to expense their cottages.

      But, yes, popcorn. This is getting more enjoyable every day.

  10. Let me be perfectly clear…”I’m not a crook”.

    Made famous by another head of state who resigned after a cover-up.

  11. He had said he suspected that the money to cover the cheque had come from the Conservative party—”the base’s money … to make this all go away.” He had said that Mr. Wright had objected to some action of Marjory LeBreton, government leader in the Senate at the time.

    Some of it was the base’s money, no doubt about that. But also undoubtedly a lot of that money would be, of course, taxpayer’s money.

    • Yup. Double whammy. What did Harper say about the base being too dumb to understand?

  12. Stephen Harper isn’t looking as omnipotent these days.

    I think it is time for a resignation and if the Tories don’t call for it this weekend, they will see that what happened after Mulroney was only a sample. If the scam really is another attempt to subvert the election spending rules, they should be banned from being a party in any future elections.

  13. “…And he bravely accused the Liberal senators of “blocking accountability.”…”

    Yeah, that’s some balls alright. How could they block anything being out-numbered two to one?

    And what is it they’ve suggested? A senate committee where those called to testify are under oath. How is that not MORE accountable????

    If we didn’t realize it before, it’s CLEAR that the government can’t even properly define accountability.

    They’re making Chretien’s government look like it was run by boy scouts!

    • They can’t even define “few”.

    • If we didn’t realize it before, it’s CLEAR that the government can’t even properly define accountability.

      I’m pretty sure that they are completely aware of the definition of accountability…

  14. But wait there’s more! Order now and you get, not one, but 2 Senate cover-up cheques and a handsome carry case!

  15. On Harper’s ongoing use of the word “clear”, I am perpetually reminded of this famous quotation from The Princess Bride: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    • LOL. Great analogy!!!

  16. The wheels on the bus go round and round…

    • Second verse: The senators on the bus go … under the wheels, under the wheels, under the wheels.

  17. Your comments make it seem as if Mr. Harper was the one making fraudulent expense claims. Why is anyone giving air time to these scoundrels? How have they suddenly taken the high horse when it was their unconscionable behavior that started this whole mess?

    Aren’t we tired of our taxes going to support these overstuffed pigs at the trough? I am.

    • Yes, I agree that Canadians are sick of overstuffed pigs at the trough. But that does not mean we also need to know if our pm is lying to us, obfuscating evidence and process, and possibly using our money to not only uphold the pigs’ expenses — but to pay when they break the law too. Don’t you want to know — or does the buck just stop where the pm says it should stop?

    • That’s terribly myopic. The trough is filled by the government, and apparently this government was more than happy to encourage the pigs to dine, while they themselves do pretty much the same.

      Forest for the trees my friend, forest for the trees.

    • Nope, I believe we need the senate. It just needs to go back to working the way it was intended to work. Duffy is my hero, he has at least brought the attention of the whole country to focus on Harper, who is the real bad guy.

  18. I can almost hear the knives coming out of their scabbards to question Mr. Harper’s ability to effectively lead this Country.Will we see an Australian style palace coup? Let’s hope so. IMPEACH HARPER NOW!!

    • You say that now, but under that scenario who would end up sitting in the PM’s chair until a new CPC leader is formally selected?

      Would we be left with Prime Minister Kenney, PM Clement, PM Moore or PM Baird?

      Maybe it would it have to be someone without long term ambitions of being PM?

    • If only we could. Unfortunately we do not have the Australian system, where back-bench MPs can vote their leader out of power during a mandate, without an election being triggered.

      • ??? If you are saying that replacing a Prime Minister requires an election, you are so completely wrong, it actually boggles the mind. You should go out and pick up a primer on Westminster Parliamentary Government. (That’s what we have in Canada)

        • I would be extremely surprised if “replacing a Prime Minister requires an election” is what PK is saying.

  19. Let me get this straight. Duffy bills dubious expense claims to the tune of $90,000.00 that we the taxpayer have to foot. An independent study shows that this is in fact the case. Someone in the PMO’s offices gives aid to Duffy and reimburses him the $90,000.00. So now not only does Duffy spend money that was not his in the first place, but he gets rewarded another $90,000.00? Duffy has a lot of gall. If he has a problem with the $90,000.00 hush money he should not have accepted it and should have shouted from the mountain tops when it was offered to him. But he took the money… twice!!!

    • Yes, all of which was far more relevant before we discovered that the PMO itself encouraged senators to pad their expenses, encouraged senators to lie about it, helped them come up with some of the lies and used party funds to pay their legal expenses.

      On top of which, we now discover that PMO operatives use private emails–shielded from access to information laws–to conduct their illegal operations.

