Andrew Coyne: They’re already measuring drapes

Getting a little ahead of ourselves, aren’t we?


Getting a little ahead of ourselves, aren’t we? Don Martin has somehow got hold of an “exclusive tentative list of who’s in the Liberal-NDP coalition cabinet.” (Hoax alert!) Highlights: Jack Layton at Industry. Denis Coderre at Public Works. Dominic Leblanc at ACOA.

What about Environment? But of course: Senator Elizabeth May.

MEANWHILE: Frank McKenna, John Manley and Michael Ignatieff may want nothing to do with this monstrosity, but that doesn’t mean it lacks for endorsements. Ed Broadbent sees it as “an important step” towards “the dream of my life … a social-democratic government.”

Mr. Broadbent, who led the NDP for 14 years until 1989, said this week’s unprecedented deal to oust the Tories and install a Liberal-NDP coalition gives his party true power because New Democrats will be indispensable to keeping a Liberal prime minister in office.

Meanwhile, Norm Spector reports that “separatists are dancing,” with approving quotes from Pauline Marois, Bernard Landry, and … Jacques Parizeau!

Former Parti Quebecois leader Jacques Parizeau says he’s delighted and very satisfied with the Bloc Quebecois’ decision to join a coalition that could form the next federal government in Ottawa.

In an interview with the Journal de Montreal published Wednesday, Mr. Parizeau praises Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe for his “impressive victory,” in prying enough concessions out of the coalition of the New Democratic Party and Liberals to agree to back them.

His comments reflect those of the current PQ leader Pauline Marois who is using the crisis to advance her own cause in the provincial election campaign. She says the agreement allows Quebec to get $1-billion in equalization payments it would not have otherwise had. On the other hand, Ms. Marois also says the crisis shows the Canadian federation no longer functions and Quebec should separate.

But as the spiritual leader of the PQ hard line, Mr. Parizeau’s comments can only help Ms. Marois stir PQ supporters to vote for her.

“This victory sweeps aside any hesitation Quebecers might have had on the presence of the Bloc in Ottawa,” Mr. Parizeau said.

Let the explaining away begin!



Andrew Coyne: They’re already measuring drapes

  1. This May-to-the-Senate thing hasn’t gone past May’s standard praising of everything Dion touches, right? I mean, there’s no substantial likelihood this is going to happen? Right?



  2. Sounds good to me. Jane Taber, for press secretary.

  3. Don Newman just reported PM Harper will hold a major economic summit on December 15th with the premiers.

  4. Shortly after hearing about the summit my pocket already felt lighter.

  5. Staying out of cabinet would be a big mistake for Ignatieff. It could revive Rae’s leadership bid by allowing him to run as the coalition candidate, the only person, he would say, who can keep the coalition together and perhaps expand it into a broader political alliance.

  6. Oh God. If he prorogues and then holds a summit we are in trouble.

    And no to a senator May! She also should not be in cabinet. I support the Greens, and this would be very bad for them.

  7. Parizeau is just being a shit disturber. He has the right to say whatever he wants and we can have the good sense not to believe him.

    As for the drapes – they’re probably roayal purple since Harper believes he has king-like powers.. They could easily be taken down so the light can come in. No nead to waste them -they can go to Stornaway.

  8. An effective and forward-looking Conservative leader would be working hard to win over centrist Liberals like Iggy and Manley. That leader is NOT Harper.

  9. Oh come now Andrew, you reactionary swine, clearly you don’t understand the reality of what is going on.

    Jacques Parizeau and Pauline Marois aren’t really separatists. In fact, they are secret federalist moles that were trained to infiltrate the PQ and lose ON PURPOSE. Also did I mention that once, back in 2000 Stockwell Day once nodded approvingly to Gilles Duceppe? Who of course isn’t a scary separatist bent on destroying the country, but a compassionate social democrat. Oh and if you are a separatist, don’t worry, this will be great for separatism TOO. It will give Canada an unstable Italian-style government and force those Anglos to re-enact an alternate version of the Plains of Abraham with live ammo where they lose. Oh and don’t get me started on people with money and ethnics, by jove.

