‘This is just plain bad’


The Canadian Press, CBC and Postmedia report from Ontario Superior Court, where a lawyer for Stephen Harper (et al.) argued today that Helena Guergis’ lawsuit should be dismissed. The Prime Minister originally moved for dismissal in May.

Meanwhile, the private investigator says Rahim Jaffer sought information about secret satellite technology.


‘This is just plain bad’

  1. Can we get that second paragraph in English?

  2. “This is throwing things against the wall to see what sticks”

    Looks like she learned well from her former boss…

  3. Wow – Fantino ordered Jaffer’s arresting officer’s silence?

    • it was that or get taken down to cherry beach, i guess.

  4. This is the same satellite technology that Harp was quite willing to sell? The ‘cutting-edge’ stuff that Canadians paid for in their taxes……and then had to fight to save?