The (slightly delayed) return of Parliament -

The (slightly delayed) return of Parliament

And here is everything you need to know


We are now but days away from the start of the second session of the 41st Parliament of Canada.

To celebrate, we’ll be posting several new assessments of what has been and what will be. And, in case you’ve missed anything, we’ve re-posted today a bevy of stories, columns and features from the past few months. You can follow along through the Maclean’s Politics hub or through the tag “Back to Parliament.”

The official business of Parliament resumes on Wednesday afternoon with the Speech from the Throne and we’ll have our first Question Period since June the following day at 2pm.


The (slightly delayed) return of Parliament

  1. Is Dean Del Maestro required to appear in handcuffs this session?

    • Apparently, he will be in cuffs. The sin that he committed in the last election where he used an extra 20 odd thousand of his own money for advertising in the campaign can only be forgiven by the cuffs.

      It has also been agreed that several former Liberal MP`s will symbolically appear in cuffs on the opening of Parliament. These Liberal MP`s had the good sense not to use their own money to aid in their re-election in 1997 and 2000, however, through the funneling millions of public dollars during the Sponsorship Scandal, they managed to even fool Elections Canada for a number of years.

      We need to thank good citizens like yourself who are always vigilant, but do keep in mind that even those who steal taxpayer monies to help in campaigns should be prosecuted as much as those who use their own resources.

      • Or we could throw Brian Mulroney in jail for accepting cash in a paper bag, but that is all ancient history. We are talking about the here and now and we have the abilities to correct our past mistakes so why don’t we.
        Whatever happened to our PM’s comments about if you lie or cheat then you will be punished? I guess that was the old PM and this is the new. No wondre the are proroguing.

        • Sorry, just using a little history to give us some perspective.
          But I do agree with you that Harper should remove from caucus those who would make mistakes like a Duffy or a Del Maestro. When you check to see if they have been removed from caucus you may also want to see if Chretien kicked anyone (including himself ) out, for their role in Sponsorship.

          • That is fine with me but remember that Harper was elected based on the fact that things would be different under his watch. Are they?
            According to you he should be judged on the same standards as prior PM’s, but he claimed that he would raise the bar and the standards. Therefore it is not correct to compare him with past PM’s.

          • I don’t recall Chretien running on a platform that said “I’ll be sleazy, so when I act in a sleazy manner, you can’t accuse me of breaking a promise not to be sleazy.” Just sayin’.

          • Mistake? Since when was intentionally breaking the law a mistake?

            Remember when conservatives were about being accountable for their actions? Good times, good times…

          • Let’s go back to the Pacific Scandal.

      • Ya. So this guy stabbed someone and only severely injured him. Since he did not kill him, and other people do kill people, and don’t get caught for it, no one can ever complain about the guy who didn’t kill his victim.

        Let us know when you have proof; actual, real proof, that liberal MP’s committed crimes and got away with it. I hear Harper was hoping to prosecute them so I am sure he could use your help.

        But that was a real nice deflection – why should we ever talk about the crimes committed by the CPC, or its MP’s, when saying “sponsorship” makes it all go away….

        Remember when conservatives were about being accountable for their own actions? Good times, good times…

    • Also Frank, while you`re on the prowl for those who would use public funds to aid in their re-election, could you save a few of those cuffs for McGuinty and crew who increased the Ontario budget by a billion dollars during the last election by cancelling two gas plants in order to buy 5 seats for their minority government.
      Thanks now.

      • I’ll go along with that. Though if memory serves me correctly Hudak promised to do the same (and promised it first) so I find his righteous indignation just a tad hypocritical…

        • Sure. Cuff Hudak too, but first give him a couple of those Liberal seats.