This is why we can't have nice things -

This is why we can’t have nice things

How an incorrectly-reported statement snowballed


On Monday, the Winnipeg Free Press reported that Michael Ignatieff had warned against “splitting the Filipino vote” in Winnipeg-North or at least that the Liberal leader had said “voters in Winnipeg North deserve a ‘straight-up’ campaign free from attempts to split the Filipino vote.”

On Tuesday, the Conservative candidate in Winnipeg-North expressed her disappointment. The Free Press editorial board deemed Mr. Ignatieff comments “an insult to voters in general and Filipinos in particular.” The Conservative government sent up a backbencher before QP to deem his comments both “insulting and offensive” and to call on the Liberal leader to apologize. And radio host Charles Adler added his unique brand of sanctimony.

Thing is, by Tuesday afternoon the reporter of the original story had posted a transcript of Mr. Ignatieff’s remarks. And, as it turns out, he hadn’t said what was reported.

Undaunted, the Conservatives sent up another backbencher yesterday to not only repeat this particular allegation, but to repeat another thoroughly debunked allegation.

Last night, the Free Press officially acknowledged its “mistake.”

Still undaunted, the latter Conservative backbencher posted video of his statement in the House to YouTube this morning.


This is why we can’t have nice things

  1. Not only that, but Bezan humiliates himself on Youtube again.

    He hilariously pronounces their own candidates name wrong. How did this guy graduate elementary school?

    [youtube BfydnL2as6E&feature=sub youtube]

  2. Damn that lefty media! Always trying to screw over… oh.

  3. The Free Press clearly had the story of fillopino vote splitting written before Iggy was asked the question, but, and this might be one reason 59% of Liberal voters want him gone, what he did say barely makes any sense in any context. This is reacurring pattern with Iggy, where he tries to give the usual political boilerplate lines that a Rae or Baird could give off the cuff, and flubs it up.

    "Let's not insult the voters of Winnipeg North, let's give them a real choice — the right choice is Kevin Lamoureux. Let's have a straight-up fight. Let's not have any political games here. Let's give the voters of Winnipeg North a clear choice."

    Wtf does that even mean in the context of the question asked?

  4. Hay, only le White people split votes, what's wrong with our politicians, "we can all" dang well vote as we feel. We actually do it better than the Liberal party does.

  5. I can live with the gaffs that Iggy makes when responding to unscripted questions from individuals citizens and the media.

    When was the last time that we heard from our PM unscripted. Why is he so afraid to speak with the citizens of our great country.

    I would much prefer Iggy's gaffs to Harper's cowardice

  6. the clown didn't need to, that's why he's a backbencher in a political party

  7. They aren't gaffes in the traditional sense, they are incoherent ramblings. If you're in the minority of liberals who think it is just fine that the leader doesn't seem to know what he is trying to say most days, that is fine, I just think his whole off-the-cuff, I'm on a bus style is a factor in the large discontent among Liberal supporters.

    On the whole Harper doesn't take unscripted questions meme, are you saying that the journalists who ask Harper questions have pre-submitted the questions for his review?

  8. Harper only rarely takes questions from journalists (if at all) and they have to at least pre-submit their names.

  9. James Bezan – yet another argument for removing TV cameras from the House of Commons.

  10. Even if true, what is so bad about those comments? All of Canada's political parties target groups of Canadians explicitly. Many ethnic groups are among those. In gathering enough disparate groups together, they aggregate interests behind a coherent platform. That's politics.

  11. History always repeats itself twice, first time as tragedy, second time as farce. – Marx

    Only this PMO could insist on making thrice.

  12. Nobody should take the Winnipeg Free Press seriously. Ever. They've always been more of an activist organization than a news organization. You need look no further than Winnipeg's recent mayoral race to see how they didn't even attempt to hide their bias against the incumbent.

  13. Liberal media…

  14. Why is it only conservatives or republicans that blame the media itself.

  15. Iggy must have Alzheimer's surely the gosh he can't be that silly.

    He went along with GUN REG last year this year he changed his mind & voted against it..

