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‘This is our inheritance’


The prepared text of Justin Trudeau’s speech to the Reviving the Islamic Spirit conference in Toronto tonight.

As-salamu Alaykum.

I am here today because I believe in Freedom of Expression.

I am here today because I believe in Freedom of Peaceful Assembly.

I am here today because I believe in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which guarantees those sacred things to you, to me, and to all people with whom we share this land.

But mostly, I am here today because I believe in you.

I believe in the contributions you have made to our country. And I know that together we will make even greater contributions in the future.

Let me begin with a story. A story from your history. One that I hope will stay in your minds as you think about our common future.

Many generations ago, a young man was confronted by traditional religious elders. The kind of folks that today we might call fundamentalists or even extremists.

You see, a centuries-old conflict was raging. Prominent people on each side were convinced of their rightness. And loudly proclaimed that the other side was not only wrong, but wrong because of their religious beliefs, their culture, and their identity.

And as is far too often the case, these leaders reserved special scorn for those within their ranks who sought common ground with others. They understood the threat that moderation and compromise present to those who preach rigid doctrine.

This young man was struggling at the time. He was just starting out in the world. He was facing many of the same issues that, I suspect, you are facing today. How do I remain true to my values, to my culture, while I serve the interests of the society to which I belong?

He knew who he was, and what he believed. He was proud of his heritage, his culture, his religion. But he parted ways, decisively, with those within his community who would use these things to build walls.

But then, he was granted a remarkable opportunity, to address a distinguished audience of political, religious, and business leaders.

And so he challenged them to think beyond the narrow confines of the present and to look towards the future.

He said “Providence has united together on this corner of Earth populations of different origins and creeds. Is it not manifest that these populations must have together common and identical interests?”

That young man is a very important part of your history, as I said. But he would not go on to become an Imam, a holy man, or a Caliph.

He would, however, go on to become, among many more important things, my second-favourite Prime Minister.

The year was 1877. The place was Quebec City. And the brave young man’s name was Wilfrid Laurier.

He was 35 years old, with barely three years of service in Parliament to recommend him.

And he had made a difficult choice.

Rather than fall in line with his elders and marshal his already prodigious talents in exclusive service of what he called his race, he chose an improbable new path.

One that honoured what was good and noble about his own culture, yes. But one that used those very things to serve a higher purpose: to find common ground between people of differing beliefs.

Laurier saw something clearly, perhaps more clearly than any other Canadian; he saw that here, in this place, a new idea was taking shape. A new way of living together just might be possible.

He knew that his was a country founded and built by people who had warred against one another for centuries on their home continent: English vs French, Catholic vs Protestant. Early on, these murderous conflicts crossed the Atlantic Ocean with them.

But then a unique thing happened. Despite the fact that the English were victorious on the battlefield, the same measure of freedom was gained by each side.

In one of the most moving passages of that speech, speaking about the obelisk on the Plains of Abraham, Laurier said:

“In what other country under the sun, can you find a similar monument reared to the memory of the conquered as well as of the conqueror? In what other country under the sun, will you find the names of the conquered and the conqueror equally honored and occupying the same place in respect of the population? Where is the Canadian who, comparing his country even with the freest countries, would not feel proud of the institutions that protect him?”

Now, the point of this story is not that remarkable moment in our history. The point is everything that has happened since.

This is our inheritance. One that has been renewed by successive generations to this very day.

That two peoples who had been enemies came together to build institutions — and a Constitution — that guaranteed freedom not only for one another, but for all who would come after them.

They were joined in this great project over the years by people of every conceivable culture, religion and ethnicity.

Waves and waves of young men and women who chose to emphasize what was kind-hearted about their own traditions. Free people who chose to use the generosity of spirit that is the root of all faith, to find common ground with those whose beliefs differed from their own.

As it is written in the Holy Qur’an:

‘The true servants of the Most Merciful are those who behave gently and with humility on earth, and whenever the foolish quarrel with them, they reply with [words of] peace.’
(al-Furqan 25: 63)

It has never been easy. This road has never been smooth or straight. Generations of Canadians had to overcome deep differences. They made a deliberate choice to turn their backs on rancour and conflict.

But today, because of them, we are all blessed to live in the most diverse country in the history of the world. One of the most peaceful and most prosperous.

One that has now moved beyond the goal of mere tolerance. Because saying “I tolerate you” is to grudgingly allow you to breathe the same air, to walk the same earth. And while there are many places in the world where tolerance is still just a far-off dream, in Canada, we are beyond that. So let us not use the word tolerance. Let us speak instead of acceptance, understanding, respect, and friendship.

Here, we have come to a new realization, together: that a country can be great not in spite of its diversity, but because of its diversity.

This is our story now, yours and mine. The story of our country, Canada.

So as you reflect this weekend about the future, take heart. Know that the struggles we are facing have been faced down before. Know that the conflicting feelings in our hearts have been felt before. Know that compromise and moderation are not the path of weakness, but of courage and strength. That there is always a positive path in this country for all who seek common ground.

