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‘They are the real heroes of humanity!’


Justice Minister Rob Nicholson was asked this morning about Maurice Vellacott’s awarding of two Diamond Jubilee medals to anti-abortion activists, one of whom is currently in prison. And now Mr. Vellacott’s office has sent out a news release.

Additional info regarding Vellacott’s Jubilee medals to human rights reformers Mary Wagner and Linda Gibbons

Unlike the Justice Minister, Vellacott was unable to award these medals to the victims of crime, because these baby victims are dead, so instead the award to those “heroines of humanity” Mary Wagner and Linda Gibbons who are trying to protect defenseless, voiceless human beings in the womb from butchery and death, and trying to let vulnerable women know that there are other options and support and adoption possibilities. It’s what you would expect in a caring compassionate society.

It’s a pretty upside down world when we honor abortionists like Henry Morgentaler for killing over 5000 babies and imprison precious women, like Mary Wagner and Linda Gibbons, who try to save babies from such savagery. They are the real heroes of humanity!

The citation on the certificate Mr. Vellacott gave to Mary Wagner along with the Diamond Jubilee medal read as follows: “Mary Wagner Your faithful battle for justice for pre-born children, with your willingness to suffer hardship and personal deprivation, is a source of strength and inspiration for many. May God richly bless your sacrifice for these most innocent victims.”

The citation on the certificate Mr. Vellacott gave to Linda Gibbons along with the Diamond Jubilee medal read as follows: “Your faithful, undying battle for justice for pre-born children – at great personal sacrifice – is a witness to all and a source of strength for many. May God richly bless your undying service for these most innocent victims and may your legacy never be forgotten.”

Maurice Vellacott said, “Like Martin Luther King and other human rights reformers, Mary is using civil disobedience to further a just cause. Peaceful civil disobedience is an appropriate method when trying to protect defenseless, voiceless human beings in the womb from butchery and death.”

Footnotes to the release point out that Mr. Morgentaler, who is a member of the Order of Canada, served time in prison.


‘They are the real heroes of humanity!’

  1. Pretty sure Morgantaler was only ever in prison during periods when his acquittals-by-jury were being overturned (in fact, it was Morgantaler’s brave actions which led to the Morgantaler amendment that a court can’t overturn a jury verdict but must order a new trial). In stark contrast to these anti-abortion scofflaws, Morgantaler’s brave actions have moved the law forward not only in the right to abortion but in criminal proceedings generally (he was thankfully the last Canadian to have 12 of his peers say “not guilty!” and then be carted off to jail for it).

  2. I don’t think Mr. Morgentaler was awarded the Order of Canada while he was in jail.

  3. That is some strong, passionate language. And yet, Mr. Vellacott is a proud and loyal member of a government which is standing idly by while this ‘butchery’, ‘death’ and ‘savagery’ continues. In fact, his Prime Minister takes great pains to say his party won’t do anything to change abortion accessibility in Canada. That has to be tough.

    Anyway, enjoy those medals ladies. But don’t expect the Conservative Party to do anything about abortion. Too ‘divisive’, you know.

    • Abortions in Canada (probably). In Africa, where many of the poorest and most vulnerable women in the world live, it’s fair game.

      • Don’t have to worry about losing votes in Africa.

    • Yep, Mr Vellacott will continue to be a member and representative of the party in power that could do something, but just won’t. And not because of any policy or morality, just because they know they will lose votes and power. Quite the conundrum for Mr Vellacott.

  4. More SoCon crap

  5. So wonderful to see someone who truly deserves this honour, but I’m sure these ladies aren’t in it for the medals, they are a blessing for the unborn babies they have saved!

  6. I am from vancouver and i wanted to say that i am for pro choice.All women should have the right to an abortion.This is not the 19th century when women had very little rights.As far as the Diamond Jubilee medals are concerned this is reactionary right wing monarchy garbage that should be ignored.
    Mary wagner and Linda Gibbons are reactionary, right wing. low life morons that should be condemned,ridiculed and ignored by everyone.Prison is the right place for them.

    • This is not the 20th century when children have very little rights. We should get up and move on and recognize the pre-born for what they are – human beings and protect their rights as such. The right of one person to choose does not override an already living person’s right to live.