      Frankly, how anyone still thinks that Duffy’s the issue, when clearly the entire upper echelon of the current government is steeped in a corruption culture predicated on misleading Canadians, is beyond me.

      • Um, when the PMO encourage senators to pad their expenses? The fact that you have to create lies about this “scandal” goes to show how shallow it is.

        • The two page memo on expense claims that Duffy was sent, and then tabled yesterday in the Senate informed him that he did not have to actually live in the Province to make expense and per diem claims. You should not be so quick to call people liars and point your finger. That is how your boss in the PMO got nailed.

    • He ( Duffy) was told by his party and even submitted an e-mail to the fact that they thought he had not done anything wrong because of the vagueness of the rules of residence. The loan that Duffy got from the RBC was for renovations to his P.E.I. “Residence” I’ll believe Duffy all day long over anything that spews from the PM’s mouth because he is backing up what he has to say. Harper has been lying since the beginning and continues to do so.Harper has knowingly lied to Parliament and to the Canadian Electorate and deserves to be Impeached!

  20. A point of correction: The majority of a donation to a political party can be claimed on one’s taxes, i.e. you get most of it back at tax time. The money used to pay off Duffy’s expenses therefore, including his legal expenses, inevitably comes from the tax payer for the most part.

    So it’s not just the conservative “base” that ought to take umbrage with the way this party uses its funds, but the entire country.

    They have us coming and going people. It’s high time we see some real democratic renewal in this country, starting with the voting system.

    • First and foremost, get rid of party whips! We elect local people to represent local people, not to dance to the leader’s tune!!

      • That would do precisely nothing. The real problem is that a candidate’s nomination papers must be approved of by the party leader. If the boss controls whether you can get your seat next time, the only thing the party whip is doing is streamlining the process used to find out what the boss wants.

  21. Let me be clear: Prime Minister’s have too much power–we need to deal with this.

    We need to make the voting system more representative.

    We need to reform the senate so that it is non-partisan and meritoriously selected.

    We need to remove the rights of party leaders to determine who runs in a riding.

    If we did these things, I doubt you’d see such massively overpowered egos running the country.

    Time for a 21st century democracy. The 19th century one we have is simply beyond anachronistic at this point.

    • The ideas are great.. but the implementation.. that’s the tricky part. Especially the third one.

  22. Couldn’t stop crying after Duffy spoke yesterday about how those brutes in the PMO take turns defiling our fair lady Canada.

  23. dumb ass who would dothat

  24. The cheque(s) and exchange of emails prove that the PMO was involved in Duffy’s $90,000 repayment, with the underhanded deal. According to Duffy’s speech in the Senate, he had been made clear by Harper Conservatives of his eligibility for living
    expenses in Ottawa, and Harper worried about embarrassment to the Conservatives
    base and the PMO concocted the scheme.

    My question is that why did they have to worry about embarrassment, at the time? If they had told Duffy he was eligible to claim for those expenses, they could have come clean immediately — admit to the public that they had made the mistake; the party would have to pay the money back to the taxpayer and Duffy would have to stop claiming for living expenses. If they had not given Duffy the wrong information, then Duffy would have had to be solely responsible for paying it back. Either way, they did not need to arrange the underhanded deal. Was there something beneath the living expenses issue?

    • edit: To answer your original question: Beneath the living expenses was the problem of the regional requirement of the senate. If Duffy was not eligible for living expenses, then he was not a resident of PEI when he was appointed but of Ontario. But if Duffy was a resident of Ontario, then he would not have been eligible for the seat from PEI.

      But beyond this, I’ve said the same thing for a long time. If the CPC was ever willing to admit a mistake then they’d sway a hell of a lot of voters their way.

      But the truth seems to be that it is simply impossible for the current leadership of the CPC to admit a mistake was made. The fundamental belief seems to be that they themselves are perfect, and any misfortunes that happen are the result of the systems around them — whether that be the liberal stacked media, the liberal stacked courts, the liberal stacked scientific community, or the very very rare bad apple that happens to somehow get in with them, obviously through some form of deceit — and who’s probably secretly a liberal as well.

      The key feature of all of these: It’s never an accident.
      There’s always someone to blame. Someone who is “at fault”, usually deliberately.

      And if we get really philosophical, I think *this* stems from an underlying belief that life is essentially fair. That there is some sort of protector watching over us, and so bad things really don’t happen to good people. This makes them unable to admit any sort of accident, because that would imply that they’re not good people for this bad thing to have happened to them undeservedly.

