This is what the high road looks like


Lest we forget:

Davis, whose son died when his light armoured vehicle rolled over during a patrol in Kandahar in March 2006, said Thursday he had accepted Sparrow’s apology.

“Ryan called me to apologize and I thought he was a big man and I feel for him . . . I accepted his apology and I hope there are no consequences against him. It was just the heat of the moment. I forgive him.”

“Suspend him? That’s politics. That’s being ridiculous.”

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This is what the high road looks like

  1. Hmm. I suspect he’ll be reinstated, with the Conservative party stating that he apologized, the apology was accepted, and they’re moving on.

  2. Scott M

    I am fan of Conservative party but I hope you are wrong. To impugn the character of man who lost his son fighting for his country is beyond the pale. The Davis family has easily earned the right to say whatever the hell they want on national tv without being attacked by partisan Conservatives. The party should have took the hit and moved on without comment.

    Mr Davis is way more magnaminous than I would have been in similar circumstances and sparrow has displayed questionable judgement, which would worry me going forward.

  3. He did the right thing and immediately apologized: it was accepted and we should move on and discuss the issues! Do you remember Scott Reid (Liberal Strategist) and the idiotic comments he made during the last election? Stating that Canadian parents would spend the $1200 Child-care allowance on “beer and popcorn”, he was saying that parents are too stupid to look after their own children! He never apologized for the pathetic comments then, and hasn’t since. The Liberal Party hid him from sight for the remainder of the election, and for the record Scott Reid has no children. Still waiting for his apology and I bet he is in the Liberal War Room as we speak.

  4. So far it would appear that the Conservative campaign has everything going for them – except an ounce of common scense. This is their election to lose, and they’re doing their best to do just that.

  5. hi curtis – scott reid apologized many times over many days for his moronic remark. i know this because i sat next to him and listened to him do so. He also has two lovely boys.

    and if he’s in the liberal war room i’m going to kill him because he’s supposed to be at work.

  6. @ Scott to Curtis:
    so, who doesnt do their homework, or who hallucinates co-workers?

  7. I think Curtis gets his homework from Big Daddy himself

  8. What, like this is the first time the CONs have turned on the parents of the fallen — remember their subtle jabs following Harper’s flip-flop on media access to the return of the soldiers? He took swipes at both an Alberta father and an Ontario parent.
    Sparrow’s only now on a paid holiday. Don’t worry, Harper and his CONbots will resume turning every opportunity into a partisan pitch and every question into an evil affront from the liberal left, no matter the origin.

  9. Mr.Davis is a class act.

  10. High road indeed. And keep Sparrow away from a microphone regardless of his apology and Mr. Davis’ gracious words.

  11. curtis….Reid did apologize – I saw him myself. Try a little reading, try to learn something. You’ll be much better for it.

    Mr. Davis was such a gentleman. He made a statement about his view and he didn’t realize that the Sparrow event happened. When he heard about it in the afternoon from Sparrow he was more classy than I would have been.

  12. Thanks for filling me in Scott, that was a great response. I honestly did not ever hear him utter an apology during the last election and I spent a lot of time watching CTV, CBC the National and Global TV. Did the Liberal Party ever suspend him of his duties or dismiss him for his remarks? Also, a funny reply to the war room statement, does that mean that your close friend is not there?

  13. Oh Curtis, that’s okay. Everybody makes mistakes, says silly things that they regret later on. The important thing is that you owned your mistake and pologized just as soon as it was pointed out…oops, you haven’t actually apologized yet, have you?

  14. Hi cwe, the only mistake that I will gladly admit to is not knowing about Scott’s two lovely children. Scott Reid is the one who made the “moronic” comment that Canadian parents are too stupid to look after their kids and will blow the $1200 on “beer and popcorn”. I have not seen Scott publicly apologize for that gaffe and I, as a parent, can’t understand how another parent could make such an insulting comment.I do not believe that the Liberal Party suspended Scott or outright dismissed him of his duties as I seem to recall reporters trying to gain access to him for the rest of the election and all you saw of Scott was his backside running throught the nearest door. Scott F. is a close personal friend and they both have worked for the Liberal Party in the past, does he know if Scott Reid is helping the Libs this time around? Bottom line, the Conservatives handled this well. Immediate public apology by the PM, Ryan Sparrow makes a call to apologize in person and is suspended of his duties for the remainder of the election, as he should (he also came up with the Puffin pooping idea on the website).

  15. Curtis,

    As I recall, in 2006 we had a valid policy debate going on over the creation of new child care spaces (the Liberal plan) and the payment of a fixed amount per child (the Conservative plan). It was something of a classic divide, the Conservatives believing that it is better to give people (parents) a tax break and let them make their own choices and the Liberals placing their faith in broadening public services(publicly supported child care spaces).

    Scott’s comment was given in that context and his particular point was that at $25 a week, the amount of money per child in the Conservative plan isn’t much and wouldn’t offset the loss of child care spaces offered under the Liberal plan.

    If Scott had simply said “$25 a week won’t get you very far/isn’t as good as our plan”, there would have been no issue, just a valid difference of opinion. Instead, Scott chose a colourful illustration that he immediately regretted and for which he was pilloried. Scott’s underlying point was fair argument. It was the illustration that caused the problem.

    Ryan’s error was entirely different. He was discounting the opinion of a bereaved father and implying that Mr. Davis was speaking out from political motivatation. It isn’t just the words that Ryan used but the underlying intent.

    Ryan has apologized. Jim Davis has accepted and we and Ryan should be allowed to move on. But don’t mix up Scott’s unfortunate choice of words in a valid debate with Ryan’s sleazy implication about Mr. Davis.


  16. Karl, You’re missing the point, the Conservatives suspended Ryan immediately and for the rest of the campaign. The Liberals did not suspend or dismiss Scott and left him in the war room for the rest of the election! Scott’s underlying intent was just as stupid, that the State knows how to raise YOUR children better than you do.Scott did not immediately apologize and after the storm grew was forced to apologize, apparently, for his boneheaded comments. It is extremely hypocritical of the Liberals to try to make hay out of this one after the Scott Reid gaffe. Didn’t Dion announce a few days ago that he would double the $1200 allowance for lower income Canadians? Yes he did, sounds like he is now embracing the Harper plan, which I might add was extremely popular with the electorate and helped the PM win the election.

  17. “Scott’s underlying intent was just as stupid, that the State knows how to raise YOUR children better than you do.”

    But, uh, don’t we all kinda think that? I mean, what else are kids going to school for?

  18. No, the underlying intent was that the state can afford to raise your children easier than you can because it can bring into effect economies of scale, whereas $25/wk for child-care to individuals is essentially useless.

    That said, I don’t know how $50/wk is any better.

  19. C’mon Curtis, everybody knows the price of beer and popcorn has gone up. And it’ll go up even more after the Green Shift adds to the transportation costs to get to the corner store. So it’s only fair that the Liberals double up on the beer-and-popcorn parental petty cash…

  20. “Economies of scale” for child care? Whoah, horsie. Kids are warehoused in smallish daycares allover the place now. We want bigger warehouses for tots?

    You think the dab gummint can figure out shift worker schedules and parents taking night courses and so on better than the marketplace and/or the parents’ own social networks? You think the public service union won’t kill off any of your , ahem, economies of scale, within the first collective agreement?

    Please everyone, look at the Quebec fiasco before making it a federal fiasco.

    A bit of support for parents to find their own most flexible solutions wins the prize mightily here, hands down. And the beer-popcorn argument gets pithy points, but it was just demeaning and stupid, and deserved every bit of scorn, just as Sparrow deserves to be roasted over the coals for his bird-brained comments.

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