The unglorified government -

The unglorified government


Last night, the CBC aired the second part of Peter Mansbridge’s interview with the Prime Minister, including the following assessment from Mr. Harper of his government’s standing with Canadians.

My own sense is Canadians have gotten comfortable with this government. That doesn’t mean all Canadians agree with this government. Certainly many don’t. But I think most Canadians understand that we’re a government that is – whether they agree with us or not – reasonably confident, focused on real issues, on trying to make the country better, not trying to enrich or glorify ourselves.


The unglorified government

  1. Big change from the previous 10 years.

  2. Enrich (Adscam under the Chretien regime).

    Glorify (the Trudeau regime).

    Canadians just want a competent government looking after things. They don't want social engineering, they don't want cults of personality (both of which the left has an unhealthy predisposition towards).

    Which is why Harper will be in power for some time to come.

  3. I think most Canadians understand that we're a government that is – whether they agree with us or not – reasonably confident, focused on real issues, on trying to make the country better, not trying to enrich or glorify ourselves.

    Since presumably the Stephen Harper Portrait Gallery is evidence of his own humility, not an effort at self-glorification.

  4. Well see this is what happens when you spend your nights at the office, in a tie and using an old-fashioned pen…'s a bubble……you can't 'sense' anything about the country.

  5. There has never been a government more focused on a cult of leadership and glorification of the leader in all of Canadian history. The elaborately staged events, the hairdressers, phoney photo ops, constantly braying of his sheep like followers. Every moment is scripted and planned around the glorification of Stephen Harper. He never utters a completely honest word or allows himself a natural honest moment in public.

  6. The fact that they cannot break 35% in support?

  7. Oh dear. The left is the only group vulnerable to cults of personality? What about Sarah Palin?

  8. Apparently "comfortable with", surrendered to and given up on are now synonymous.

  9. "…reasonably confident, focused on real issues, on trying to make the country better, not trying to enrich or glorify ourselves…"

    Any damn fool can be confident, and whatever pet issues they push will be "real" to them.

    Ditto the belief that they're making the country "better".

    Frankly I'd prefer democracy, and we've had little of that over the past five years.

    As far as not enriching themselves, I'm not sure dumping tens of billions into conservative ridings and acting like spend thrifts since 2006 really passes the smell test.

    And frankly, if you spend 24/7 attacking the character of your political opponents rather than their policies, that's an obvious attempt to glorify yourself above others, even if it is a back route.

    My kingdom for a plain spoken, forthright and honest leader!

  10. how about
    "lulled into complacency by a somnolent and sycophantic media that stopped covering real issues several spin cycles ago"

  11. Cult of personality? Harper in spades.

    Chretien never tried to develop any such thing. Martin did try to re-brand the party the "Martin Liberals" it has to be said, although that was more to distinguish from the prior Liberal leader. There was no effort to build him up the way Harper is promoted. For one example.

    As for competence, you are right. Canadians want it. We still want it and deserve it. It's been 7 years or so since we had any and we want it back.

  12. Requiring signage everyfreakingwhere to showcase where you've allowed Canadians to use their own tax dollars in their communities; the photos of the control freak prime minister all over the HoC; using soldiers, children, seniors, etc as props in cheesy photo opps intended to glorify the con government — yeah, this guy either has no sense of reality, or he thinks we are simple-minded.

    Either way, I sure would like to see the last of him.

  13. Don't forget the photos of Harper plastered all over the government websites: those websites are meant to serve and inform Canadians, not to burn Stephen Stalin's unappealling face onto our eyeballs.

  14. The personal picture hanger of the Prime Minister will attest to that… along with the federally funded dresser/psychic…

  15. Thanks for the link. Am I alone in thinking the "gallery" is creepy?

  16. "Gee, I thought 'spendthrift' meant thrifty spender."

    –Average Conservative Supporter

  17. No, no, that's all true. All you have to do is remember that a healthy Conservative Party of Canada, being the ONLY political party of Canada, is all that Canada ever needs.

  18. There was certainly much about the character of Chretien and Mulroney to dislike but it never crosssed my mind that they would do any harm to the country and I would never refer to them as Stalinisque.

    Some of you ladies seem to have a visceral dislike for PM Harper that causes you to make irrational statements like the ones above. A more mature approach would allow you to admit your dislike but permit you to concede that Harper is a very hard-working and competent leader even if he may not be your idea of the perfect man. And the added bonus with Harper, unlike some of his predecessors, is that you can be sure he has no interest in allowing any type of corruption to become part of his gov`t, despite the silly lists you may have seen posted here yesterday.
    I have plenty of confidence in Canadians to know that if they see a Stalin as leader they will get rid of him quickly, but if they see a competent and confident leader, they consider themselves fortunate.

  19. hmm – fallout already Brampton-Springdale MP Liberal Ruby Dhalla's campaign suffered a major setback yesterday when several of her core team members crossed the floor to join Conservative candidate Parm Gill's growing camp of dedicated and loyal supporters.
    The Vice President of the Brampton-Springdale Federal Liberal Riding Association, Mr. Joginder Shahi, was among the numerous names to desert Ruby's crumbling campaign. Along with the influential Mr. Shahi – Bachittar Golia, Jaspal Mann, Billa Virk, Sunny Bajwa, and Bhupinder Deol made the decision to join Parm's campaign team as well. These individuals were considered the core team behind Ruby Dhalla. They now bring much experience and wisdom to the Parm Gill campaign.Meanwhile:Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has lost a high-profile candidate for Halton as he prepares for a possible spring election.Toronto businesswoman Deborah Gillis has resigned as the candidate after accepting a promotion at the nonprofit organization Catalyst Canada, which promotes the advancement of women in business.H/T Newswatch

    Read more:

  20. The preceding was a paid announcement by the conservative party of Canada.

    …which is not in any way given to self agrandizement.