    Did I mention that Harper is a bully. This whole thing is his fault. He is destroying the country by not compromising – that is why we had to not offer any amendments or negotiation but to immediately vote down the fiscal update and provoke a constitutional crisis. Well actually it is the greatest day ever for the country, I couldn’t be happier because the coalition is going to be so good. It will navigate tough economic times guided by one-to-four wise men with impeccable centre-right credentials. At the same time, it will be a far left government that finally imposes social justice to Canada and the world, probably led by Ignatieff, who only supported the war in Iraq because he cares for the children of Iraq.

    But I think the key issue you have to understand is that Harper said there was no flag behind the signing. Now it actually depends on what pictures you looked at, but I think that is really why he is unfit to lead. Leaders notice the precise number of flags behind other leaders signing things. Leaders get things done. Stephen Harper is not a leader.

  10. “An effective and forward-looking Conservative leader would be working hard to win over centrist Liberals like Iggy and Manley. That leader is NOT Harper.”

    What do you think the save Canada campaign is about, dumbass? It is about making the polls on a coalition sufficiently bad that Iggy compromises with Harper. There is a reason the ads primarily focus on:
    1. Stephane Dion and

    2. Separatists

    Because according to angus-reid only 25% of Canadians want Dion as PM, while only slightly more than that are unconcerned about working with separatists (its got to hurt for Dion, knowing that he is less popular not only than George W. Bush, but also than a group of people dedicated to destroying the country).

  11. There’s been a bunch of heat on Duceppe for signing on to the coalition, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Parizeau & Co. were asked to make supportive noises. It’s in the BQ’s interest, after all, to have folks with seperatist credibility endorse the enterprise.

  12. Your sarcasm is pretty flat, but I have to say that if Harper wasn’t sure about the flag thing, he shouldn’t have lobbed that grenade in the House. He is rightly criticised for, in essence, lying. It is not excusable simply because it was easily refuted.

  13. The coalition is the mother of all Hail Mary passes. As demonstrated by John McCain’s presidential bid, one cannot defy gravity for long. Sooner or later, fate and electoral physics begins to apply overwhelming force to the best run campaigns. Unlike McCain, there are so many weaknesses with the coalition that one is tempted to think the Liberals have lost their identity and are so weak that they cannot act in their self-interest. A hostile takeover by the NDP and the Bloc of the Liberals may have just occurred, a coup d’etat by the Left and Separatists. However high they seek to fly now, the fall will be harder.

  14. Elizabeth May better get her talking points straight if she hasn’t already been appointed to the Senate or else she won’t be going because she thinks she got a million votes but, as we all know, we only vote for our local MP. Sounds like May better some civics lessons because she’s clearly doolally if she thinks she got one million votes, or her riding is much larger than I thought.

    Who cares if we have a unprecedented power grab by parties/leaders that people didn’t vote for and we are headed for constitutional and political crisis’, Ed has long dreamed of this day and nothing else matters apparently.

    And a short 8 weeks ago, who would ever thought Dion would be in coalition with BQ and getting rave reviews from Duceppe, Landry, Marois and Parizeau. Dion must be so proud with the company he’s keeping now. Dion is going to be Canadian example number one for anyone who questions whether power corrupts.

  15. Doesn’t it bother you at all, hoser, that the Conservatives are lobbying like hell to get Ignatieff to compromise with Mr. Harper than the Conservatives having the intelligence/strength/courage to toss Harper and attempt to make a compromise with the Liberals themselves?

  16. It’s obvious to everyone the coalition is going forward so long as Harper is leader. Iggy and other Liberals who think this is a bad idea are captive to events and the INTENSE distrust of Harper so long as he’s there. If Harper were to resign immediately I’d put the odds of averting the coalition at 50/50 (the NDP, Dion, and Rae are still in it to the political death). If he stays on it’s 100% going through.

  17. I don’t see how it is a question of power corrupts. Dion has never really been given it.

  18. So it seems that Three Stooges Rebelion is sweeping the nation. I cannot wait to see the demonstrations is support of it. I think that Dalton McGuinty should give all Ontario public emploees a day of on Friday so they can stage a big demonstration at Queens Park and in Ottawa in front of Parliament is support of Three Stooges. That would be very fitting. Let the festivities begin.

