The Trudeau show -

The Trudeau show


Justin Trudeau speaks in Windsor, punches a guy in the face.

Hours before the barbecue Trudeau dropped in the Border City Boxing Club for a quick spar with Canadian amateur Josh Cameron, who is currently ranked second in his weight division.  They sparred for two rounds. “At first he caught me with a couple good ones and I was like, ‘OK this guy knows what he’s doing,’ Cameron reported. “He kept coming hard. I have a lot of respect for him as a person and a boxer.”

If Mr. Trudeau runs for the Liberal leadership, shouldn’t this be a regular feature of his campaign?


The Trudeau show

  1. The dandy pugilist is going to lead Libs to glory. Or not.

    • Yep. 50/50.

  2. Winning formulae or not, i like that lede into a comparison between Harper and Trudeau…TH’s doughboy vs genuine tough guy. Added bonus JT doesn’t have to say anything – which is sometimes when i get worried.
    Missed the link. Actually that wasn’t bad. Ok some will disimiss it as pure pablum and the usual suspects in the media will continue to cry “where’s the beef”? That’s part of their job i suppose. But he shows some signs of knowing how to frame an issue. I like the emphasis on the future, simplification of message, listening and looking for practical solution while respecting rights/process and so forth – so will a lot of other people. The guy’s going to be hugely polarizing whether he preaches a unity theme and gives off a kubiya vibes or not, so lets get it on. Policy specifics and all that stuff will hopefully come eventually.
    I think a lot of Tories and their media chums are making a mistake to underestimate the guy.