    …despite having many positive qualities to which it would like to draw your attention.

  21. We already know how great he is at destroying his political opponents. That's a given.

  22. That picture gallery story is unbelievable. Everytime i get to the point where i begin to feel: "Maybe this guy's not so bad after all; give him a break." Someone unearths a story like this one – it's creepy. I remember May's assertion Harper cheated in the election debates as well.

  23. Frankly I'd prefer democracy, and we've had little of that over the past five years.

    Then you should address your beef to the majority of MPs who could dissolve this government as fast as you can say "confidence vote." But they do not.

  24. Wow, how sexist of you. Way to attract "the ladies" into votiing for the Conservative Misogynist Party!

  25. he sure looked to be "in the dark side"!

  26. Were it true. MP's being rebuked for novelty cheques with the CPC name and logo on them suggest otherwise.

  27. And if Harper were Chretien or Mulroney, you might have a point.

    Hard-working and leader I'd be willing to grant, if only for semantic reasons. Competent? Get real.

    As for Harper having no interest in allowing any type of corruption becoming part of his government, how on earth do you explain him on tape stating that his objection to trying to bribe Cadman was that it probably wouldn't work?

    That said, I'd agree with your last paragraph. However currently we have neither.

  28. Yes, a big change. no government, not even the Liberals, ever spent as much money on media buys glorifying themselves, as Harper's so-called "Conservatives" have.

    Preston Manning would be rolling in his grave, but thankfully he is still among us.

  29. I love it when you're topically relevant.

  30. You seem to be confusing the wildly obsessive hatred of Palin by the left, with the right's far more tempered support of her.

  31. He should have blamed "The Goddamn Liberal Media".

  32. Oh I have no interest in attempting to attract you into voting Conservative. The fact that I referred to " ladies " was because the 2 comments I was replying to were from ladies. The sexist reference is all yours.

  33. The Cadman reference from you, I presume, is from that list that ted betts came up with yesterday that I have already called silly and for die-hard Lib-eyes only, which is probably only 5% of the population and you may be part of that 5% but I am not.

  34. Nice dance. Now care to answer the question? How on earth can you state he has no interest in allowing any type of corruption given what's on the Cadman tapes? Whether you think it's silly or not is neither the question, nor relevant to it.

  35. Cadman was an independent who voted with the Liberals on the confidence vote.
    Did Cadman receive considerations from the Liberals for his vote ?
    Cadman`s wife, a Conservative MP, has respect for PM Harper.
    There is no scandal here—time to move on Thwim.

  36. Indeed, that's another interesting point, was the wife offered the riding in exchange for her silence? Because previous to becoming the CPC candidate for the area, and thus access to the CPC insurance plan and funding for her campaign, etc, she had something different to say on the matter. However, what she feels about Mr. Harper is completely irrelevant to the question.

    What Cadman may or may not have received from the Liberals is irrelevant, as they are not Mr. Harper's party.

    The question (which you keep attempting to avoid) is that, given that there is a tape where the current PM of Canada is recorded stating that he was aware that members of his party were going to try to offer financial considerations to Cadman in exchange for his vote on the confidence matter, and that he didn't think it was a good idea because it probably wouldn't work, how can you say he has no interest in allowing any sort of corruption?

    To me, it sounds like he has no interest in allowing any sort of corruption that doesn't work.

    Or do you simply feel bribes aren't corrupt?

  37. Thwim`e Thesis:

    Mrs. Cadman received a riding nomination because her husband voted for the Liberals in the confidence vote.
    What Cadman " received from the Liberals is irrelevant ".
    Harper must be guilty because he told his staff not to attempt to offer any favours to Cadman because he believed Cadman had already decided that an election campaign was not in his best interest at that time.

    Are you sure you want to continue on this witch hunt ?

  38. What Cadman received from the Liberals is irrelevant simply because we're not talking about the Liberal party. How hard is that to get through your head? (Really.. that should be a generic question.. how hard is it to get through any CPC supporter's head that a lot fo the time, those of us who do not support the CPC are in no way talking about the Liberals?) Is being able to keep a single train of thought that difficult?

    Now, if we were talking about corruption in the Liberal party, then it would be entirely relevant. We're not. Harper didn't say here that the Liberals aren't corrupt. Neither did anybody else.

    You said that Harper has no interest in allowing any sort of corruption within the CPC. That's all we're talking about here. Can you clue into that yet?

    And yet here we have even you agreeing that his problem with offering bribes to Cadman was that it wouldn't work.. not any problem with it being corrupt at all.

    Your only defense seems to be "Well.. the Liberals are too". Okay. So what if they are? How does that have any relation to what Harper allows within his party. What if the Liberals allowed virginal sacrifices. Would that then make it okay for Harper to allow that as well?

    Can't you people ever see that a lot of us aren't arguing that the Liberals or anybody are any better than Harper, but just trying to get some sort of acknowledgement that there are problems within Harper's party that *also* need to be dealt with?

  39. ………..just finished listening to the 2004 news conf. Wherry posted this morning. In in Harper referred to the patronage factory that the Liberals were used to running.

    Patronage corruption and the Liberals had become so commonplace in 2005 that people like yourself seem to just accept that the Liberals will be corrupt. That`s a dangerous position.

    I don`t doubt that there needs to be improvements in the CPC but i really don`t think corruption is a problem there.

  40. As you continue to skirt the issue.