    Same as the climate change thing Libs blamed everything on Harper
    it was all his fault it passed, yet 15 Libs didn't show up to vote they figured they were holidaying at their cottages but it was Harper's fault anyway,way of the Libs blame everyone else.

    I can't even imagine that this guy was anywhere near Harvard, not a good advertisement for their university

    They have had their share of winner's,Chretien full of lie's(GST) eg.

    Then Martin,almost shortest,PM in history other tha Kim C,then Dione, & now Iggy,
    They all had something in common couldn't tell the truth & all needed some anger management training,

    The worst was Chretien ,didn' need a body guard he choked them & threw them to the ground.

    Then Dione who got so mad he threw his fist's around & spit all over everyone around him.

    Liberal's Have no Class at all.

  16. Poor Liberal's loser's same old, blame the Media, alway's someone else's fault.
    They said in America,Obama just didn't get & still hasn't got it.
    It's the Liberal way.
    sorstud you have to be a Liberal I can see blame the Winnipeg free press & everyone else for your own stupidity.
    Are all Liberal's iliterate, they can't be that stupid to come on here & post the stupidity & nasty filthy thing's they do & have got out of kindergarten, that is why iggy is at home with Kindergarten's

  17. You are a Liberal no one else would would say what is so bad about these comments.

    Iggy is a disgrace to Canada.

    The gift that keep's on giving to the Consv.

  18. You actually misspelled "illiterate".

    Also: there's no use case in the entire English language supporting an apostrophe in 'always',

  19. hollinm showed up in the Freep comments to complain that this kind of thing happens to Stephen Harper all the time. Here's hoping he shows up here as well, and offers some examples.

  20. Iggy's writing is readable.

  21. The headline of this column implies Ignatieff is a nice thing?

  22. Look here are the facts
    We can all blame the media for this but lets blame ourselves for being so blind to not see the facts. Harper (he divider) has done nothing in this last 5 years except uphold the republican doctrine.
    Blame the previous government and hope no one has noticed that your 5 year Republican deceit doctrine has been pushed ever forward.
    This is not news but the Cons playing the same old bait and switch game.
    After all it is always the previous party ( 5 years ago) that Canadians seem to feel did them wrong some how, and Harpercrit who will ;eventually set this country straight…through his mythical majority…NOT.

  23. Aaron coming to his little buddies defense again?

  24. Is this english class?

  25. If it is, I think it may be guest's first one.

  26. Yikes! Would y'all please stop beating on those poor Liberals. They actually prefer to do it to themselves.

  27. HAHAHA


  28. Do you pay rent to live in Ignatieff's basement Aaron or does he let you stay there for free as payment for your undying loyalty?

    MACLEANS, the new Red book

  29. It's because they can't stand to hear unbiased "truth without an over-the-top partisan slant. In the U.S., the republicans created their own news station – Fox News. Watch it sometimes when you are really bored and need a chuckle.

  30. The conservative backbencher – James Bezan, was simply allowed to practice Harper's PMO Misdirection Tactic #2 – Attack the oppostion leader with repeated untruths, over and over again. Some people will eventually start to believe it even if not true.

  31. BTW – I love the Archer reference in this article's title. It seems appropriate. Sadly.

  32. and we pay well for this type of childish crap!!!

  33. Having just read the article, it looks to me like the reporter torqued the story in order to try and embarrass the Conservatives and it backfired on her — mistakenly making the Liberals look bad instead. The reporter should be embarrassed.

  34. Clever bon mot! But sadly descriptive.

  35. Aaron Wherry should look into the Winnipeg "apology" more carefully. The Conservatives are almost certainly hoping to split the Filipino vote in Winnipeg North by running a Filipino candidate whom few have ever heard of. The Free Press reporter was right to look into this story but it looks like because she didn't get a proper response from Ignatieff to match her suspicions, she went with the story anyway and Ignatieff's words were incorrectly reported. Were Mr. Wherry to look into this story, his blog would contain more than the shallow and incomplete analysis he'd offered here.

  36. Of course, Wherry would also have to overcome his own unabashed bias against Harper in order to hope to strive toward any sort of depth and completeness in his "reporting" (emphasis on the quotation marks).

  37. Absolutely…in you care to get an interview or ask a question.

    It is common knowledge.