Most important, remember this: our inheritance must be constantly renewed by those who share Laurier’s vision.

When people come together to create opportunities for one another, the dreams we hold in common will crowd out the fears that would divide us.

For it is not the political class, but the middle class, that unites this country. Open to all, our broad and diverse middle class is Canada’s centre of gravity. Good people. People with common hopes and common challenges, coming together to find common ground.

There are already too many forces in the world that drive us into separate camps, that isolate us, and make us suspicious of one another.

Yesterday, protesters tried to prevent me from speaking at a school because of my stance defending gay marriage and women’s rights.

And as you know, some conservatives tried to stir up controversy about my appearance here today. They tried to appeal to people’s fears and prejudices, the very things that this gathering was founded to overcome.

Now, I respect and defend their right to express their opinions.

But, I want you to know that I will always stand up to the politics of division and fear. It is short-sighted to pit groups of Canadians against one another. It may make some feel good for a little while, or even work politically in the short-term.

But it is no way to build a country. Least of all this country. It is not who we are.

We are here today to do what we Canadians have been doing together for generations. We are honouring our diversity through friendship and understanding, so that we can build from it a common, positive future.

So I join you in your commitment to that more hopeful future. Let us pledge ourselves to building a country that brings people together; that finds the highest virtue in compromise, moderation, and common ground.

Nearly thirty years after that first speech, then in his third term as our Prime Minister, Laurier put it this way to an audience in Edmonton.

“We do not want or wish that any individual should forget the land of his origin. Let them look to the past, but let them still more look to the future. Let them look to the land of their ancestors, but let them look also to the land of their children. Let them become Canadians and give their heart, their soul, their energy, and all their power to Canada”

That was Laurier’s wish for us. And it is mine for you. Be hopeful and positive, my friends.

Your country needs you.

May peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you.


‘This is our inheritance’

  1. Oh very nice….very nice indeed. Thank you Justin.

    • What a silly git he is ! I predict he will soon leave politics altogether …This ranks up there with ‘Canada in my bones’.LOL

      • Yeah, that was his dad….only stuck around long enough to change the constution….a complete failure…clearly.

  2. … and I’d like to take a moment and thank Vidal Sassoon® for making this hair possible.

    • Vidal Sassoon is dead.

      • But his shampoo lives on.

        • And obviously intelligent commentary does not.

          • If I find any, I’ll let you know.

          • .. intelligent commentary such as “Oh very nice….very nice indeed. Thank you Justin.” ??

          • Do you need an explanation?

          • Yes please. And could I request it on youtube in the form of interpretive dance?

          • I think you’ve already requested one eggnog too many. LOL

          • Aaaaahhh; you say that to everybody!

          • Nah…just crackpot Cons…they all sound drunk.

      • So is your sense of humor, apparently.

        • Cons don’t have a sense of humour, they’re just nasty.

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  3. As it is written in the (un)Holy Qur’an:

    O followers of the Book! do not exceed the limits in your religion, and do not speak (lies) against Allah, but (speak) the truth; the Messiah, Isa son of Marium is only an apostle of Allah and His Word which He communicated to Marium and a spirit from Him; believe therefore in Allah and His apostles, and say not, Three. …

    Such blasphemy against Jesus Christ the son of God is the trademark of antichrist; those who follow allah and the false prophet do so at their peril:

    Who is a liar but he that denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denies the Father and the Son. – 1 John 2:22

    • BOO!

      Good morning from the antichrist.

      Well, one of millions actually.

      • Let me tell you something Princess Puffer, if you’re “one of millions” I’ll eat an old pair of Aimee Semple McPherson’s shorts for Christmas dinner.

        You look to me like the goofiest “one-off” in existance.

        • There’s over a billion atheists in the world, luv. Enjoy your meal.

          • So what does an atheist have for Christmas dinner, a lattee and a croissant?

            Bit of “poo-teen” on it maybe?

            It must keep Santa busy delivering a billion croissants. Or was it a million? Sure wish you could make up your feeble mind.

            Justine’s mother is giving him a Trotsky bible for Christmas. Written by Karl Marx.

          • Oh….is there a christian food?

            Personally, I celebrate Sir Isaac Newton’s birthday, and eat anything I like.

            Now go to bed and try again tomorrow…..no wait, make that next week.

    • LMAO!!

    • Nine votes for this nonsense? All the social cons should crawl back under the rock they came from…

  4. Good Lord, he`s now speaking in Parables.
    He really thinks he is the Saviour sent here to enlighten us.
    What a fool !

    • He’s not the Saviour, he’s just one of the Angels of God.

    • Con cranks are such disgusting pieces of sh*t.

      • Ron Waller can`t handle the truth—-reverts back to his caveman days.

  5. To paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen, “You sir, are no Wilfrid Laurier”

    • Just ask a con crank…

  6. “As it is written in the Holy Qur’an”

    Utter blasphemy by a so-called Catholic.

