The Trudeau conundrum


The magazine has helpfully compiled some of the nasty letters generated by this month’s Trudeau profile.

And yet, for all the spitting and fury, that piece is the second most read political story—after our interview with the Prime Minister—on the website this month.

You despise him. But you can’t look away.


The Trudeau conundrum

  1. They’re spittin’ mad.

    Some people apparently don’t have enough real issues to get angry over.

  2. “You despise him. But you can’t look away.”

    hmmm, ru talkin about Justin or Steven?

  3. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. But i’m struck by how twisted out of shape people get over the Trudeau’s. More so those who voted for the man. Get over it, forgive yourselves or whatever. When are Canadians going to grow up? We give politicians far to much credit for everthing, both for good or ill.

  4. I read about him because I want him to fail and keep saying stupid stuff.
    Not that I don’t like him but when the MSM holds a guy high up and puts him on a pedestal, I want to watch the fall. Plus he is a Trudaeu, so the fall will be extra special.

    • If his father hadn’t succeeded you wouldn’t care less. Only in Canada is it the conservatives who most want to cut down the tallest poppies. Sad indeed!

      • –His father succeeded ?

        So I hear one of the Mulroneys wants to enter politics—-get yur choppin axes ready. Maybe you can start up a new Inquiry on the Dad—I just can`t get enough of that Paul Szabo.

        • Ah, William so predictable. It’s what i love about you. As to Trudeau’s success, well it’s a matter of perspective. For myself ,and i suspect the majority of Canadians, PET’s positives outweighed his liabilities. But i empathise William, cons seem to know the cost of everything and the value of nothing. As to mulroney, the more i see of SH the more i look back with something approaching respect. He didn’t have an honest bone in his body but compared to Steve he was a political genius.

        • I don’t know . . . I wouldn’t automatically dismiss Ben as a politician just because of his father.

          Do you all agree with everything your father’s ever said or done?

          The good thing about Justin (one of them, I think there are several) is that he realizes he isn’t his father, will never be his father, and isn’t about to pretend to be his father. PET was never my favourite politician. He’s grown on me (slightly) in the interim, I suppose as all politicians of the past do. But just because I thought his father was an arrogant jerk, it doesn’t mean I can’t judge Justin on his own merits. Thus far he’s just a junior MP but thus far, as a junior MP, he’s impressed me.

  5. “So any notion that this guy’s not got chops is BS.”

    How right you are. The whole government establishment can’t wait til he’s chewing on taxpayers azzes with those tremendous political chops of his. Get a real commie in there thrashing away at Canadians’ freedom and property and then position yourself to catch the cash that comes showering down. Crown corporations, special commissions and inquiries, new welfare spending, national unity initiatives, a bit of martial law, and loads of new, corrupt contracts to let out. It’ll be just like the Conservatives, only with more … style. For the children, of course.

    • With such a sunny disposition as yrs i wouldn’t wonder if no-one at all wanted to govern this country. Tell me were you ever happy with govt at any pt of your life?

      • When I was young and ignorant and living off tax subsidies I had no complaints … eventually I realized that everything they do is just a series of expensive annoyances and corrupt boondoggles. If no one at all wanted to govern this country then that would be a very good thing.

        Assuming you aren’t some kind of mandarin, federal cabinet minister or a well-connected crony, you would be a lot better off if you only had to deal with one or two small, weak and accountable levels of government instead of this incredibly large, powerful, greedy and many-headed monster.

        There is nothing good about any of the politicians and political parties which operate at the federal level because their only goal is to seize control of the many-headed monster and expand it in ways which will benefit themselves and their cronies. You may think that expanding the welfare state is good for you, but as I said, unless you’re one of the top dogs, it does no such thing.

        I am sunny and optimistic to the extent that I see signs that people like you are capable of seeing the country the way it really is, and forgetting about the fairy tale version you received in school.

        • I guess i understand why you choose to think the way you do, i just can’t make that sorta choice myself. For all the damage the feds do when i look at the bunch of old boy’s clubs and assorted cronyisim that is often on shameless display at provincial level, i take a more realistic and sober view of the fed govt and govt’s in general. Perhaps, like many Canadians you need a dose of 3rd world non-governance, it might brighten yr outlook? Empire building happens in any large cooperative organization, kinda like hair sprouting out of our ears , noses as you and i age. Don’t know about you but i’m not going to cut my nose off because i can’t stop the little buggers from sprouting.

  6. Oh that nasty green eyed monster called jealousy rears its ugly head so often?

  7. I still admire him for winning a hotly contested nomination fight and taking a seat away from the Bloc.

    He’s very easy to make fun of, and his videos are obnoxious, but he didn’t take the easy path in.

    That counts for something — or it ought to.