      And this is what makes them so dangerous. If you can never admit to accidents, to making a mistake, the only way you’ll learn from them is through punishment being applied.. (which, when you think about it, ties in nicely to their approach to criminal sentencing)

      • Your explanation is logical. But, if the regional requirement of the senate led to the predicament of Duffy’s claims for living expenses in Ottawa, then it is not an accident; it is rather an error of judgment by Harper and the PMO. Not only ought they to repay the taxpayer $90,000, but also the PM ought to advice the GG to annul Duffy and Wallin’s appointments as they are in fact not residents of the provinces they represent (Duffy has been living in Ottawa, and Wallin has been living in Toronto). It would have been an unprecedented action, but Harper would have earned trust and respect from Canadians had he been honest with them.

  25. Somebody please start a petition: HARPER MUST RESIGN NOW!!! He is a liar & clearly disrespects the Citizens of Canada by his behaviour in the parliament (not answering direct questions… just repeating his “I clearly stated months ago…” BS) He thinks we are all stupid and don’t pick up on it & he thinks he can get away with it…

  26. Can we get this out of the national headlines already? Surely Canada has more important issues than a couple sketchy expenditures on the federal account.

    • Yes. We have the issue of our leader either lying to the Canadian people, or being so incompetent that he is unaware of when government lawyers are involved in aiding a coverup of sketchy expenditures.

      Oh wait.. that’s what’s in the headlines.

  27. Bruce. Carson. Harper brings serial fraudster, ex-con into the PMO as senior advisor. Gets caught. Blames staff for not properly vetting Carson. Assures the public he would never have appointed Carson had he know his background.

    Harper later recants. Admits he knew something of Carson’s chequered past. Thought the guy should get a second chance, the PMO as a rehab facility. Sort of like sending a wayward girl for rehab to a bordello.

    Wright-Duffy-Harper scandal, same scenario. Blame others and change your tune as inconvenient facts arise. We have a prime minister who considers truth of no moment to his office.

    • He is starting to really scare me. I get wondering sometimes about what is in his closet, or what kinds of backroom deals he has going on, and with whom. So much of what he does is just contrary to Canadian values, and I am thinking he must owe somebody big time who is pulling his strings. Same thing with the Alberta premier. I think they have their hands deep into some Chinese pockets, maybe, and are willing to do whatever is necessary. Harper has pretty much dismantled all that was worth being proud of in Canada.

  28. The prime minister instead attacked Duffy and portrayed him as a liar who has shown no remorse for his expense claim scandal.”He had been told by everybody he should pay it back. He had said he would pay it back. He had said he did pay it back. That turned out to be untrue,” Harper said of Duffy’s $90,000 bill to repay inappropriate expense claims. Harper’s former chief of staff, Nigel Wright, paid the bill. “The reality is Mr. Duffy has not paid a cent back to the taxpayers of Canada,” Harper said. “The fact that he hasn’t and the fact that he shows absolutely no regret for his actions and the fact that he has told untruths about his actions means he should be removed from the public payroll.” “He worked a secret arrangement with Mr. Wright…That’s why Mr. Wright is out of a job and that’s why Mr. Duffy should be too,” the prime minister said Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he “dismissed” chief of staff Nigel Wright over a $90,000 cheque that Wright gave to Senator Mike Duffy to cover Duffy’s questionable expenses, It’s “clear,” Harper said, that the three senators have “taken hundreds of thousands of dollars in inappropriate expenses,” and he wants the Senate to take “disciplinary action.”The Public demands justice and honesty.. The Conservative base itself strongly does not approve of seedy acts by Public and civil servants so a scorched earth approach will be the order of the day. It was a tangled web that has been woven by the bad Senators using their unacceptable practices of false denials, lies, distortions deception thus the Government cannot back down

  29. Three words:

  30. My Lord, how did we ever end up with Harper, the Canadian Alliance Leader, as Prime Minister of our Nation? His ultimate aim is to sterilize our ambitions to be a free open enlightened world society – instead, we should obey his right wing, orthodox, sexist, war waging, oil burning, polluting, gun toting, neo-con/tea party, safe living, “Sarah Palin” way-of-life….. After all that, I actually wish for our old Canada to return – can you believe it?

  31. Prime Minister Harper, I recall you saying that YOU yourself had reviewed Pamela Wallins expenses and did not see any problems, among many other false comments. You have proven your character assessment is very poor, if you want us to believe the problem is Nigel Wright, which is a problem for Canadians. We do not like being treated as ignorant. We are credible, intelligent and most of us try each day to work honestly and live honestly. Many Canadians are struggling to live pay-cheque to pay-cheque. Stop wasting our time and money on your lies. You have zero credibility. Please step down and leave politics!

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