The tenor of our times -

The tenor of our times


The Conservatives have lately taken to trying to make funny quips based on the New Democratic Party’s initials. This morning, Conservative backbencher LaVar Payne tweeted his contribution.

May 17, wondering if the NDP should consider changing their name to National Dumb Party with statements by their Leader & other NDP MP`s.


The tenor of our times

  1. One can debate whether or not parliamentary debate was always this vicious. I think it’s fair to say it used to at least be more witty.

    • Now it’s more half-witty.

  2. Classy

  3. It could have been disastorous, except in a procedural turnabout, the NDP’s motion to enact an “I’m rubber you’re glue” day passed by a narrow margin. Although the CPC tried to counter in committee, the stamps-it-no-erasies clause was held by the speaker to be valid.

  4. I can think of some things to substitute for one of the Cs in “CPC”. But I don’t think my comment would get approved.

  5. As succulent as these bon mots are, I’d trade the hilarity for actual debate

    It’s hard to believe that LaVar is 67 years old!! SIXTY SEVEN!! I bet his depends hold better material than his “stand up”

  6. CPC – Civil People Cringe