The stump


Herein a small collection of videos, as posted by the respective campaigns, of the various leaders on their various stumps making their various appeals in these early days of the 41st general election.

First, Stephen Harper, who has decided to go without a podium or tie, but still uses a teleprompter.


Next, Michael Ignatieff, who is going without podium, tie or readily available script.

And finally, Jack Layton, who can go with or without neckwear.



The stump

  1. Wow…the Liberals are the only one's who can help new immigrants learn English. My. My oh my.

  2. 25 minutes of Harper? Is this an infomercial?

  3. Yes, this is an infomercial — for the opposition — designed to induce a catatonia in the Conservative base, lasting until late May. It could work.

  4. Mr. Harper needs to work on his smile – it doesn't involve his eyes. Mr. Ignatieff's smile encompasses his whole face and is so genuine.

  5. So no mingling with ordinary Canadians. No more than 4 questions a day at his single press conference per day. A teleprompter wherever he goes, whatever he says.

    This is how Harper connects to Canadians?

    This is how he applies for his job with us, his prospective employer?

  6. Ig can think on his feet and doesn't fear his audience.

    Harper needs more help. Without a script to follow and a PMO/staff firewall to filter out the uncomfortable questions and minimize the gaffes about his government record he could not effectively function.

  7. First hand reports of yesterdays Liberal rally in Richmond are very encouraging. Iggy has found his voice (as per someone who has heard him talk before) and is connecting big time. Big and enthusiastic crowd too.
    Oh .. and everyone was welcome – not just hand-picked props – like those attending Harper's photo ops.

  8. But cut Harper a break … it is hard to go without a script when you are lying all the time.

  9. Hey, conbot technology is only in it's infancy. It's amazing they have an ambulatory unit which can also speak, AND with a "relevant response to auditory stimulus" percentage in the double digits!

  10. I saw a comment yesterday that suggested Harper's handlers had forced glasses on him to hide his beady little eyes. And it seems his poll numbers improved after he donned the specs!

  11. Still needs work – on that funny walk for starters.

  12. I saw a comment yesterday that suggested that Layton`s handlers had forced him to have hip surgery and use a cane to hide his bowlegged strut.
    There—-do you see how stupid your comment is ?

  13. The media who follow the PM around may represent tedbetts but they do not represent " ordinary Canadians ".

  14. Well the Conservatives have cut funding for language training for new immigrants who arrive in Canada so that probably is the case.

  15. Who said they represent anybody, Blue.

    Harper is sequestering himself away from the public. Is that anyway to connect to Canadians? Is that anyway to apply for a job?

    I find that kind of cowardice a little surprising coming from Harper. Big, bold and angry when surrounded by supporters and not having to answer questions, but runs from scrutiny at first chance.

  16. It's not a walk, it's waddle. Kind of like how a reptilian would walk if they walked upright.

  17. Well, it seemed to me you were saying that Harper should connect with Canadians and apply for his job by cozying up to the media hordes. I am assuming you want Harper to mingle with the reporters so they can then spin their stories to their readers.
    Harper knows there are very few in the media that will give him a fair hearing so he goes directly to the people—it is probably more democratic that people make up their minds about voting that way then through the eyes of a biased media.

  18. By "fair hearing" I know you mean "regurgitate our messaging and branding as we tell them to". The media is not biased just because it doesn't cheerlead, just because it asks tough questions.

    You guys spend so much time whining over the so-called biased media. They have been Harper's biggest supporters for 7 years. Stop blaming others for your own problems. So typical.

    Hiding from the media is cowardly and undemocratic.

    But that is not the only thing I was talking about. Mr. Teleprompter is also screening questions, not mingling with ordinary Canadians, pre-selecting his audiences, etc.

    You can't connect to Canadians if you are actively trying to avoid them.

  19. I say that Mike Duffy represented Harper.

  20. I don`t think the conservatives are whining about the biased media—-like most of us they are just ignoring them. The media have chose a certain method of doing their jobs, whether it is that inaccurate report from Global yesterday about Shelley Glover or Keith Bogue`s idiotic report on last night`s National.

    It is not a matter of being cowardly or undemocratic ( that would imply the Media was the home of courage and democracy ), it is more about the people gaining their impressions of the different politicial personalities involved without the slanted interpretations of Keith Bogue and Global Winnipeg.

  21. harper is for people who are always afraid of what they don't know, and instead of getting informed, they just want reassuring words and the illusion of protection. Enter stephen harper.

  22. The Big Daddy PM.

  23. "Harper is Stability"?

    WTF? I've seen less obviously planted signs at WWE shows.

  24. You're assuming consistency is a virtue!

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