The trouble with pharmaceutical abuse -

The trouble with pharmaceutical abuse


While Leona Aglukkaq writes to the provincial health ministers about OxyContin and prescription drug abuse, John Geddes questions the Harper government’s approach.

Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq might have a point when she argues that banning a generic version of OxyContin, as some provincial governments have urged her to do, would amount to unfairly taking aim at a “tempting political target,” while in the process ignoring proper procedure for approval of prescription drugs.

But if Aglukkaq is right that new versions of highly addictive controlled-release oxycodone should be allowed for the sake of patients who would benefit, she leaves open a bigger question: Why has Conservative policy stubbornly insisted on pretending that prescription drug abuse is an issue separate from the abuse of illegal drugs?


The trouble with pharmaceutical abuse

  1. Because some drugs are legal and some are illegal, and that’s because some drugs are ‘good’ and some are ‘evil’.

    And since we make it all up in the first place….yes, it’s all stupid.

    No drug should ever be banned, or be illegal. That is insane.

    People are able to abuse anything, but that’s no excuse to prevent others from having it.

    One aspirin can end a headache, a bottle of aspirins can end your life. Don’t blame the aspirin for that!

  2. In the states they have introduced this drug, commonly known as `hillbilly heroin`, in a form that is tamper proof. This means it cannot be crushed up and then either snorted or injected! It can only be swallowed. Tamper proof means you won`t be finding it sold on the street in anywhere near the amounts now happening because addicts aren`t interested in swallowing this drug. Ottawa isn`t interested in slowing down the introduction of more of this heartbreaker drug because it is not in Big Pharmas` best interests and as we all know, only Big Tar spends more money in Ottawa than Big Pharma. Big Pharma in Canada dosen`t want tamper proof Oxy..they want more addicts, more `customers`! And of course our politicians are happy to oblige.

  3. I figure time release locks (which could be made of biocompatible recyclable thermoplastics, an oil fraction) are an easy solution. The equivalent of a nurse at an old-folks home dispensing Abraham Simpson his pills daily.
    Reading a paper about agent based modelling and drugs is confusing. There is basically Clinical Trials, and basic research. The paper doesn’t delve into either; instead focusses upon private vs public. This whole mentality is wrong. To get ROIs, it depends on the efficiency of the actor and the environment of unturned stones. Market forces have trouble seeing the whole unflooded terrain and the distant maximam but that doesn’t mean teenage girls should determine who lives and who dies.

    • We don’t need godly knowledge. We need at least enough knowledge and aptitude to solve the Eternal Reoccurence set of events that occurs if we develop just enough technology to solve existing existential risks and the ones of the near future and the ones that emerge from the solutions”. This means we need to stop ice ages and The Bible is insufficient. This means we need to stop AGW and rich oil N.American leadership is irrelevant or hostile.

      Probably we want increased longevity and will have to watch out for tyrants hooked on 22nd century oxycontin. Our Liberals were the only actors on Earth who were for Afghanistan and against Iraq. They were good Sheppards because in the Province they were raised in, the TV wasn’t on Fox News.

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