‘The whole government should resign’


An excerpt from NDP MP Jack Harris’ scrum with reporters after QP.

Reporter: The Liberals say they want MacKay to resign. Are you there  yet?

Jack Harris: Well, you know, I think there’s a lot of people over on that bench should resign. In fact, the whole government should resign. The responsibility is the Prime Minister’s and the Prime Minister has to take that responsibility. It’s up to him who he decides to put in his cabinet. You know, he’s kept all sorts of people in his cabinet over the last number of years so that’s the Prime Minister’s decision. He’s got to wear it.

Reporter: No, but are you asking for the resignation?

Jack Harris: We would like the government to resign and let’s go to the people and have the people decide whether they’re satisfied that this government knows what it’s doing. They’ve demonstrated their incompetence in a 40-billion-plus project. They want to have a F-35 airplane that they want our children to pay for for the next 35 years. This is totally unacceptable.


‘The whole government should resign’

  1. have the people decide whether they’re satisfied that this government knows what it’s doing.

    We did, in 2011. The CPC won a majority. Yes, we can complain about the FPTP system, the Robocall scandal, and the myriad missteps that this gov’t has done, both pre- and post-majority gov’t status. But it’s irresponsible to suggest that we need another election right now.

    • Re-fighting elections that they lose seems to be a new found obsession for the left. After all majorities and democracy should be all about allowing the opposition to run the House of Commons. Anything else is anti-democratic…….

      • Oddly the govt didn’t feel that way, or show much respect for democracy or the will of the House when the opposition held the majority card during the minority period. Wanting it “all” ways much!

        • It’s funny – when the three amigo’s proposed their own backroom deal (funny how the so called pro democracy crowd always ignores backroom deals when the lefties make them) to form a coalition government all the usual suspects were out in force stating that it was a perfectly legitimate parliamentary procedure – yet whenever the Harper Government uses the long standing Parliamentary tools available to majority governments the howls of “anti-democracy” are alive in well in leftists circles across the country. Funny that.

          • It isn’t funny at all. It’s perfectly straight forward. Modern day Cons like you [ and this govt] have repeated demonstrated ignorance and or blantent contempt for constitutional process and convention from day one of the Harper govt.
            And in case it escaped your eagle eye the list of detractors was very long – from Con columnists to constitutional experts. It wasn’t just a “leftie” protest.
            You need to take off your partisan blinkers are look for your thinking cap; wherever you left it last.

          • Wah ! Wah !

            And in case you missed it…nobody cares…the “Cons” got elected to a majority government anyways in spite of the various Parliamentary transgressions that they are accused of doing on a daily basis. This is my point, the “attacks on democracy” crusaders who attack “the Harper Government” every day (but of course never attacked any other leftist Governments for doing the same things) are like the boy who cried wolf to many times. (And my apologies to Emily as there was not a tale I am aware of where a girl cried wolf to many times but I suspect E. may is getting close)

            Bottom line is people tune this crap out and don’t care any more. Those that whine the most are the one’s who would never vote Conservative in the first place.

          • There remains some debate about how legitimate their “election” was.

          • yes, by the usual leftist whiners….nothing new there…

          • No True Scotsman argument.
            If they complain, they’re obviously lefties, eh?

            Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt it seems.

          • Don’t care, must just about be your parties motto by now.
            Don’t make assumptions you can’t prove about the ballot question. Almost invariably they’re wrong, or fail to tell the real story.

            Anyway. I can take this as an endorsement of any future NDP or liberal govt behaving like a bunch of thugs, can i?

      • Ha! Exactly!

        And the funniest part of it is, the very next time the Liberals or NDP win an election, Canada’s grave need for electoral reform will cease to exist.

        • You nailed it Rick – bang on!

        • No. It won’t. Stop projecting.

          • I don’t remember a single lefty marching in the street back when Glenn Clark won power despite losing the popular vote to Gordon Campbell. I also don’t recall a single lefty marching in the street to complain about Chretien winning a majority government with 38% of the popular vote. Gee, I wonder why.

          • They didn’t march in the streets when Harper won either.

            They marched when he prorogued.

          • Same questions for you as I posed to Rick Omen (above): What do you like most about FPTP and least about PR?

            [edit] And vice versa, I suppose…

        • The need for Canada to reform the electoral system will be exactly the same on the day before that election as the day after, although I certainly grant that the list of vocal supporters will change.

          Two related question, if you have time. First, what do you like most about FPTP and second, what do you like least about PR?

          [edit] And vice versa, I suppose

    • The election was tainted with widespread election fraud in more than 200 ridings. Canadians didn’t decide.

      • Ummm…..don’t forget “allegations” so far most of this has been reported but not verified. Let’s not forget recently a certain reporter “reported” that certain people had NOT donated to a certain political party. Later it was revealed that these reports were all bogus and the reported in question was wrong.

