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‘This ain’t Canada right now’


So there is now the tale of the amputee whose prosthetic leg was confiscated by police. And then—with all the necessary caveats about amateur video posted to the Internet, what it shows and what it doesn’t show—there is this.

The public safety committee will apparently soon be recalled to consider the events of that weekend in Toronto.


‘This ain’t Canada right now’

  1. That old officer is Detective Mark “The G20 Goof” Charlebois #815 of the York Regional Police. He is under investigation for those remarks. More worrisome is that he was under investigation for fondling a youth offender in District 2 washroom while under his custody. A pure POS.

  2. That “old officer” is a HERO!!!! He is not afraid of the Zionist and Jahoodi entities infiltrating your dying and decaying country. Det. Mark Charlebois is not able to be corrupted and he should be awarded a medal for what he did for our family. He knows how to handle corruption and decit.

  3. Afarin, he’s a hero?
    Maybe you rag heads are accustomed to heavy handed, no rights type of police style but this is Canada. Despite what the Sgt. Mark Charlebois has stated. He’s an embarrassment to Canada, the police and himself. He should be fired. If he’s still on the force then York Regional Police has zero credibility.


  4. Detective Mark Charlebois #815 sexually assaulted my daughter while she went to the washroom at District 2 police station. My daughter was 14 years old at the time and was there because her friend was charged for shop lifting at Hillcrest Mall on Yonge Street. No charges were laid against my daughter.

    The OIPRD refused to investigate saying they “had no jurisdiction” on the crime. Chief Eric Jolliffe refused to investigate saying she was lying without an investigation and no police officer would investigate and only harassed her and my family.

    No charges were laid and no justice was done. Since this time I have learned that 2 York Regional Police officers were charged for sexual assault (Cst. Noor Khan and Cst. Brent Rouillard).

    The York Regional Police force is sick, twisted and corrupt. They can not be trusted and females must be aware of how sick and twisted these individuals are. Do not trust the YRP and do not trust Detective Mark Charlebois #815. He is a rapist, a pervert and a sick and twisted individual as are many other York Regional Police officers. They will lie and cover up their crimes.

    My daughter has been traumatized and will suffer for the remainder of her life because of this monster. I understand this pervert and creep did this to many others and it is always covered up. SHAME!!

  5. I to was a victim of assault by this so called officer of the law when him and his partner detained me in an abandoned alley and anally penetrated me with their batons. I have since filed a class action suit against these animals and their department, did I mention I was 16 yr old teenage boy at the time.