The woman who launched a symbol


The woman who seems to have been the first to write a chalk message at Nathan Philipps Square writes about what she did.

I wanted to take … I don’t know, something. Flowers didn’t seem right. So I bought a couple of boxes of chalk. When I was done I left the chalk on the ground by the ramp, and … things got sort of splendidly out-of-hand.


The woman who launched a symbol

  1. “…splendidly out-of-hand”. Lovely.

  2. As a supporter of the Conservative Party of Canada I wonder why this person would willingly let others benefit from her hard worked for chalk? Why not keep the chalk for herself and force others to buy their own chalk if they wanted to leave socialist graffiti all over Ottawa?

    • This was in Toronto.  But Ottawa could use a little socialist graffiti – there’s enough of those dam blue C’s floating around. 

    • i guess she had more chalk than she herself needed. it cost her nothing to give away the extra

  3. It was lovely!

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