    • So-called Catholic indeed. He’s proudly opposed to the key tenets of Catholicism, yet calls himself a Catholic. He calls the Qur’an the “Holy Qur’an”, but I can’t remember ever hearing him quote the bible, much less call it the “Holy Bible”. But I’m sure he think’s there’s a few votes in wearing the Catholic label, so he’ll wear it until it becomes inconvenient.

      • Exactly. Trudeau only has principles when they’re convenient. He reminds me of those God-fearing, pro-life Conservative MPs who sit on their hands and prop up a government that refuses to do anything to stop abortions. (Sarcasm off.)

        In other words, Conservatives can’t give lectures on religion vs. political expediency either, Rick.

        • There’s a difference between sitting on your hands, and actively promoting policies that contradict one’s religion. Don’t you think? Personally, it wouldn’t bother me one iota, because we all know the leftist parties in Canada are anti-Christian. It’s just bothersome when he tries to pass himself of as a Catholic at the same time.

          • ‘There’s a difference between sitting on your hands, and actively promoting policies that contradict one’s religion. Don’t you think?’

            No, I don’t. But, hey, whatever helps them sleep (besides that MP paycheque).

          • Yup. When Harper opposes restricting abortion, rolling back gay rights, or restricting stem-cell research, all in contravention of the tenants of his church, it doesn’t make him a “so-called” born-again. Not like Trudeau. Just cuz.

          • Are you Catholic, Rick?

      • I don’t think you quite understand Catholic theology enough to be casting aspersions in his direction…

        • I don’t think you understand enough about anything to say anything at all.

          • Such a cogent argument…depth of thought, scope of vision, all revealed in that one tiny statement….

          • No different from yours, genius.

          • Are you Catholic?

          • Yes (even though it’s none of your damn business).

          • But it is your business to judge JT’s fitness to be catholic …got you!

          • Wrong. Of course he’s fit to be Catholic. You don’t understand Catholicism at all… people don’t get kicked out for failing to do one thing or another, in fact it’s expected that all Catholics will have failings, all the time. It’s part of being Catholic. All Catholics are fit to be Catholic. No Catholic will ever judge other Catholics that way. There is the concept of excommunication, but that is for extreme cases, a few times per century, and has nothing to do with ordinary Catholics.
            However it’s often easy to notice if someone is preaching Catholic doctrine or something that conflicts with Catholic doctrine. And it’s not “judging” anyone to point that out, there is no “judging” in Catholicism, there is no political correctness. You appear to be very confused about how Catholicism works. When people preach things that are considered sins (eg abortion), it is a Catholic’s duty to notice and to stand up for Catholic doctrine. Catholics fail to do this all the time, but it does not make them less Catholic.

            You just don’t get it at all.

            As for my business, if I were a politician running for office, then of course my religious background would be public knowledge, just like a lot of other things. But as a private citizen, that is nobody’s business. If people happen to know, so be it, but I think it’s rude to be directly asking a stranger about his/her religious background.

          • Well your right i don’t get Catholics, but i find it unlikely there is the unanimity you seem to feel there is on doctrine.

    • Blaspheming what? Your cornflakes? He’s quoting the Koran. There’s nothing blasphemous about that.

  7. I thought that was a fantastic speech. Reflecting, as it does, my own viewpoint. However, how you can say all of that and then NOT be in favour of political parties cooperating to bring in the electoral reform that will lessen our divisions is beyond me.

    • Agreed on the quality of the speech. I haven’t thought before that any of JT”s speeches rated as above ok. This one is at the least a very good one.
      As for cooperating… I think he has to test his strength first.

      • Truthfully, I know that. And I even get how it would be irresponsible of both JT and Mulcair to be for it at this stage. But I’m the Cooperator and worry they’ll turn too late.

        • I sympathize. Hopefully if it becomes clear that neither man Can take SH in “15, then our members (us, we) will insist they cooperate.

  8. It makes me rather sad that some commenters have tried to make themselves feel good by mocking what are objectively some fine sentiments about the Canadian tradition of unity and acceptance (and in the process also mocking our Muslim brothers and sisters). Trudeau also gave us a little bit of actual Canadian history. Sure, he’s a politician. And I’m not likely to ever vote for him. But the least we can do is take his words at face value and reserve judgment for his subsequent actions. Poor sad Canadians, so wrapped up in prejudice and feeling the need to be heard that we can’t listen. There are probably quotes about that in both the Bible and the Quran. :(

    • I agree. It was a great speech, and I’ve forwarded it to others.

      However we certainly have ‘poor sad Canadians’ wrapped up in prejudice. They are mostly Cons….who can’t vote Liberal anyway….so mocking is all they’re capable of.

      Most Canadians don’t think like that, thank goodness.

    • Trudeau speaks of real Canadian values. Unfortunately, hard right conservatives like Harper prefer American values:

      Harper on America and Republicans: “Your country and particularly your conservative
      movement, is a light and an inspiration to people in this country and across the world.”

      • This comment was deleted.

