The Trudeau attack mailout some Conservatives aren't going to let you see -

The Trudeau attack mailout some Conservatives aren’t going to let you see

More MPs decline to send out the flyer


To the previous tallies of Conservative MPs who say they won’t be using their office budgets to distribute the Conservative mailout attacking Justin Trudeau, you can add Scott Armstrong, Ron CannanPatricia Davidson, Joe Preston, Ed Holder, Susan Truppe, Gerald Keddy, Peter MacKay and Greg Kerr.


The Trudeau attack mailout some Conservatives aren’t going to let you see

  1. Backbenchers standing up and moving their lips whenever they want. Con MPs deciding on their own whether to send out party propaganda…yikes! What next? Will they be demanding bathroom breaks whenever they feel like it, without first submitting a memo to party HQ?
    At long last spring has arrived for the Conservative party. Congratulations ladies and gents. Breath the free air of free born men and women once again.

    Can we get on with governing this country for all Canadians now, or is that pushing just a bit yet?

    • Our little back bench is all grown up now, sob — just look, they’ve got big boy and girl pull-ups now.

      Also, not so fast. So far, Warawa has not managed to get his abortion discussion into the HoC, and if we’ve heard that about 20 con MPs won’t send out the flyers, that means about 140+ will. Harper is staying focused on jobs and the economy — focused on covering up news on jobs and the economy, that is.

      • On the bright side…that is most likely the smartest 20 mps they have.

      • I would imagine some are not doing it out of conviction that its below them, but rather that they occupy safe seats and therefore don’t need to expend any of their budget on this advertising: no need to preach to the converted.

        • Yes, but their constituents might also complain and say they don’t want their tax dollars spent on such things — a real Tory would not want money spent on that. It’s just the power-desperate apologists, even here, who get a thrill from the attack. Sensible, fair-minded people don’t believe in such things. And truly, the attack ads say more about Harper than they do about Trudeau.

          • I see your point. However, I am thinking of the places where (a) the conservatives seats are more than safe, where the CPC carried an absolute majority of votes, and (b) where among those conservative voters there is a visceral dislike of anything associated with Pierre Trudeau and thus would lap up anything negative about Justin Trudeau, however ludicrous their claims may be.

            In those places there’s little risk of backlash, so its possible their decisions were based on managing their own office budgets.

        • The MPs in question would NOT be spending a nickle of their “budget”, this is “extra” mailings that come out of the Parliamentary Budget. My take is that many are NOT necessarily feeling like they are safe – but have gotten negative pushback from their Constituents and are covering their backsides a bit.

  2. Still talking about the phantom attack ad that nobodies actually seen, and nobody seems to be sending out?

    • ” and nobody seems to be sending out”

      The plan was to send it in June, so of course its not sent.

    • No one has sent them out as news reports state that the mailout is going out June 1st.

      But I’m sure you already knew that.

  3. I guess the Speaker and Deputy Speakers (Con.) won’t be sending out the hate mail in question?