This is the week that was -

This is the week that was


The House debated Libya and the meaning of regime change. The opposition demanded to hear from the President of the Treasury Board. Charlie Angus mocked Tony Clement. Then mocked him again. And again.

Jack Layton took his place in Twitter history. A former Liberal MP worried that Parliament wasn’t serving Canadians well. Ruth Ellen Brosseau was applauded. Elizabeth May dissented. Mr. Clement looked on the bright side and clarified what he meant by “anachronistic” and dismissed what he’d said about user fees. The ethics commissioner suggested a code of conduct for MPs. Peter Stoffer proposed a ban on floor crossing. The youngest MP in history made his maiden remarks.

Alison Loat considered diversity in the House. Rhys Kesselman considered Conservative tax reforms. Kate Heartfield considered civility. John Geddes profiled Jack Layton.

The governor of Kandahar quibbled with Stephen Harper. The National Research Council’s budget was cut by 20%. The Green Infrastructure Fund was cut by $45 million. Mr. Harper’s push for senate reform got even messier. The NDP’s existential crisis continued. And the Afghan detainee documents remain untabled.


This is the week that was

  1. And while all this polite chatter was going on we have structural unemployment, a structural deficit that we are about to make much worse, low productivity, crumbling infrastructure, and we are buying smart bombs.

    We have lost sight of the big picture and are dealing with trivia.

    • You know trivia, Miss Emily.

      • I find it depressing that year after year, govt after govt, all they ever do is talk trivia or rehash things from years ago.

        Meanwhile we are falling so far behind….

  2. Is it my Safari or what, but what’s with all the weird red-word links? Makes it hard to concentrate on the content.

  3. I mean this sort of stuff. At least in my browser:
    Alison Loat considered diversity in the House.
    ‘considered’ is in red several times. I can’t spend my life tracking down every link. Just want to read the thing.

    • They are links – handy for those of us who want more detail.  Feel free to ignore them.

  4. Well after the NDP convention it is safe to say that they are a#onehitwonder hell will freeze over before they get reelected, they are toast!

    I love Pierre Luc though, smart young man and probably with a very bright future!

    Ruth Ellen even worst than Ruby Dhalla!

    And John Geddes did an outstanding job Jack Layton, congratulations!