‘There will occasionally be inconsistencies’


The Justice Minister dismissed yesterday a Liberal question on the latest redaction mystery, but when the Bloc’s Christiane Gagnon asked about the matter, he managed a concession of sorts.

Mr. Speaker, the government has made a large number of documents available, most recently this past Thursday. The documents were disclosed for different purposes over an extended period of time. Despite the best efforts of those involved, there will occasionally be inconsistencies. However, we addressed those, and are taking it one step further with the appointment of Mr. Justice Iacobucci.


‘There will occasionally be inconsistencies’

  1. The motion in parliament said UNREDACTED. There should be NO inconsistencies because there should be nothing blacked out.

  2. When is the Speaker going to rule on the Question of Privilege?

  3. If a document is at one time, a risk to national security, and then later, no longer a risk, I can see how, on two printed pages on two different dates the redacted portions would be different.

    However, if this were a project that I were managing, I would pair those documents with a notation as to what inspired the change of heart, and an indication of which document is to be followed going forward. IDK, that's just how I approach organization.

    Letting two inconsistent documents float around with equal weight is just asking for trouble.

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