  19. Today in Nova Scotia :-

    Another branch plant wallboard manufacturer announces lay-offs and extended closure.

    A plastics molding firm closes.

    A second pulp mill ( in L’il Mackay’s riding ) goes into extended shut down.

    A second Gypsum mine announces lay-offs.

    780 jobs gone since Nov. 15.

    My government thinks attacking pay equity will solve so many problems.

  20. It would be interesting to see what would happen if Harper volunteered to fall on his sword. It might avoid the coalition, but I suspect that it will do little to alter the political climate in the country.

    No matter who we western conservatives pick to lead us, he will still embody evil to a large number of people on the left.

  21. I was half way paying attention to this post until I re-read it.

    Don Martin ? Norman Spector ? Really ?

  22. As for the proposed Cabinet, there are quite a few surprises there.

    – Denis Coderre’s inexplicable prominence
    – The idea that Justin Trudeau should be minister of anything
    – Exclusion of former leadership rivals (Kennedy, Hall Findlay, Dryden)
    – Exclusion of other prominent Liberals (McCallum, Brison)

    On the other hand, Cotler and Goodale would be safe picks, and Bob Rae has a nice CV for a job like foreign affairs.

  23. Sisyphus> I live in Nova Scotia now, and I have to say that if there is one region of the country that doesn’t have an excuse to claim that government isn’t doing enough for them now, it is this one.

    It was such a strange political culture. Arguments over rural mail service? Campaign literature bragging about pork brought to the riding? Names of government officials on every public works project. If that sort of thing happened back in the riding I was raised in Saskatchewan there would have been people calling for the MP’s blood for thinking he’s a big man spending taxpayer money and putting his name on it.

    Patronage and governmental nepotism is so shamelessly open here it’s like being Amish person walking into a sexual orgy.

  24. Terry: Seriously, get over yourself.

    This has NOTHING to do with Harper being a Westener. It has to do with him being an idiot. Harper has to go because he made a huge dangerous bluff and was called on it diasterously.

    In case you didn’t notice Harper and the Conservatives did fantastically in Ontario and the East Coast last election, and were set to do fantastically in Quebec if not for more staggering incompetence, again totally and completely unrelated to whether he’s from Calgary or Mars.

    Albertans are even less politically mature than Quebeckers sometimes if that’s even possible :(

  25. Why would normally intelligent men commit political suicide by attempting this doomed palace coup? ” Scottie too hottie Reid”, AKA “Mr. beer and popcorn”, clearly described the purpose of the current self-inflicted phony crisis at the outset. Stephen Harper must be “killed”, not literally of course but politically.

    Entering his second term in office, it had become apparent that Harper had become public enemy number one in old Ottawa. He must be forced to resign or be thrown out of office by the GG or his own party. I believe Mr. Harper got wind of the plot, not necessarily the motive, and inserted those poison pills into the economic update to draw out the conspirators now instead of allowing them to spring a surprise nonconfidence vote at the time of their choosing. Sending the GG out of the country for the last couple of weeks and buying a week to let the public form their own opinions was probably his best available defence.

    In any coup the conspirators must succeed in killing the target or the entire exercise has failed. Lee Harvey Dion, AKA “dead man walking” is being used as the sacrificial lamb in the assassination. The usurper can never survive even if the coup is successful. Iggy and Bobby will distance themselves from the killing and plead ignorance of the plot to legitimize the ascension of one of them to the leadership position. The Ottawa press is gleefully reporting the coalition talking points as “news”

    The leadership of the Government must transfer to someone more ethically flexible, Tory or Liberal, as long as the new leader understands how business has always been done in Ottawa. The National media, the civil servants, the political hacks and operatives, the lobbyists, the political parties, and the old dominant families, their friends and associates can go back to the old Ottawa good life. The names of the people behind this will probably never be known.

    Looney in Lotusland

  26. I’m thinking a poison pill might be Harper’s best weapon right now. There are an available 24 vacancies in the Senate right now right? Fill them all with the crustiest conservatives he can find – Ian Brody, Tom Flanagan, the rest of the Calgary School, Mike Harris, Ralph Klein, Preston Manning, Gary Filmon, John Reynolds, Monte Solberg… I mean, I could reach 24 in a minute if I kept typing. Leave the Liberals to deal with an obstinate Senate, and one in which there was no room for Elizabeth May.