        • Christian Fundies are bigots, ignoramuses and hypocrites. They condemn the Muslim faith for having patriarchal elements while being oblivious to their own. Take the verses in the NT that say wives must submit to their husband, e.g.:

          “Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.” Ephesians 5:24

          Fact is Christianity brought gender inequality to the West (when it became the religion of the Roman Empire in the 4th century.) It was secular humanism that pointed out this was wrong and only recently (woman got the vote in the early 1900s; women’s liberation movement started in the 1960s; there’s a “glass ceiling” that still exists today…)

          As Jesus, said,

          “How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” (Mat 7:4-5)

  9. Judging only from the reaction of the conbots here it was a pretty good speech.

    • Yeah, they complain that Trudeau is getting so much media coverage. But whenever there is a story on him they are all over it.

  10. This comment was deleted.

    • Source please?

        • Really?….then perhaps you can explain as well why the Jewish Tribune doesn’t mention that Jews also seat themselves that way in synagogue.

          • You need to change the stool oftener in your bong, or put some bird seed in there.
            No one in their right mind can defend “pretty” little Justine on this one.

          • Speech is being cheered all across Canada.

            Like I said…lay off the eggnog.

          • Eggnog? Where did you mention eggnog? I don’t see any eggnog. You’re in rough shape buddy, you’re hallucinating again.

            But nevertheless, the only people cheering Justine’s little lecture to the muslimi are the twelve year olds brainwashed over the years by their 300 pound kindergarten teachers.

          • Ahhh sot, you’re cute when you’re baked. LOL

          • Baked? You definitely need a better ESL instructor don’t you?

            By the way, your little playmate Justine looks exactly like his mother and nothing like his declared father. Do you have any “opionions” on that?

          • JT’s was not a true speech of a budding politician.It was a collection of platitudes put together probably by his brother Sacha, with one intent: to appeal to some Muslims and convert them to voters for the wanna be king.

          • Gosh….unlike Romney or Obama eh? Or any other politician in the world.

            But since you don’t intend to vote Lib anyway….why worry?

          • I’ll ignore the fact that this was a campaign speech, not a religious ceremony, and focus on the fact that you’re lying. That’s a lie. Source?

          • That’s orthodox, so you were lying, almost all Jews in Canada are NOT orthodox.
            Now, let’s go back to the fact that this was a Justin Trudeau campaign speech, and not am Islamic prayer service, and that a couple was kicked out for sitting in the men’s section.

          • Orthodox Jews are the same as Orthodox Muslims. Very strict and very segregated. Here, and in the US and Israel.

            Women ride at the back of the bus, must be covered all over including a veil, and cannot swim or eat together or anything else.

            Both religions also have more modern movements like Reform Judaism, and everything in between.

            This was a conference….not a ‘prayer service’. And Justin was invited.

          • Exactly, it was a conference, are you daft? That’s what I was saying.
            And who gives a rat’s patootey what orthodox jews do, that has absolutely nothing to do with what I said, nor does it have anything to do with this speech.

          • Muslims don’t have ‘prayer meetings’….they aren’t Baptists after all….who btw also have strict male/female rules.

            Seeing as we have freedom of religion in this country people can seat themselves any way they wish…..and others do exactly what Muslims do.

            So can the racism.

          • What the heck are you talking about? This conference had nothing to do with Jews, Baptists, Buddhists or followers of the Jedi.
            No, people cannot seat themselves anyway they wish, that’s why the couple got thrown out! Are you senile? The reason I wrote my comment is people COULD NOT seat themselves anyway they wish at Justin’s campaign speech.

          • Muslims practice their guaranteed freedom of religion, and you blame Justin for it.

            You’ve long since lost that round, so now you’re just being silly. LOL

          • No, you’re being so unbelievably dishonest and stupid, it’s setting a new bar, even for you. It was a Muslim couple that was thrown out! They are not practicing freedom of anything by getting thrown out! They are getting thrown out! That’s not freedom!
            Secondly, this has nothing to do with freedom of religion, it was a campaign speech, by a politician, a politician who is not Muslim, and it was at a conference, not a religious service, so once again, you are talking about something that has absolutely nothing to do with anything.

          • LOL sorry kid, you lost at least 10 posts ago, and now you’re just screaming and sulking. Go suck your thumb.

          • Still nothing slightly or remotely related, I see.

          • Still sulking I see. LOL

          • Still nothing. Try harder.

          • LOL I left you to snivel alone in your sandbox a couple of hours ago. I have no interest in talking to the diaper brigade, sorry. Nighty-nite.

          • That was not trying hard enough. Can you say anything of substance?

          • s_c-f : Stay away from her —she is Wherry`s troll.

          • She’s not just his troll, she trolls all the blogs and articles at this site.
            She has a pathological obsession with having the last word. It’s comical.

          • OMFG….really? am I part of a giant conspiracy now? Ooooh how exciting!

            PS….Cons are crackpots.

