The spectre of Stephen Harper


Brian Topp links Conservatives to the decline in voter turnout and explains how to beat them.

“Yes Jack took them on, and we have to keep taking them on—right between the eyes, right at them,” Topp stated. “But he never attacked the Conservatives without also making a positive proposal. A propositional attack. And so when women and young people and working people listened to Jack, they thought this guy is offering me something better.”

For those scoring at home, a flyer distributed by the Topp campaign at the Toronto debate last week presented Mr. Topp as someone who could “go toe to toe” with Stephen Harper, “take on” Stephen Harper and also “beat” Stephen Harper.


The spectre of Stephen Harper

  1. Decline in voter turnout all Harper’s fault? 
    Did Topp’s war room not tell him that voter turnout INCREASED in 2011….. and gave PM Harper a strong stable majority government?


  2. “”So what’s the Conservative playbook?” Topp asked. “It’s to get people angry, to divide them from each other, and to persuade the people not to vote. That’s what their negative ads are all about. They don’t call their negative ads ‘negative ads’. They call them voter suppression.”

    Wall St Journal ~ Why Ignorance Is Democracy’s Bliss: 

    Why are democracies so vibrant even when composed of uninformed citizens? According to a new study led by the ecologist Iain Couzin at Princeton, this collective ignorance is an essential feature of democratic governments, not a bug. His research suggests that voters with weak political preferences help to prevent clusters of extremists from dominating the political process. Their apathy keeps us safe

  3. It always seemed to me that pointing out faults should be enough.

  4. What revisionist nonsense. Jack Layton never attacked the Conservatives. His only target in four elections were Liberals, not Conservatives. He set out to create a Tory government, and he accomplished it. You can count on one hand the number of NDP gains at the expense of Tories, anywhere in this country. To say he “took them on” is pure nonsense. The NDP campaign relied heavily on voter suppression tactics aimed at unseating Liberals. And he was successful. The results speak for themselves.

    • The zinger Jack threw at MI during the debate about why he was such a no-show in the HoC was priceless, lol!

      • And the ad that showed Michael Ignatieff looking like a clueless puppet in front of the Parliament buildings.

        But, of course, the NDP never goes negative.

  5. “Mr. Topp as someone who could “go toe to toe” with Stephen Harper, “take on” Stephen Harper and also “beat” Stephen Harper.”
    I think you should first tell Mr. Topp to do something about his “body language”.  He does not pass off as being an intellectual.   He moves around like an octupus on steroids.  Point him to the direction of the camera instead of his constant body movement that does not coincide with his conversation.  

    As far as taking Mr. Harper on, I think he has a long way to go just to get people to listen to him let alone taking on Mr. Harper.   Apples and Banannas are not of the same stalk, and neither are these two people. 

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