This is unfair


An anonymous Conservative uses the gold standard to explain the party’s impending assault on Michael Ignatieff.

“The media when they cover the government, they say here’s what the government is doing and here’s how it deviates from perfection,” said the Conservative. “It’s always Harper vs. the perfect prime minister, and in that battle we always lose, but that’s how the daily media coverage goes: Here’s how he’s not living up to the ideal image.” 


This is unfair

  1. You don’t know what you speak about. Do you think it’s easy to make priorities?

  2. It is unfair. We should all be measuring them the way they measure themselves in their own eyes: Imagine the worst excesses of the Liberals; exaggerate those a bit; exaggerate those a bit more; improve slightly for a while… then claim that at least you are better than the worst the Liberals had to offer… then shut down accountability/transparency reforms and information requests so no one knows what you are doing.

  3. Has anyone noticed that the CPC have been getting better milage with all the ‘ When are the negative ads coming ‘ articles than if they actually had them out. It’s brilliant free press and all without having spent a dime. Persoanlly I can’t wait I want the Puffin back!

    • It would help if there was ads to go along with that free press… come on Harper and Co. get off the crapper, the fruit is ripe.

    • That’s why the CONs are so high in the polls! I was thinking it couldn’t be because they constantly advertising about their accomplishments and vision, since they all go against their stated priorities (well, other than the one where they dump on darwin and gravity)…

    • Strange, but true: In political reporting, most anonymous sources are whiners.

      Who would have guessed it?

    • He’s not whining at all, he’s responding. If he weren’t asked a question he would be saying nothing.

  4. What wrong with comparing Harper to the perfect Prime Minister?
    After all – he can walk on water can’t he – while juggling 22 portfolios and chewing gum at the same time….
    I just wonder though – does he shake hands with Lorene – you know – after?

    • You are an a**.

      • Lesson learned: avoid poking sf with a sharp stick.

        • Really? OK, that’s good to hear, most people don’t like being poked.

          Also good to hear that you think speculating on the sexual habits of people is fair game. And that commenting negatively on peoples’ family lives is fair game. I’ll keep that in mind if I respond to you again.

          • Dear sf – he shakes hands with his kids when he sends them off to school during photo ops – doesn’t he?
            Simple extrapolation!
            Like – I have a book witten by a bunch of guys with long gowns and beards that says G*d waved his hand and Lo – creation happened – not evolution – and verily – I believed!

          • Sheesh!

            In that case, my question to you is, have you chosen that name, oh wascally wabbit of leftist persuasion, because you copulate as promiscuously and as indiscriminately as other wabbits?

          • Are you seriously addressing a gray-haired gentleman who impersonates Elmer Fudd, and asking him if he’s a swinger?

          • Who said anything about his sexual habits?

  5. Oooooh, it’s so unfair, our guy is now PM and the media cares more about what he says than when he didn’t matter! Oooh, it’s like being PM involves responsibilities as well as power! It’s so unfair!

  6. Why does the PPG quote unnamed sources in stories like this? No free videos to play and analyze?

    • The PPG is a bunch of hacks, that’s why.

      • Brilliant retort, sir!

        • Not everyone, apparently, uses the gold standard.

  7. Perfect? Please…he doesn’t even measure up to a replacement level prime minister.

  8. I love articles like this – so far out in left wing nut loonie land you see the return email address SMTP: looonieleaderlpc.com .. better are the ones that are trying to make the PM look like he is polishing his resume because ‘ he said even he might lose his job this recession ‘ and still people don’t get it. left wing nut sheeple minds are just so funny. – some people just don’t get it – Stevie boy doesn’t care about bad press in the media in point of fact the only time he gets concerned is if his numbers are too high in Quebec and an election is called as that dooms any wannabee PM.

    • Oooh, like anger management time!

  9. Better the “fine mind” you don’t know than the devil you do.

  10. sf – “Sheesh!

    In that case, my question to you is, have you chosen that name, oh wascally wabbit of leftist persuasion, because you copulate as promiscuously and as indiscriminately as other wabbits?”

    Dear sf – Nope – adopted the name when some other neocon nutbar – William Kristol by name – New York columnist – thought he was being erudite on some talk show – probably Fox News with O’Reilly – when he compared the Democratic Party to Bugs Bunny – always being shot by Elmer Fudd…and I thought – dumb Right Nut bar – you can’t even get that right – and LO – Wascally Wabbit wuz born Doc!

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