    • It’s people like you that really spread misinformation. Atleast speak to facts, ok? There was family section right in the middle which had the majority of seats. The people weren’t “thrown out”. They went there because they gain publicity and fame for making these “explosive” revelations. It’s pretty pathetic and sad to be honest. Why can’t we ever talk about policies that are good for Canada instead of denigrating people. You realize Stephen Harper sent a congratulatory letter last year to this conference.

      • There is no evidence of your accusations. For someone who claims to peddle in facts, all I can see are fantasies.

      • Is dividing the crowd by married vs single any better (or any easier to defend)?

      • As I pointed out in another comment, social-con bigots like “s_c_f” are hypocrites and ignoramuses. They attack the Muslim faith for having patriarchal elements, while ignoring the ones in their own religion.

        There are many verses in the NT that say wives must submit to their husbands:

        “Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything.” Ephesians 5:24

        The reason why women were (and still are) oppressed in the West is because of Christianity. Social cons are also against any measures to tackle the “glass ceiling.”

        • Ron old buddy, I believe you have a confused interpretation of Ephesians Chapter 5 that deals with Christian relationships generally but with additional guidance for married people. There’s nothing here whatever
          about oppression of women. Quite to the contrary.

          In Ephesians 5:20 the writer wants us all to “give thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” And in
          verse 21 the writer asks each of us to “submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.”

          In other words in all relationships, husband and wife, parent and child, whatever, a third party is involved, Christ himself, and we are advised to conduct all relationships in light of Christ’s own spirit.

          In dealing specifically with married couples in verse 21 husband and wife have each been asked to submit to each other out of reverence for
          Christ. Verse 24 is as you stated, it’sa repetition of guidance for wives asking them once again to submit to the person now their husband, but in verse 25 husbands are asked to love their wives just as Christ loved the Church and gave himself up for her.

          And it all relates back to Genesis 2:24 where a man shall be joined to his wife and they shall become one flesh. And in Proverbs 18:22 we learn “He who finds a wife finds a good thing.”

          There is no oppression. The Bible is telling us how to find a spouse that we can submit to, each one to the other, and how man and wife through love and respect can achieve the blessing of an ideal marriage in which they can stand before God as one flesh.

  11. We only have to look south to realize that a nation that is seriously divided in principles is lost. Can’t we all agree that one of Canada’s greatest strengths is its diversity and the people who have made this country strong. Try to think positively and not constantly look to criticize and demean others.

  12. Islam, just another religion.

    Muhammad, just another man. Got it? He is nothing to me and millions of others in this country, so stop trying to make us like the religion. I don’t and I won’t.

    Muhammad, in full Abū al-Qāsim Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn ʿAbd al-Muṭṭalib ibn Hāshim (born 570, Mecca, Arabia [now in Saudi Arabia]—died June 8, 632, Medina), founder of the religion of Islam, accepted by Muslims throughout the world as the last of the prophets of God.

    He is not my prophet. Nor will he ever be.

    I have seen the news from other parts of the world where they did not exist in great #’s before, and now that they are, the indigenous people wish they were not there any more.

    They start with an act of respect for the country they “adopt” but begin to demand absolute acceptance of their ways, and as #’s increase so do their complaints about the customs of their new homes.

    If you cannot practice your customs within your own confines, I say go back home if you do not like it here

    “There’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.” Those unforgettable words made famous by Pierre Trudeau in 1967.

    Politicians (and Wannabe’s) do not belong in places of Worship, for political purposes in this Nation. GeorgeW, 2012.

    I find it is sickening to see Justin Trudeau buttering up to the Muslims for votes.

    He knows the first one to sell his soul, and say he will support every little thing they (all fringe groups) want, will be elected. Then what?

    Its time politicians started talking about real issues.

    • All religions are the same

      • All religions are the same, says Emily.

        Wrong! There’s a noticeable difference between a Weenie Worshipper like you and say, a Jane Street Rastafarian.

        • Sot….go sleep it off.

      • Only one is a political organization, and Justin (why I am talking about this guy) is trying to score political points by addressing them at this conference. Sickening.
        I do not want the Politics of Islam representing my Country.

        • Mmmm all religions do exactly the same things. And other politicians have addressed this conference. Harper even sent them certificates last year.

          Muslims have been in Canada since day one….and there are in fact more Muslims than Jews here.

          Islam produced many scientific and mathematical advances in the world.

          There are a billion Muslims on the planet. Your neighbour, the person beside you on the bus….your MP….could be Muslim

          They vote, they spend money, they pay taxes….get over yourself.

