The wait is almost over


Justin Trudeau will apparently announce next Tuesday that he is seeking the Liberal leadership.


The wait is almost over

  1. The NDP will be hurt in the short term by Trudeau`s entry into the race.

    There will be no effect on the Conservatives—Anyone who has been voting Conservative recently would not vote for this lightweight.

    The Liberals will jump in the polls in the short term. But down the road the silly incompetence of Justy will probably be the end of the LPC.

    • Remember these bold words when you choke on them. Growing rift in CPC over so-con issues; Kenney taking on harper, head to head. I think people who voted CPC, or who stayed home instead of voting at all, are more likely to vote Liberal than NDP. Of course, I may admittedly choke on my own words.

      • The election is a few years away. It all depends what the Liberal Party does to actually reach out to voters and rebuild their organization. Justin Trudeau is fairly popular and likeable, but the party is the problem.

        • I’m a Liberal and I agree with you, but how do you know that we are not already in a process of renewal and reaching out, and really need a leader to keep going?

        • Your response suggests to me that you don’t agree CPC in-fighting and disarray over the next few years will play any role in the next election; yet we all have heard the adage that governments lose elections.

  2. Garneau, LeBlanc and Trudeau….already the front-runners. Should be interesting.

  3. I wonder what the Conservative attack lines on Trudeau will be, and when to start?
    The usual vicious, distorted, messages used on Dion and Ignatieff might get some sympathy going for the kid, so they may have to be careful. Since the famous boxing victory I wouldn’t underestimate him. I thought he was going to get clobbered!

    • The Conservative attack line on Trudeau: known to have beaten up an aboriginal.

      • That cracked me up…..thanks!

        • Me too.

      • That is pretty funny.

  4. Would there be an election within six months of him winning the leadership?

    • You’re expecting an election by October 2013, if Trudeau wins? I’m not following your comment. I don’t think anyone expects an election before the spring of 2015.

      • I’d guess GFMD is suggesting a snap election call….

  5. Thank God! We’ll all be saved the second coming (of Trudeau)!

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