The system works, apparently


Jim Flaherty extols the virtues of our parliamentary system to an American audience.

Asked if his model for reducing corporate taxes could be extended to the United States, Flaherty told reporters a majority government made that easier but he acknowledged that he was able to get important policies passed even while the Conservatives had a minority mandate. In language that might surprise Canadians, Flaherty said the minority Conservatives were able to work with the opposition over the course of five years and implement fundamental policies, including tax reductions.

“One of the advantages that Canada has is we have a government that can make decisions,” he said. “We have a majority government. But even when we had a minority government, we were able to work with the opposition over the course of five years and implement the important policies, the fundamental policies that we wanted to follow.”

That’s a different view from the one the government appeared to take while in minority — at least publicly — when it often complained about obstructionism from Liberals and the NDP.

The relative efficiency of the Westminster model is something Fareed Zakaria has spoken fondly of in the past.


The system works, apparently

  1. The only thing that is at all consistent across all of this is that they will say anything to be in charge.

  2. In fact, one remembers Harper creating an unenforceable law to address the shortcomings of the system, then breaking it on the pretext that parliament had become “unworkable”.

    Conservatives lie, it’s what they do,
    they lie to me, they lie to you
    They lie about their respect for how government works
    while they exploit it to suit their extremist quirks.

  3. Canada appears content to become a second-tier socialistic country,
    boasting ever more loudly about its economy and social services to mask
    its second-rate status. Stephen Harper
    National Post, Dec. 8 2000 p. A18

    • In all my time on the internet, I would only ever want to meet you.

      •  Heh.  Smooch!

  4. So it appears a Con government has the power to re-define basic words in the English language, for example, the words “work” and “with” where the word “opposition” is an object of the preposition.

    •  Dude, we’ve always been at war with Eurasia.

      •  Help me out here: how’s this relevant to my comment?

        • Garneau would think you are not very bright.

        •  It’s  a quote from a book ‘1984’ by Orwell, that they used to teach in high schools…..about an era when language meant anything the govt wanted it to mean.

          It was called ‘Newspeak’

          Blue wants you to know he attended high school

          • And you`re not too bright either.

          • You didn’t attend high school? Sorry.

          • Well now, thanks for the edification. I must confess that I’m an avid reader of non-fiction almost exclusively. I read Animal Farm decades ago, but not 1984.

            The only fiction I’ve read in recent years is CPC election material.

          •  Ahhh…well I can’t say I recommend it….it’s one of those ‘gloomy future’ type books, but people quote from it….it’s where the phrase ‘Big Brother’ comes from….like an earlier generation quoted from Shakespeare or the Bible.

            I usually read non-fiction as well, but when I want a break I go for Star Trek novels….I can count on them to be upbeat about the future, and sometimes I need that.

  5. “The relative efficiency of the Westminster model…”

    Lord save us from those who would praise efficiency in politics. A dictatorship achieves the pinnacle of efficiency, and our weak Parliamentary system certainly allows an unscrupulous actor to achieve certain efficiencies. Neither of these efficiencies is a good thing.

  6. The good news? Tragedy + History always = Comedy Gold!

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