        • Actually, it was revealed that one guy suddenly remembered $1000 he gave to a political party which the day before he was swearing had never happened. One.

          We don’t have any info about whether the other folks memory was similarly jogged.

          • One guy ? Sorry. You are wrong, Clearly you missed the statement from Postmedia after the massive screw up over Maher’s incompetence…

            FOR THE RECORD

            “A Postmedia News article published on Nov. 23 reported that several people listed as donors to the Conservative riding association of Laurier-Sainte-Marie in Montreal had denied making the donations. As reported in a followup story on Nov. 24, the Conservative Party made public on Nov. 23 copies of cheques that the party had previously declined to provide and that showed that the donations had indeed been made. At no time did Postmedia News intend to suggest any impropriety on the part of Sen. Leo Housakos or any other party official involved in the fundraising.” –

          • The liberals on this site cannot comprehend.
            Apparently they cannot even read.

          • So… the people who denied making the donations.. have they recanted? Because given how the party already plead guilty to violating campaign spending laws with the in and out matter, the idea of faking some cheque receipts doesn’t strike me as that far out of whack.

            Now if the people who denied making the donations have all recanted, fair enough.

      • You mean 700 allegations, most of which were in Guelph? I wouldn’t say that this means “Canadians didn’t decide,” nor would I call it “widespread election fraud.” Find me a few thousand voters who say their right to vote was taken away because of the alleged fraud, and I’ll consider it. But even the Supreme Court is unconvinced.
        But let’s set that aside. Let’s pretend it was a very fair election with no fraud reported. I suspect you’d find another reason to invalidate the CPC’s majority government: First-past-the-post isn’t truly representative. The voter turnout rate was low. Vote splitting was a major problem. And the list goes on. Am I correct?

        • Which part of “200 ridings” gave you trouble, Mike?

          • “Several hundred allegations across 200 ridings”

            “700 allegations, most of which were in Guelph”

            Are you suggesting a contradiction between what I wrote, and what you wrote? 700 is several hundred, and while yes, it was indeed across 200 ridings, most of the complaints are from Guelph. What exactly is your point?

  2. Newsflash to Jack Harris. That is what elections are for. Funny that most polls indicate that in spite of not liking Harper much, more people have far more confidence in Harper as leader then they do Mulcair. Maybe it should be Mulcair who should be stepping down. Mulcair is clearly no Jack Layton.

  3. Don’t see the problem Jack… our children are already being billed for the next 40 years for tons of other crap…

    • Depends on if the items are needed and useful.

      • Also depends on interpretation – the NDP we know wouldn’t spend a dime on giving our armed forces the hardware that they need and the Liberals would of course only give them old hand me downs from other countries. The Harper government has proven to be the only government in recent history to demonstrate support to give our brave men and women in the armed forces the tools they need to help do the work that they do.

        • Meanwhile Cons want expensive obsolete fighterplanes, and for us to be more aggressive militarily.

          Thank you for your ad using all the Con catchphrases…..but we don’t need that crap anymore.

          • And thank you for responding with the usual on cue anti-Conservative speaking notes….my comments however are accurate. Ask most any currently serving member of the Canadian armed forces what Government has been the most supportive to provide the tools needed to get the job done.

          • I was PC for 30 years, Bill. Harp’s bunch aren’t conservatives.

            As to the military….there has been a lot of find-the-pea under the walnut shells. Purchases are loudly announced…and months later quietly cancelled. Ice breakers turned into slushy cups and so on.

            Afghan was a disaster….and now kicked under the carpet. Our pilots over Libya stayed in hotels. Injured vets get no care. The DOD budget has been slashed.

            In general, we have no role for our military so purchasing equipment is murky at best…..but gawd knows the Cons haven’t done anything helpful for them….beyond a lot of talk.

          • The fact that you were a PC for 30 years is probably one of the reasons why there is no longer a PC Party.

          • Gosh, I have that much power do I?

            Or maybe it’s you whiny Christian Libertarian lame-brains who want something for nothing, hmmmm? Teabag moochers the lot of you.

        • “The Harper government has proven to be the only government in recent history to demonstrate support to give our brave men and women in the armed forces the tools they need to help do the work that they do….”

          …only to neglect them abysmally as veterans.

          • I call BS on that point, but appreciate that it is your opinion

          • And I call BS on your BS.

            See, I can debate on your moronic level if you wish

          • Perfect. the circle is now squared.

  4. I recall Stock Day calling for the prime minister to resign and bobs of agreement from the right at the time. /sigh

  5. WTH is Jack Harris thinking?

  6. Um, Jack, you are being ridiculous. The general procedure is that the minister responsible for such a mess resigns (not that MacKay will resign, but he should). Calling for a general election over serious procurement shenanigans just isn’t reasonable.

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