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‘There is nothing I wouldn’t do to make Jack live longer’


Olivia Chow’s statement to reporters, delivered just before Question Period.

I appreciate Mr. Anders’ concern of Jack’s health and his death. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to make Jack live longer. So to all conspiracy theorists, cancer is unpredictable, is vicious and it kills. Let’s put aside the theories and let’s work for a cure of cancer.

Unity and loyalty are in the DNA of the New Democrats. Like all the other NDP members of parliament, Tom Mulcair loved Jack. We’d rather put all our energy in fighting for a better world, a better Canada, and not stab each other in the back.

I do accept Rob Anders’ apology.


‘There is nothing I wouldn’t do to make Jack live longer’

  1. “…..There is nothing I wouldn’t do to make Jack live longer…..”

    There is nothing I wouldn’t have done to make Jack live longer either.

  2. This comment was deleted.

    • Mr. Anders, stop digging.

    • I hate poor spelling – and you’ve neglected to drop the GL from your name

    • Now that’s nasty.
      Especially with the inclusion of that near-homophonic malapropism ‘pallor’ substituting for ‘parlor’.
      All I did was correct Ms. Chow’s verb-tense error – though I doubt anyone here noticed.

  3. Gracious. Time to move along now.

    • That’s beyond gracious. The lack of outrage almost made Anders remarks look close to acceptable rather than the batsh!t crazy nonsense that they were.

      I guess she figured, when you stumble across a giant kettle of crazy, it’s best not to stir it too much.

      • It’s possibly also true that enduring such horrible personal tragedy has taught her not to sweat the small stuff, or small people. Can’t say I’d have been so forgiving in her shoes, though.

      • Point well taken, brother. She’s a better person than I.