They’re big fans


During debate this afternoon, Peter MacKay, Josee Verner, Jay Hill and Laurie Hawn all appeared to pass their copies of the Throne Speech to the Prime Minister for an autograph.


They’re big fans

  1. Did anyone rip open their shirt and have him sign his name on their chest?

  2. Ah, suck up time to the Boss….I think I’m going to lose my coffee.

  3. I think the bigger question is who did not get the boss to autograph their copies, and when are they launching their leadership races? I’m sure the PMO is taking notes, and is issuing a directive that tomorrow every caucus member is to have their budgets visibly signed by the PM, or else…

  4. Nah. They just wanted a handwriting sample to confirm that this was the same Harper guy they had last seen before Christmas.

    • excellent.

  5. Maybe they think this is the last Throne Speech that’ll ever be given by a Harper government, so it’ll be worth something some day.

    Or, maybe they don’t believe Harper either, so they want him to sign off on the plan so that two months from now, when he’s saying something completely different from what he’s saying today, they’ll have definitive proof he’s making this all up as he goes along.

    Admit it. Don’t you wish you had a signed copy of Harper’s “buying opportunities” speech? Or his claim that Canada will never go back into deficit? (Or his fixed election dates law… or the promise not to tax income trusts…)