          • LOL Emily, whenever I look into the mirror, I get “over Myself”
            “Religions do exactly the same things” Same as what?
            Chew on this.
            Religious figures, men known as Popes, Bishops, Imams, and Priests used to be the controllers of the people for the unseen bosses.
            If used properly, it is a good thing.
            When abused it is a thing of horror.
            History is full of Religion running rampant justly destroying their enemy in the name of their Lord(s). (It was used effectively in WW1)
            They all have their turn in the great cycles of time and they will all have a turn again.
            So Islam is striking back at the wrongs meted out by western countries telling them what to do, how to do it, and where to live, and I believe they have the right to push back.
            There is a fine line, a balance that needs to be maintained, allowing them to present their rage, yet also allowing us to express our fears to them as well.
            The modern, unjust wars against Middle Eastern, long cursed for having so much crude oil, are pure evil.
            They were not intended to release the yoke of tyranny from the peoples necks, the true intentions are, I believe, only the preclude to more of the same. I support President Bashar Hafez al-Assadm, as bad as his rule has been, it was peaceful in Syria prior to what they have now and will have for a long time to come.

            But I digress. Please accept my apologies.
            “Muslims have been in Canada since day one”
            Day one? The aboriginal peoples have been here since day one.

            “Islam has produced many scientific and mathematical advances…” All cultures go through a “renaissance period” where they generate great achievements. Many great advances have been made by Muslim men of great intelligence. That is no big deal.
            Even more fascinating is the Mayan Calendar. We know zilch about these “Primitive” peoples, yet in one chunk of rock they lay out a 26000 year planetary cycle.
            Oh Yes, if the Wasabi sect of Islam found it first, they would have smashed it into oblivion.

            There are a billion Muslims…//…could be a Muslim.
            You mean my Nephew and his wife could be Muslim?
            Oh wait a minute, they are Muslim!! I love them dearly.
            (Another one is married to an Israeli Jew)
            I do not belong to organized religion myself. Stopped in 1983 when I woke up.
            Oh I believe in God all right, and He is Beautiful, and more of Him is revealed to me every day.

            I do not vote, I do spend money, and we are all deceived into believing we need to pay taxes.
            Oh yes, Islamic law prohibits usury. Imagine what our taxes would be if our country did not borrow our money from….????

            Any way Merry Christmas or Happy Holliday or Happy over Commercialization, and God Bless.

          • All religions are a complete system. And all religious people are supposed to adhere to their system. Most people don’t anymore, that’s all.

            ‘Day One’ refers to July 1, 1967. Muslims were here, and are as much founders and citizens as anyone else.

            The Golden Age of Islam was a high point, and yes all civilizations reach high points and then many of them fall. Some come back, some do not.

            It is now our turn to fall.

            If you were related to Muslims, you’d know more about them, and not be so paranoid.

            Yes, we need to pay taxes You can’t have a civilization without taxes.

            Christian law forbade usury at one time….that’s how Jews got to be money-lenders and ended up with a bad rep. Eventually capitalist society dumped that little inconvenience and society grew. There is nothing wrong with credit or debt.

            Thank you for your good wishes, and Happy Sir Isaac Newton’s birthday tomorrow, to you.

          • Emily,

            July 1st 1967 is day One? Of what?

            July 1st 1967 was day 36025 since July 1st
            1867 and was the celebration of one hundred years since Confederation.

            Everyone sang “CA-NA-DA: (One little two little three Canadians): We love thee” and so on
            around the country. A lot was dedicated, built and done in Honor of that day
            across Canada.

            “Muslims were here (in 1967) and are as much founders”? What are you
            talking about?

            In what way were they founders? Have you looked up Canada’s Founding
            Fathers? None were Muslims. None. Were any of the explorers that first found
            our land Muslim? And if so they were not important enough and there was never the
            need to mention that there was a Muslim on board the ships nor will there ever
            be the need, for it does not matter.

            They certainly have a right to be citizens here. But I do not want to
            live where they came from because I do not want to live their lifestyles.

            I am related to Muslims, I told you that. Both are engineers.

            And a Russian/Israeli Jew, my Nieces Husband. I have not seen anything
            he cannot and will not do for work.

            A Mexican is my Nephews wife. University grad.

            A full blood Native Canadian is a Sister in Law. She is a woodsman and
            trapper, business woman.

            My British mother was in England during the blitz with my older brother.

            My father was (rest his soul) a third generation Alberta rancher before
            the war.

            Our family is one of tolerance and acceptance, and is truly multicultural.
            I am not ashamed of my opinions.

            I am not paranoid I am cautious.
            Tell me, do you ever enter a situation that makes you uncomfortable?
            Is that paranoia?

            I want to hear real two way dialog about concerns that should be dealt
            with. Not just open arms for opens arms sake, making us look like door mats.

            It is not Muslim’s I fear, it is what they can represent if we do not
            do a proper vetting before turning free range to every culture that comes our
            way. Despite what the Pierre Trudeau Constitution (another issue altogether)
            did to our country, we are still Canada must run this country with respect for
            what the people who live here already, and in large numbers, have come to know
            Canada to be.

            Emily, do you really believe — “It is now our turn to fall”?

            I here the sound of Capitulation here, and I truly hope that you are in
            the minority in that belief.

            When growing up the line was “I would rather be Red than Dead” What

            I want to be a Canadian, I want to be free. I want you and everyone to
            be free. I will die fighting rather than to let your freedom slip away.

            There is nothing wrong with the WISE USE of credit and debt.

