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‘They’ve jammed up the lines’


Brad Lavigne, principal secretary to NDP leader Nycole Turmel, has spoken with reporters to explain what occurred this afternoon.

I would describe it as somebody outside the system was attempting to mess up with our system … The system has not been compromised. The only thing that has taken place has been that they’ve delayed, they’ve jammed up the lines, they’ve occupied the space that the company was creating for our membership.

Let me be absolutely clear, the system was not hacked. It was never even close to being hacked … The only thing we that we know is that the delays that were being caused were caused by those outside of the system who were attempting to mess with our system…


‘They’ve jammed up the lines’

  1. In the broadest sense of the word, yes, they were hacked. The system was hacked. Every system can be hacked to behave differently. Their security may not have been breached, but flooding any system, as with a DDOS attack, is considered a hack. You don’t have to break into the system. You merely need to break the system.

    As an aside, Stephen Harper is a consummate hacker of the political system.

    •  Yes, yes he is. It would make as good an epitaph for the man as almost anything else.

    • I’d tend to disagree about DDOS attacks being considered hacking, at least in any conventional sense of the word.  Hacking is certainly involved in getting the requisite number of clients to DDOS (but 2 IPs? That’s it? That’s not so much a DDOS as it is a script kiddie or two) but the DDOS itself isn’t hacking the system, so far as I’m aware of the definition of the word.

  2. That Poutine fella gets around.

  3. I love it when non-techies are trying to explain this stuff!

  4. Yes, let us hand power to the buffoons who could not prepare for a denial-of-servive attack?

    Did they not think the anarchists would not attack them too, once they became a party of “near power”.?