Things that make you go Hmm, especially if you're a BC Liberal hoping to get re-elected -

Things that make you go Hmm, especially if you’re a BC Liberal hoping to get re-elected


Federal Liberal leadership convention: Vancouver, April 30-May 3.

Provincial B.C. fixed-date re-elect Gordon Campbell election: May 12.


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Things that make you go Hmm, especially if you’re a BC Liberal hoping to get re-elected

  1. Given the less-than-stellar results of the Liberal campaign in this province I think most provincial Liberal policians will find they are otherwise engaged during that other party’s event. Photo ops of smiling BC Liberal candidates and Mr. Ignatieff holding a copy of the “Green Shift” plan may be unique collector items.

  2. Expect public education funding to be high on the provincial list if the local school board trustees are to be believed. Right BC is electing school boards and municipal councils this weekend. In my district parents are pretty much enraged at the province…something about children being seen as numbers and parents as longterm fundraisers/donors while being pretty much ignored the rest of the time gets taxpayers and voters up in arms.

  3. BC Liberals are not liberals. They are an amalgum of Social Credit and Conservatives. There really are very few actual Liberals in BC. Most that call themselves Liberal are really NDP such as Dosangjh who are really socialists but run under the Liberal banner in order to win. We can see how ineffective that is becoming when we see that Dosangjh went from a 9000 cushion to a 20 vote win in this election.

    You won’t see and BC Liberals anywhere near the Liberal convention but it is typical Liberal arrogance to not check to make sure they are not interfering with another major event.

  4. I was kind of hoping they would be closer together so I could help out with the STV Yes campaign while I’m there.

  5. I don’t think there’s much if any connection between the two parties. Virtually everyone in the BC Liberal party would be a Con federally.

  6. C &C Music Factory on Well’s iPod?

  7. I woulda thought Dosanjh represented a type of BC Liberal who, in another time, had to call himself a Dipper to win. Potaytoe potahtoe.

  8. How many of you are really from BC? Because the idea that the BC Liberals are all CPC types is nuts. Carol Taylor anyone? Christy Clark? Need I go on? The fact is that the BC Liberals are a merger of the CPC/SoCreds and the rightish Federal Liberals. Sure the left Libs are with the BC NDP, but that’s just a split inside the centrist Federal Liberal camp which doesn’t seem all that centrist anymore. How else could anyone explain the BC LIB’s carbon tax, or the weird “Ministry of don’t eat bad things and get some exercise, you fatty!”? Campbell is unstable, he flits from pet project to pet project and although he may be more CPC than Fed Lib he is showing a lot of influence from the Fed Libs in his caucus.

  9. I don’t think it’s fair to group all of BC into one political animal. I have family scattered all over the south of the province, and Victoria, rest of the Island, downtown Vancouver, rest of GVA, Okanagan, southern interior, northern interior, they’re all pretty distinct in political character.

    My guess is the whole point of having the convention in Vancouver is to raise their local profile. Whether or not it helps is another thing. I’m not sure how happy the logging industry is with the CPC. Anyone in export is not very happy at the moment. I also don’t see BC being as anti-liberal as the prairies. Southern Ontario is where they’re naturally strong and where they can campaign on strong local candidates. Holding a converence in Quebec won’t help them there. So why not hold it somewhere where they have a chance of picking up more deligates.

    If this signals a Lib shift away from being a mini-me neocon Bay Street party, I’m all for it.

  10. If I was a federal Liberal I’d be worried about holding a leadership race in the midst of a campaign that’s focussed entirely (or largely) on a carbon tax. If, by convention time, Campell is winning it invites people to question whether the carbon tax is a great idea. If, more likely, he’s losing (or hurting) it reminds people of the awful federal election.

    Also, I’d be worried that someone might notice that we’re the third party in BC and, in many ridings, the fourth party. I’d be worried that someone might notice that our BC Lieutenant – our alleged “superstar” – held his seat by 22 votes.

    But… I’m not a federal Liberal.