            We should not be paying interest on federal borrowing on our behalf.

          • I think you’re well aware it was a typo for 1867.

            And I think you’re well aware Muslims were here then. ‘the 1871 Canadian Census found 13 European Muslims among the population.[13][14] However there are reports that there were Muslims earlier than that’

            Culture, religion, lifestyle are all different but mixable. We have entered the era of globalization….and we WILL all mix. There is only one race anyway….we all have the same DNA

            Canada is a nation of immigrants, and more of them will be even better.

            Christians have been far worse to me….and to everyone else, than Muslims ever knew how to be.

            Up until the year 1500CE, China…a 5000 year old civilization…. had the largest GDP in the world….and then they hit a bad couple of emperors and went downhill….right into hell in fact. But the Chinese are coming back….on their way up again.

            The ‘west’ has only been around for 500 years…..and we’ve spent most of that time fighting. About religion, about resources, about rulers. We’ve even had to start numbering our world wars!

            We’ve done our little thing on the world stage…..and we’ve made the same mistake Rome did….’imperial overstretch’ plus a fortress mentality and arrogance. Rome never advanced….war weapons were all they were interested in, and looking grand. They didn’t change….they coudn’t change, and so they disappeared.

            Canadians aren’t any freer than anyone else. There is far more to freedom than a ballot.

            Don’t die for something, LIVE for it.

            PS If you refuse to pay interest on borrowed money…..you won’t get any.

          • EmilyOne,
            You did not make a Typo, I think you believe Canada became a Country in 1967, and it became official when Captain Canada brought in the “Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, on April 17, 1982”.

            You say:
            “Culture, religion, lifestyle are all different but mixable. We have entered the era of globalization….and we WILL all mix. There is only one race anyway….we all have the same DNA”
            “Canada is a nation of immigrants, and more of them will be even better.”

            I say:
            EmilyOne, what is the reason you are so desirous of the destruction of My Country?
            Country’s develop their own culture over time, and is not transferable to other countries, as that is one way wars start. A world where individual countries respect the differences of the each other and accept this is the world I want to live in.
            That would be Cultural diversity. When you go there you have done your homework and understand their customs. You can immerse yourself in the culture and see for yourself firsthand the glory or the horrors of how they live.
            But they accept you and you accept them, and when you come HOME, you can bring with you what you feel would improve our lives here, and like some new craze, if it was of any value, it would go coast to coast in a flash.
            I do not think turning our country into a garbage can where bringing in the worlds trash and giving each and every one of them FULL access to their customs and historical quarrels is going to enrich our lives in any way. Instead it is a recipe for disaster.
            I do not need to listen to the likes of Justin and his dead father; I can think for myself and see for myself the game they play with our world. The Justin’s, Sacha’s, and Pierre’s of the world have been working for years to divide and separate us into little groups telling us we are intolerant if we cannot live within one border. It will not work, will never work, and they know it.
            So do you, all the EmilyOne type people of the Country of Canada.

          • Everybody in Canada is an immigrant…we just all came at different times.

            Humans went from families to tribes, from tribes to regions, from regions to countries, from countries to ‘blocs’, and now we’re moving to a global world.

            One world, one race…human….no borders.

          • “One world, one race…human….no borders.”

            Emily old buddy, you need to come up with a more original idea than that. Adolph the Crack Pot was working on the exact same thing; he called his the Thousand Year Reich.

            Will you and Justine be running this thing together? You with the mouth and Justine with the $700 haircut.

            By the way your little atheistic Evolutionary Scale started with “families.” That’s an odd place to start, where did they come from?

          • Sot…I have no idea why you are wasting everybody’s time by traipsing around after me, and then both misquoting what I’ve said, and babbling nonsense about it….but I find it boring, and have no interest in responding. Ciao.


          • What a grotesque assortment of allegations.

            a) You can’t cite one example where I’ve misquoted you? I’ve done no such thing.
            b) It’s unfortunate you think people are “babbling” when they’re, for the most part, seeking clarification.
            c) And to proclaim that people are “traipsing” around after you; that’s an unbalanced thing to say if you ask me.

            Unfortunately for you, fully 13% of the comments on this story are yours and 100% of what you say is gibberish and requires clarification. MacLeans is a well respected magazine with thoughtful articles written to keep Canadians informed about politics and current events. Most of us are here to read the articles and to learn something. And if you’re here because someone is paying you to be here, you need to find a different line of work.

          • I said Ciao, I meant Ciao.


        • But you are fine with the Politics of Christianity representing my Country? I am neither of the above, and will respect your right to adhere to your religious laws right up to the point where you try to impose them on me. There are certain things found in most religions, otherwise known as common sense. Such as prohibitions against killing each other, for example. And yet, in the zeal to worship your (same) god, Christians and Muslims both declare war on each other and various expressions of themselves.

          So once you religious have stopped doing that, then we can talk about representing.

