This is the week that was

Four paragraphs and 38 links about seven days in the life of Parliament


Finance Minister Jim Flaherty speaks in Ottawa last month before his annual summer policy retreat. (Fred Chartrand/The Canadian Press)

Scott Brison challenged the farce. Cheryl Gallant tried to interpret the 2008 election results, while other Conservative MPs tried to explain their government’s position. The farce reached Flin Flon and Leduc. Vic Toews expanded the definition of a tax. Leon Benoit deferred to the expertise of Stephen Gordon. Corneliu Chisu channeled Dracula. We consulted Jack Mintz. And the House considered the nature of truth.

Brent Rathgeber questioned Russ Hiebert’s bill on union disclosure. Pierre Poilievre was named the Minister of Nepean-Carleton. Olivia Chow was projected to win a hypothetical mayoral race in Toronto. Justin Trudeau promised evidence-based policy. The NHL objected to Joe Comartin’s bill on sports betting. For Halloween the NDP told a scary story and Stephen Harper handed out candy. Megan Leslie and Chris Alexander debated the budget bill. More questions were raised about Peter Penashue’s election campaign. Ryan Clear hit a moose. Christian Paradis extended the Nexen deadline. And Tony Clement and Carolyn Bennett tweeted the motto.

This year’s census data arrived with an asterisk. The National Research Council faced cuts. The Saskatchewan Party attacked the province’s NDP candidates by association with Thomas Mulcair. Omnibus legislation was found to be unpopular. C-45 was divvied up, but with little time left for study. Conservatives pondered budget cuts. MP pension reform became official. And the Harper government’s budgetary striptease for the Parliamentary Budget Officer continued.

Stephen Thiele and Gavin Tighe considered the ramifications of Etobicoke Centre. Scott Clark and Peter DeVries questioned Jim Flaherty’s approach to fiscal sustainability. Michael Ignatieff and Glen Pearson worried about partisanship. Keith Beardsley lamented for the spectacle of statements by members. And Alice Funke reviewed the latest fundraising numbers.


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