  27. “Doesn’t it bother you at all, hoser, that the Conservatives are lobbying like hell to get Ignatieff to compromise with Mr. Harper than the Conservatives having the intelligence/strength/courage to toss Harper and attempt to make a compromise with the Liberals themselves?”

    You really don’t understand politics.

    Tossing out Harper beforehand would make the Liberals less likely to negotiate – dumping Harper may be part of the deal ultimately, but it can’t be the precursor to it. Why? Because doing so would unleash division in Conservative ranks and reduce the chance of a VONC failing (one of the biggest reasons to compromise for either side is the belief that they might lose) and the party crumbling into internecine warfare afterwards. Dumping Harper sounds like a great idea until you remember that you need somebody who can carry the tribes of Dumont, Harris, Manning and John A.. You can’t JUST compromise – climbing down from party subsidies and a strike ban show that. Rather you must negotiate from strength, hence the campaign against the coalition. Moreover, the leaders of the parties themselves have committed deeply, Dion most of all. If this fails, Dion is finished, not just as interim leader, but as a politician.

  28. Sysiphys, no doubt pay equity would save all those jobs and create some new ones.

  29. What is best for Canada is for Dion and Harper to forget the “hate on” they have for each other and work together. I am not sure how we get there but for God’s sake someone has to put their country before themselves.

  30. “(A)s we all know, _we only vote for our local MP_. Sounds like May better some civics lessons because she’s clearly doolally if she thinks she got one million votes, or her riding is much larger than I thought.

    Who cares if we have a unprecedented power grab by _parties/leaders that people didn’t vote for_…”

    Nicely done – normally it at least takes more than three sentences for the Cons’ talking points to completely contradict each other.

  31. Stewicide> Every leader that has been chosen since the early days of the Reform Party has had the exact same adjectives applied to him. Eventually one has to assume that it isn’t the leaders who are the problem, but rather that there is a problem with the relationship between the two tribes. If simply being conservative and from a western province disqualifies one from being considered suitable to being a part of government… then there has to some serious discussions.

  32. Investigation are underway in the media’s role in this attempted coup. Dozens of outright lies have been documented and catalogued. We now have enough evidence to show that the media has colluded with the socialist coalition in order to sell this coup to the public.

    The “four wise men” hoax was a deliberate attempt to avoid the TSX completely tanking, a “shock and awe” tactic to hoodwink the people. The media planted dozens of stories falsely claiming that there was some sort of finacial crisis – astonishingly similar to how BushRove sold 9/11 – despite the fact the economy is healthy and growing.

    Ottawa being what it is, this has likely been the talk of the cocktail circuit for weeks if not months. At least one Macleans reporter claims he was told prior to the election that there was a coalition deal. This is bigger than Adscam and bigger than the Pacific Scandal because the stakes are higher: $30 billion, minimum. That’s how much this gross breach of public trust will cost Canadians if the socialist bloc seizes power.

    I call on all Canadians to use MAXIMUM DISRUPTION in order to fight this attack on the treasury.

  33. This isnt that difficult…..Dion and Layton have bet all the chips….all of them on transfer of power from the GG. There is no back up plan, there is no plan B, C D or E….there is one plan. It wasnt thought through, as evidenced by the wise man thing…..calling this improv is an insult to artists, improv has a sense of direction to it.

    This is gambling, Layotn and Dion made the mistake of including Duceppe, a nice smart man who is nevertheless intent on breaking up the country. Layton and Dion have succeeded in turning a tactical mistake by Harper, standing on their windpipe too aggressively, into being about their own lack of abiltiy to lead or work in the best interest of the country.

    Nicely done, absolutely incompetent. Any non Ottawa Liberal knows it, any western NDP MP knows it. The question is can Harper pick up 18 seats, assuming you write off the Quebec ones (and he will still win at least 5 in Quebec) So some conbination of 13 Liberals and NDP seats gone…..remember most seats are 2 way fights anyway.