          • I am not a part of any organised religion nor is there a political party that represents my beliefs. See my comment below EmilyOne

  13. “There are already too many forces in the world that drive us into separate camps, that isolate us, and make us suspicious of one another.” – Justin
    “Canada isn’t doing well right now because it’s Albertans who control our community and socio-democratic agenda … This country, Canada, it belongs to us (Quebecers).” – somebody else, clearly

    • Albertans being one of the forces that drive us into separate camps.

  14. Oh Justine, thank you thank you thank you, so very nice indeed, thank you Justine.

    Frenched up Canuck politics hasn’t been this much fun since the US Coast Guard yanked Pierre Scummer Trudeau, sea sick and crying from the voyageur canoe he was using to paddle himself to Cuba for Fidel Castro’s communist birthday party.

    Thank you Justine. When will you be setting out from Key West?

    • I find it interesting that you think it insulting/mocking to feminize his name.

      • Oops, here’s another of these left wing lunatics who figure
        they know what everyone is thinking.

        Well I’m sorry there Skeeziks but I have no idea whether old
        glamour boy Justine would find that insulting or not.

        Let’s face it he looks like his old mother, he uses her haircut.
        Maybe he’s proud of it.

        I’ll tell you what though. Although he’s the spitting image of his dear mother, he looks nothing at all like his declared father. Are you able to divine any brilliant, interesting thoughts on that?

        • Well, either you’re mis-spelling his name accidentally — which would make you a colossal idiot — or you’re doing it deliberately. If you’re doing it deliberately, then it must be because you think it’s a form of praise — which would make you extremely peculiar — or you think it’s mocking — which would make you a misogynist asshole. Of course, neither of these are mutually exclusive with the idiot thing.. as we’ve seen from the rest of your messages.

          • Thwim, that’s a fascinating stage name to be using on this thread.

            An ideological progenitor of young Justine spoke with a pronounced lisp. His name was Lethter B. Pearthon and he often told people how much he enjoyed going for a Thwim. Unfortunately for Lethter it was unsafe for him to get into the water and go thwimming. He’d eaten so many fatty dinners at the taxpayer’s expense that his Communist rear end weighed about 300 pounds all by itself and if he went in he would sink to the bottom immediately.

            Lethter as it turns out was a “Closet Mysogynist” in stark contrast with the Muslim Moulahs that were last week wining and dining and being sucked up to by your buddy Justine. These people are frequently reported to openly demean females and are notorious and much disliked for their treatment of women. Gangster Rappers are said to hold similar views and I suppose it’s only a matter of time before we find Justine soliciting votes from these people.

            So, Mithter Thwim, if you’re going to troll the internet accusing people of advocating violence against women I suggest you join me by attacking the biggest personality in the field at this moment, your fuzzy little friend Justine.

          • LOL.. my.. you’re a touchy little pissant, aren’t you? Guess I hit a nerve.

            You still haven’t answered though.. do you misspell his name deliberately, or are you just a colossal idiot?

          • You’re a queer piece of work aren’t you? And on top of it, very confused by the looks of it.

            I made a gracious gesture of inviting you to join me in tearing the spindles off Justine for consorting with the Mullahs and you went postal, flying off the handle with gutter mouth language and accusing me of being touchy.

            At any rate you appear to be behind the times in Liberal Party nomenclature. You see, amongst Justine’s antecedents are a couple of
            Harvard scum balls who have set a precedent. The most recent of these is Princess Ignatieff, a spectacularly failed Liberal candidate for Prime
            Minister, and before him, the now deceased ex-husband of Justine’s mother; an insulting, vulgar man well known as Pierreouette Trudeau. No one in the general public knows for sure whether Trudeau is Justine’s real father or not.

            So, given the overall confusion and since it’s very tough to change the rules of a bureaucratic anal quagmire like the Liberal Party of Canada, I guess you’re just going to have to suck it up.

          • Which word in the question is too difficult? Is it “deliberately”? It means “on purpose”.

            Do you mis-spell his name deliberately or is it a repeated mistake?

          • Ah, M. Thwim, vous êtes encore confondu.

            J’ai inclus votre ami Justine comme un membre d’un groupe de
            chefs très choisi du parti libéral du Canada

            Ces hommes très distingués et honorables incluent Pierreouette Scumball Trudeau et La Princesse Ignatief

            Les libéraux francophones, pour une certaine raison inconnue, ont adopté une politique inflexible de donner des noms de la femelles à leurs chefs plus importants.

            J’ai toujours accepté cette politique étrange sans la remettre en cause.

            Si vous ne souhaitez pas honorer Justine de cette façon, alors vous êtes, de ce point en avant, tout seul.

  15. HE has his Mother’s genes and judgement. He could be the final nail in the Liberal Party’s coffin. I would not vote for him. He’s pandering to the third world where the son’s take over ruling the ignorant masses. This is Canada, not some backwater where idiots like Justine inherit power.

  16. Finally a candidate worthy of being considered for Prime Minister — what a contrast to the divide and polarize tactics of the RepubliCons currently in power, and their wall around Alberta wanna-be yankee leader.