This afternoon in Guergis -

This afternoon in Guergis


Though reported last night to have decided not to proceed with an investigation of Ms. Guergis, the ethics commissioner is now said to be looking into Ms. Guergis’ affairs. Mr. Snowdy, the private investigator, is back from the Bahamas to talk to the RCMP. The RCMP is so far undecided on pursuing a formal investigation. And Liberal MP Marcel Proulx is thinking about calling Ms. Guergis to testify at the procedure and House affairs committee to explain why Mr. Jaffer was using one of her office e-mail addresses and Blackberries.


This afternoon in Guergis

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  2. This is the opportunity for MPs to take a stand on how the Commons committees have turned into partisan sideshows. They should be forums for the discussion of Canadian issues, not gotcha sessions. Have we learned nothing from the Schreiber fiasco?

    The Conservatives put out a wretched little playbook with instructions on how to shut down committees. Don't prove them right.

  3. This Snowdy guy really gets around. Definitely not camera shy.