    So, lets start the count, Manning wins in Newfoundland, Dossangh loses in Vancouver, Volpe loses in Toronto, Szabo loses in Missisauga South, Jaffir wins in Edmonton, thats just off the top of my head.. Add to the list, the Bloc being part of the deal combined with Dion as leader absolutely kill the coalition if an election is run. The faster the Liberals and NDP realize they are actually in dnager of election the faster they will get serious and end this brinksmanship,

  34. They could toss Harper and install Jim Prentice from DOWN THE STREET IN CALGARY tomorrow and this whole coalition edifice would collapse in on itself. NOBODY EXCEPT ALBERTANS care where Harper is from! They care that he’s playing such dangerous games with a minority Parliament in the midst of an unprecedented economic crisis.

    I voted Conservative last election, and I DEEPLY fear the Liberal/NDP/Bloc ‘stimulus package’, but I can’t imagine supporting the Conservatives anymore with Harper as leader. Not winning a majority last election, which was handed to him on a silver platter, convinced me he was never going to, because his instincts weren’t centrist enough and he’s too tone-deaf to public sentiment. This last week has convinced me he’s a danger to the country and the constitution!!!

  35. I’ve noticed the panel of wisemen has shrunk from 4 to 2, as first McKenna, then Manley balked. The remaining 2? Martin and Romanow. *snicker*

  36. Stephen,
    When this Three Stooges Rebellion is over there will be quite a few resignations from House of Commons, and many MPs are going to cross the floor so this thing about possible elections is very premature, why bother??

  37. “Why would normally intelligent men commit political suicide by attempting this doomed palace coup?”

    Actually this works out for all the key actors that support a coalition except Iggy

    -Dion gets to be Prime Minister, and salvages his legacy as an incompetent loser. Maybe he will fail as PM, but at least he has a shot at looking better.
    -Layton gives the NDP greater legitimacy.
    -Duceppe makes Ottawa barely function, extracts big concessions for Quebec and thus helps his cause.
    -Bob Rae and Dominic Leblanc win because this throws the liberal leadership race wide open, and makes it likely that many new members from the left will join, and that Ignatieff’s ability to lead a coalition with the NDP becomes an issue.
    -Elizabeth May is a winner because she gets appointed to the senate.

    Ignatieff is a loser, but if he challenges the coalition he risks becoming a persona non grata in the party he is trying to lead.
    Liberal MP’s are losers because the coalition does not have re-election type numbers (62% of people voted for the parties in the coalition, while ~40% support the coalition). However they have little power to influence things and will become pariahs if they do.

  38. I am thinking that one of the reasons Dion went with this coalition is that he knows he won’t be around – that he will be replaced. He will take that sacrifice to bring down Harper.

  39. Andrew: Daniel Lessard just made some very restrained, thoughtful, and intelligent comments on the Newman show tonight. I hope you were watching, and might take them into account. The Harper operatives are bashing all the Quebec people not just the Bloc. He was also speaking of the Harper people using words such as treason, coup, sedition.

  40. Hey, how about Bob Rae as Finance Minister? He could spend 30 billion before most other MP’s had breakfast! Our economy will be saved!!!

  41. Agreed: for Dion I think this is about legacy. For Rae it’s about throwing the leadership race wide-open and uniting the left under his leadership.

    For Iggy it’s about looking incompetent by not putting this kaibash on this at the start ;)

  42. John W : I didn’t see the Newsworld segment but it’s obvious Harper is doing deep, long-term damage to the Conservatives prospects in Quebec. If he had a SHRED OF HONOUR he’d resign as party leader immediately.

  43. Terry – welcome to the Least Coast. True, it’s a different political culture.

    Where else would L’il MacKay get elected to anything ?

  44. Watching Question Period this afternoon when Ken Dryden stood up to lecture Harper, I thought he was going to say: “Until this moment, Senator, I think I never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness. Let us not assassinate this lad further, Senator; you’ve done enough: Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”.
    He almost did.

  45. Dryden’s comment in QP was the only one that didn’t make me cringe.

  46. Sisyphus> I definitely held my nose when I voted for my Red Tory. He’s about as socially conservative as I’m used to though.

  47. Why suddenly the push on for Harper to resign? Or has that been the number one goal to begin with? That’s what I’m beginning to suspect.

