This is the week that was

Aaron Wherry on seven days in Parliament


An Enbridge pipeline in Wisconsin sprung a leak. Joe Oliver didn’t want to talk about Christy Clark’s demands, but James Moore had lots to say about Ms. Clark, Northern Gateway and Enbridge. Peter Julian chided. Enbridge defended itself. And the pipeline debate made it into Rolling Stone.

Leona Aglukkaq inspired a British MP. Guy Lauzon worried about crime. Kevin Lamoureux demanded to see what evidence supports the government’s cuts to health care for refugees. Jason Kenney pointed to some big numbers. Brent Rathgeber questioned VIA Rail and supply management. Bev Oda explained the orange juice and reflected on her ministerial career. Stephen Harper pardoned some farmers and turned down the premiers. Stephane Dion challenged Mr. Harper and rebuked Tim Uppal. Jason Kenney fought some lawyers. And Hedy Fry and Carolyn Bennett challenged Kellie Leitch.

The Harper government decided to privatize the Fire Protection Program. The Senate was questioned and defended itself. The penny received a stay of execution. The Canadian Wheat Board’s monopoly ended. The president of the Canadian Medical Association questioned the federal government. The Conservative race in Calgary Centre got contentious. And Adam Carroll found work.

We looked back on the quotable Bev Oda, considered the role of religion in politics and proposed debate reform. Jonathan Haidt considered partisanship. Alice Funke reviewed the latest fundraising figures. Emmett Macfarlane considered the Supreme Court’s role in Omar Khadr’s present situation. The Canadian Tax Journal reviewed tax-free savings accounts. And Mitchell Anderson looked into Norwegian oil policy.

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This is the week that was

  1. And nobody actually did anything PRODUCTIVE that produced something or educated somebody. Canada is turning into a nation of whiners and social scientists who contribute zero to the GDP. Twitters and twits.
    Some of my gang contributed to producing 1.6 million barrels of oil yesterday (24 hours).
    It helped 1800 diesel trucks keep going to supermarkets with food and hardware goods.
    It helped gas up 160,000 cars in Canada.
    It helped 8900 plane takeoffs for vacation destinations fuelled by JP4 or equivalent.
    It helped 5600 trades gas-trucks from F150s and up.
    it helped 450 diesel trains across Canada.
    But what did Parliament do? Or the Opposition? or the Senate?
    Just spend our money.
    Whiners and talkers.
    But not WORKERS.
    Even the UNIONS are whining like the CEP and Autoworkers’ Union.
    Entitlements not productivity will drive Canada into the ground.
    Its already started. Stay tuned. Look at Quebec, worst example of entitlements in Canada…receives almost $9 BILLION most from the ENERGY INDUSTRIES OF ALBERTA for cheap University Tuition and Daycare. But nobody cares. Its entitlements.

    • LOL that’s hilarious. Thanks, I enjoyed it.

    • The small farmer who nourishes 50 people, and barely scrapes by on $20,000 income contributes very little to the GDP.
      The drunken driver who causes a $100,000 pileup contributes to the GDP. The captain of the Exon Valdes, who caused a multi billion dollar disaster contributed to the GDP. Hurricane Katrina increased the GDP. The brilliant businessman who buys a property for $200,000, and flips it for $500,000 or more increases the GDP. The politician who steals $50,000,000 of public funds and misuses them increases the GDP. What all of these latter brigands have in common, is that they don’t produce any goods that could feed, clothe, or shelter people. In fact they all create negative productivity, while increasing the GDP. They become whiners when they are caught, but they are the brashest of bullies until that day.

      The young man who wipes windshields at street corners for small change does not contribute to the GDP, but he does contribute more to human well-being than people like Phillip who sit in an office and figure out how to raise the cost of oil. And then it is people like Phillip, who like to claim to be producers of oil, like the labourers and engineers on the oil rigs.

    • This attitude is not helping your case.

    • Hey, your Disqus profile states:

      Phillip Martin EdmontonEnergy consultant to Government and Industry 35 years experience. International experience.
      Any relation to this Phil Martin, also out of Edmonton, described on Linked In as:
      “Quality Control Team Lead at Enbridge Pipelines”http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/phil-martin/35/419/6a2

      Chip off the old shoulder?

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