They love you when you're gone -

They love you when you’re gone


Before Question Period yesterday, Bob Rae stood to salute all those who sought office in the last election, with special attention given to his predecessor as Liberal leader.

We all know that trying to represent our constituents is one of the great honours and pleasures of our own lives, but above all we have to reflect on those who fought so hard and who were not returned or who waited for another occasion to be returned. In that spirit, I would like, on this, my first statement as interim leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, to pay particular tribute to my former leader Mr. Michael Ignatieff, the former member for Etobicoke—Lakeshore, who served in this House with great distinction and who served the people of Canada with great ability. I know he will continue to go on to great public service as he did before he came to this place and as he will afterwards.

Both Conservatives and New Democrats stood to applaud this.


They love you when you’re gone

  1. Presumably Lib caucus not bothered by Rae behaviour, I guess they are used to backstabbing and informing on one another. Typical socialist behaviour. 

    Watch out Liberals, Rae is snake in grass. 

    TorStar, May 31: 

    “Liberals were doing a poor job of disguising their leadership tensions to U.S. embassy officials, according to a newly released wave of diplomatic cables on Wikileaks.In fact, Bob Rae, the newly named interim leader of the Liberals, appeared to be a particularly obvious challenge to past leader Michael Ignatieff, the cables show.

    Rae and Ignatieff were guests at a lunch with U.S. ambassador David Jacobson in October, 2009, the cables show.

    “The dynamics between one-time friends and later rivals Ignatieff and Rae remain clearly tense, with Rae arriving late and then immediately dominating the conversation, while Ignatieff sat back almost meekly,” says the report, dated Oct. 23, 2009.”


    Also, did Rae mention why he would want to lead Liberal Party when they disrespected his wife? Is power more important than wife’s feelings or dignity? 

    Canadian Press, Dec 2006:

    Bob Rae was the target of anti-Semitic attacks during the Liberal leadership contest, motivated at least in part by the fact that his wife is Jewish.

    Sources close to Rae say that his wife, Arlene Perly Rae, was approached during last weekend’s convention by a delegate who didn’t realize she was the candidate’s wife. The delegate told her not to vote for Rae “because his wife is Jewish.”


    • Some random bigot at a convention does not represent the party. I mean, with the Conservatives’ upcoming convention, I think we’d find at least one anti-Semite in the room.

      • Random bigot?

        “Despite this enormous voting history of Jewish in Canada, it appears as if the Jewish vote is beginning to shift to the right. 

        However, because voting statistics within Canada are suspect at best in regards to determining the ethnic vote, one has to look at the clear evidence that the Jewish vote is shifting to the right.

        By the 2004 Canadian Federal election, a noticeable trend began to occur. Ridings with notable Jewish populations, among them Thornhill, began to start shifting towards the Conservative Party of Canada.”

        Similar shifts to the Conservative Party took place in ridings with concentrated Jewish populations across Canada during the 2004, 2006 and 2008 federal elections. The Mount Royal riding provides an extremely interesting example of this phenomenon.”

        • This is a non-sequitur. I thought you promised to stop just posting newspaper clippings and using your own words.

          • Instead of worrying about lawsuits I might get Maclean’s involved in – hahahahahahaha – why not explain to me why Jews are moving to the right after decades of voting Liberal.

            If my example is a non-sequitur, convince me otherwise.

          • If you read back to what I said, I was merely commenting that you conflating one racist at a convention with ‘the Liberal party is anti-semitic’ was nonsense.

            Your posts like the above are generally annoying because you just post barely relevant news pieces and don’t make much effort to make a point.

            About Jews moving to the Conservatives… hasn’t Canada as a whole? From the stats I saw, Jews are still less likely to vote Conservative than the population at large. I don’t even see what this has to do with anything–you have yet to articulate a point.

          • “…. don’t make much effort to make a point.”

            What I am enjoying the most about this conversation Andrew_notPorC is that I get to continue posting info that points out left wing has Jewish problem and deep thinkers like you enable it because you can’t make any connections without guidance from marxist scholars.


            National Post on Friday, October 13, 2006

            “I was a Liberal … until yesterday 

            Re: Israeli Envoy, Rae Attack Ignatieff’s Remarks, Oct. 12. 

            I have been an active, involved and contributing member of the Liberal party until yesterday, when I decided to give up my membership because of the statements from Michael Ignatieff, given in French to a Quebec radio station. 

            I was hoping that with his background as a professor of human rights, Mr. Ignatieff would be able to make the distinction between the attackers and the attacked. I would remind Mr. Ignatieff that it was a Liberal government that placed Hezbollah on the international terrorist organizations list. 

            I feel it was not political savvy and wisdom that Mr. Ignatieff lacked in his address in Quebec. Rather, it was a lack of moral integrity, sacrificing the truth for personal political gains in the upcoming leadership election for the party. 

            I, and many of my friends, will no longer be there for that event. 

            Ariela Cotler, Montreal. ”

            Ariela Cotler is the wife of Irwin Cotler, Liberal MP for Mount Royal and formerly the Justice Minister in Paul Martin’s government.

          • You’re trolling, is what you’re doing. I don’t care either way about how any ethnic group votes, and none of it has anything to do with some guy saying something racist to Bob Rae’s wife.

            I flagged your post for copyright infringement.

          • “I flagged your post for copyright infringement.”

            Msm gives free access to their websites because they are worried about copyright, obviously. I’m sure I will be hearing from NatPost any day now.

            Dennis The Peasant:

            Oh! Come and see the violence inherent in the system! Help, help, I’m being repressed!

          • I like the quotes. . .

  2. Nice touch

    • Indeed. 

  3. It was a gracious thing to say; good for Bob Rae.  I’m glad to read the other parties received it with the same grace as it was said.

  4. It was said with grace, but I can’t help thinking that Rae was thrilled he was gone. From that prospective, it seems self serving.

    Did the Liberals clap because he was gone. :)