    Preston wasn’t good enough (such a missed opportunity)

    Stockwell wasn’t good enough (and that is a valid point to make)

    Now Harper isn’t good enough!

    I see

  48. “John W : I didn’t see the Newsworld segment but it’s obvious Harper is doing deep, long-term damage to the Conservatives prospects in Quebec. If he had a SHRED OF HONOUR he’d resign as party leader immediately.”

    If you had a shred of a brain you would realize that your retarded coalition is going to severely damage the prospects of all of the coalition members in English Canada. But that is precisely why we need a compromise and not a coalition that divides the country into French vs. English.

    What do I mean by a compromise? How about proposing specific amendments to the fiscal update before voting it down? If you fault Harper for not negotiating, why are your folks not negotiating with him now?

    Of course, I do yield the fact that there are enough idiots in my country that this will probably go through. God help us all.

  49. Terry – Red Tory is about the best you’ll do down here. Poor saps still think Harper is a Tory.

  50. ****But that is precisely why we need a compromise and not a coalition that divides the country into French vs. English. ***********

    You mean like a government that would give recognition to Quebec as a nation, or something a bit less divisive…

    And given that three parties have been able to compromise with each other, you should be pretty happy.

    Harper seems to be spearheading the fragmentation these days, I would argue…

  51. The political assassination of Prime Minister Harper may or may not succeed but the leaks of the attempt have apparently been circulating freely around Ottawa and the nation from the time of the last election night. Mr. Harper has made a preemptive strike with the economic update.

    The op ed in the Globe and Mail today is now calling for Mr. Harper’s resignation to solve the current political crisis. I believe the end game has now been thoroughly exposed. There must also be advocates within the Conservative Party to help the grease skids from the inside. If Mr. Harper does survive a budget in January I believe we will see a handful of senior cabinet ministers and political insiders handed their heads on their walking papers for collaboration with the old under-troughed Tory establishment.

  52. As a Conservative voter I cannot begin to describe how angry I am at Stoephen Harper and his “brian trust”. They have accomplished a great deal over the past few years but instead of celebrating those successes and keeping them in front of Canadians they continue to be arrogantly confrontational. A “Darft Bernard Lord” campaign can’t start soon enough for me.

    That said I shudder at a coalition government led by Forrest Gump, supported by Little Red Riding Hood’s granny the wolf and Red Jack. I suspect Layton has been planning this over throw for some time and never intended on cooperating.

    Elizabeth May in the Senate, no way. We’re considering downsizing in the next year or two and our next address may very well have a zip code, I’m just so fed up.

  53. I almost hate to admit it, but I’m enjoying all the FORMER leaders much more than anything their current replacements have said or done. Preston Manning did an excellent turn this afternoon on Duffy, and even M. Parizeau brought out the sentimentalist in me. Ahh….those were the days….when parties actually developed, promoted and remained faithful to their own ideologies.

    Setting nostalgia aside, doesn’t tradition say that M. Parizeau’s resounding support of the coalition endeavour dooms it to fail?

    On a different note, has anyone interviewed Bill Casey? I haven’t seen anything so far, but if it’s out there, please share.

  54. They did Casey yesterday I believe. He pointed out that he was getting a lot of calls from constituents and others saying, “Harper must be stopped” or “The coalition must be stopped” but none that really showed support of either.

  55. Mr. Casey has put his finger squarely on the issue. The country doesn’t want the coalition. And it doesn’t want Harper. The solution is starring everyone in the face.

  56. All’s I can say is that it takes a very, very special talent to piss off all of the opposition parties, I mean to leave no stone unhurled, and only a few hours into a new mandate. But to piss them off to the point where they conjoin against you is pretty remarkable stuff. This man, his entourage and cabinet, his whole damned party, does not – to say the least – inspire confidence. He’s incapable of running an election campaign for six weeks (Obama lasted 2 years!) and trips and falls on his ass right out of the gate into a fresh mandate which he seems determined to prove, “If you thought the last parliament was disfunctional . . . ”

    Who would ever trust these people with the reins of power? Our economy? Defence? These are the same geniuses who deny global warming.

