‘They’re looking to shift the blame to Enbridge’


Tim HarperReuters and the Globe pick up on James Moore’s comments about Enbridge and the Northern Gateway pipeline.

“This project will not survive scrutiny unless Enbridge takes far more seriously their obligation to engage the public,” he told a radio show Wednesday. Mr. Moore did not agree to an interview on Thursday.

The federal government staunchly supports Northern Gateway, and the opposition New Democratic Party said Mr. Moore’s comments may have been designed to keep B.C. voters happy. “It’s damage control,” said NDP MP Peter Julian, who is the party’s natural resources critic and represents the B.C. riding of Burnaby-New Westminster. “The Conservatives have been pushing this for months, and now that opinion has turned against it in B.C., they’re looking to shift the blame to Enbridge.”


‘They’re looking to shift the blame to Enbridge’

  1. Hasn’t Enbridge met the watered-down minimal environmental standards introduced by the Harper conservatives? You can’t weaken environmental standards as the Conservatives have done then blame Enbridge for complying with the weakened standards. British Colombians will probably figure out the Moore speaks out both sides of his pie-hole.

    • “You can’t weaken environmental standards as the Conservatives have done then blame Enbridge for complying with the weakened standards.”

      Of course you can. You just rely on how most people aren’t paying attention.

  2. Another perfect example of how the Harper government hates the environment, science, Unicorns and fairy dust.

    • Who ever said they hate fairy dust?

    • Well, according to the Irish Rovers, those nasty unicorns were bad at following orders. That doesn’t sit well with his Harperness.

    • They hate unicorns and fairy dust too?!?!?

  3. Even while throwing them under a bus, Moore misses the point of many. People don’t want Enbridge to TALK more, they want them to build safer pipes. Then, they want much safer tankers from a safer coastline.

    • wrong, safer is still not safe enough. The damage could be too extensive and destroy a large part of the last intact temperate rain-forest in the world. It’s a foolish idea being pushed by the rich and powerful for mostly their benefit, we get the crumbs…and the price of a pipeline or tanker spill will be paid by us, Canadians, not the rich and powerful. Although the good news is Harper will be kicked out because of his handling of the pipeline, perhaps even before 2015.

      • A safer coastline is a different one :)
        And I’d like to caution you on your optimism. He won’t get kicked out unless we actively do something about it. Don’t just assume everyone will see the light (and even if they do, we’ve still got vote splitting to contend with). Cooperate for Canada! http://www.leadnow.ca

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