'This is supposedly a budget implementation bill, but in fact, it is a mishmash of things' - Macleans.ca

‘This is supposedly a budget implementation bill, but in fact, it is a mishmash of things’


The Harper government is using the budget implementation act to give itself new, unexplained powers to regulate employment insurance.

The measure is contained inside the budget implementation bill and would give cabinet the power to change employment insurance rules later through regulation without the approval of Parliament. Yet, even though the provision is currently before MPs, Human Resources Minister Diane Finley is refusing to explain its purpose other than to say further details will be announced over the coming months.

The budget bill reached the floor of the House yesterday, with Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver leading the debate. Peggy Nash offered the response for the NDP. Scott Brison responded for the Liberals. Shortly thereafter, Peter Van Loan rose and gave notice of a motion of time allocation that will see the bill come to a second reading vote on May 14.


‘This is supposedly a budget implementation bill, but in fact, it is a mishmash of things’

  1. http://fullcomment.nationalpost.com/2012/04/30/andrew-coyne-bill-c-38-shows-us-how-far-parliament-has-fallen/#disqus_thread

    Coynes right, it’s time for pitch forks and torches opposition parties.Walk out on bill C38 until the bill is hived off to its appropriate standing committees for study! Or, you could bitch and whine and see if that changes anything?

    Sadly all we’ll likely get is heated rhetoric and maybe a facebook protest…oh i forgot, the libs aren’t #2 anymore…lots and lots of heated rhetoric then.

    We often forget a majority govt can go as far as its ambition, repect for parliamentary convention and sense of where the ethical lines are [in the case of this govt they’re imaginary]. But it is the opposition’s job to push back effectively and as hard. Truely we get the govt we deserve.

  2. Do not question Glorious Leader, for he has a Five Year Plan that will bring Prosperity and Peace for All.

    • Yes, more and more this government is starting to behave like totalitarian regimes the world over. “Democracy? Oh yes, guess we’d better give it lip service so the rabble can go back to watching their reality shows…”

      • This IS a reality tv show – at least until 2015.

  3. Moreso than any government in the past, this government passes a great many laws most Canadians would disagree with (the Liberals of the 90s avoided this by banking to the right, keeping their support and doing stuff most of the “other side” could tolerate and would have done themselves. Mulroney did some v. big unpopular things, but not so many on the whole as these guys). Shielding themselves from the public eye and media scrutiny, and reflexive lying become necessary techniques.

  4. Say, didn’t the English have a civil war in the 17th century after their king arbitrarily dissolved Parliament? Our king, who is virtually dissolving Parliament through his use of prorogation, omnibus bills, time allocation, and unilateral appropriation of power to the PMO, should study the history of parliamentary democracy.

    There’s a lesson there, if he cares to look.