    I’d be tempted to think that Harper, being a closet separatist himself – all that Firewall around Alberta stuff, and decentralization including the handing off of federal powers to the provinces – is really designing the final break-up of this country.

    And I guess that’s why you should take politics more seriously than American Idol or Wheel of Fortune.

  57. …’very special talent to piss off all of the opposition’…. What pissed them off was doing so poorly in the election. Imagine, Canada’s natural governing party not being able to sit on their throne…

  58. Anyone else have the feeling they’re watching the movie Being There and the Liberals, Separatists and Socialists are installing Chauncey (the) Gardiner as the Prime Minister of Canada?

    I guess the guy with the good video camera on his cell phone had to take a whiz by the time Dion got through a usable ‘take’ for his rebuttal. What a joke.

    I think Frank Valeriote just became the front-runner in the race for the Liberal leadership.

  59. I don’t think the Bloc or NDP did all that poorly, and it was largely due to Harper, who was within striking distance of a majority several times. And be careful how you refer to “that joke” he’s going to be your Prime Minister.

  60. “And be careful how you refer to “that joke” he’s going to be your Prime Minister.”

    He must now be referred to as “Your Jokeness”.

  61. Iggy and Rae? Whose to say that this doesn’t mean the end to the LIberal party as we know it. Ontario and Quebec have been distrustful of each other since WIlliam the conqueror came over from France in 1066. Dion a desperate nice man has had hs full of being chewed up and spit out by the hill and has fallen victim to Laytons own chewing. When the cud is finally digested by Gillesssss the end result will be movement towards a conservative majority. But I think that if somehow Harper could be replaced that result is even more likely. It does reek of a prepared action, a plot to unseat the man who seeks to change this country from it’s predicatable niceness.

  62. What is it about this ‘crisis’ that is making so many journalists feel they can just completely make sh*t up?

  63. It seems Andrew is no longer able to be analytical with regard to Canadian politics. His personal prejudices dictate that he always sides with Stephen Harper and his ineptness and inaction on economic issues!
    This is the same Prime Minister who suggested that it was a good time for people to buy stock at sale prices! He is demonstrably out of touch with Canadians, but rallies his vast Conservative network to cry foul when HIS reign is threatened.
    He demanded more time in the debate to address the economy, and then had nothing to say about it.
    He presents an economic update with no economic stimulus whatever!
    Do you really think this man is able to lead the country?
    His political smarts are always touted and he shoots himself in the foot, yet again.
    He is power-hungry and yet unsuited to lead Parliament.
    Call a “spade a spade” and see this bully for what he is: a power-hungry egomaniac!

  64. Looney in Lotusland

    Think about it this way: I think for some people, to get Harper out has been the number one rule for some years now.

    And to those people is has never been of any importance what Harper had or has to say. They just want him out, period.

    For all the ones who have decided to climb aboard unknowingly to further this get-rid-of-Harper hot and heavy pursuit, might just have been blindsided.

  65. Lynda,

    You are right! I think that Harper should take his vast majority from Manitoba to the Pacific with him and go.

    Duceppe can take his majority and go.

    Who care what happens after that? HIS reign wouldn’t be threatened and you could be a happy Canadian.

    We here in Ontario might not fare so well, but ideology before country!

    That would be a real stimulus, eh!

    Oh and BTW, the power hungry egomaniacs are trying to take power.

  66. I usually appreciate Andrew Coyne’s perspective but on this Coalition issue I think he is stuck in the Conservative fear mongering.
    Today in the House it was all about the SS…. Socialists and Conservatives.
    Who helped bring us Medicare and was named the Greatest Canadian?
    Tommy Douglas, the Socialist.
    As for the Separatists, Quebec itself remains unsure about it.
    I never heard the Conservatives harping about separatists before this Coalition happened.
    The Bloc proposed several bills in the House of benefit to all Canadians. Last session, I and many Canadians appreciated the bill to label GE foods.
    I think that Harper’s behavior has been so deplorable that he should be sent to a Reform school for BULLIES.
    Tar and feather him in Alberta. The tar sands are very destructive .

  67. SS: Socialists and Separatists. Bad for Canada.

  68. And once they know the size of the drapes, will they order windows to fit?